Quote of the Day – Flavors of Orbital Bombardment

…I hope one of those flavors is Random EVE Asshole Messing With DUST Players.

Winterblink on DUST 514 finally merging with EVE Online


CCP is finally going to bite the bullet and put EVE Online and DUST 514 players on the same grid.

Sort of.

It will be limited at first.

But even in that limited scope, Winterblink captures my own immediate hopes and dreams on the subject quite well.

I am not really interested in DUST 514 itself.  It is a shooter.  I am good for maybe one of those at a time, and at this time it is World of Tanks.  Plus, being on the PS3 makes it difficult, and I own a PS3.  It is just hooked up to a TV that people in our house primarily use for watching… well… TV.

But I wouldn’t mind dropping some crap on DUST 514 players from orbit, just for fun.  All I suspect is needed is something to drop and a bit of feedback indicating you’re making somebody miserable and that will become popular sport.  That is all it takes in EVE most days.  It is sort of like that early Simpsons episode where they are all hooked up to give each other electric shocks and they simply cannot stop zapping each other.

We can see targets from here!

In fact, I think CCP could fake up an interface in EVE that charged you ISK to drop rocks on surface dwellers and people would flock to it so long as they thought they were actually hitting DUST 514 players.  It might be a way to drain ISK out of the economy, if they could just convince us somebody was actually getting an electrical shock… or a rock dropped on them.

Anyway, I am waiting for the inevitable guide on how to make DUST 514 players miserable from orbit.

Maybe I can get my daughter to play DUST 514.  She has shown an affinity for Team Fortress 2 lately.  And then I can drop stuff on her.  If I could get her to complain from the other room, it might be worth it.

Addendum: CCP has a FAQ up about Dust/EVE interactions at planets.  It turns out you cannot just start chucking rocks at ground pounders.

9 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Flavors of Orbital Bombardment

  1. NoAstronomer

    “Anyway, I am waiting for the inevitable guide on how to make DUST 514 players miserable from orbit.”

    CCP and EVE being what they are I’m wouldn’t count on that being a one-way street,



  2. Telwyn

    Is there an equivalent of Ion Cannons in the Eve universe? If so and you get your ship too close to orbit expect to be shot down. In any case you could have suicide ganking of ground fortresses, which are desperately trying to shoot the ganking ships into small enough pieces to burn up in the atmosphere…


  3. Mekhios

    I guess this matters to ALL (sarcasm intended) the people who would actually play an FPS like Dust on the PS3. Why PS3 only? Wacky decision.


  4. Noizy

    @Mekhios It’s not such a wacky decision when CCP basically couldn’t put the game on Xbox because of Microsoft’s rules. Sony was willing to work with CCP so DUST is a PS3 exclusive.


  5. Drebin

    Part of me is wondering why it’s not also a PC game? I mean, I’m all for an Eve-related gaming experience that isn’t actually Eve (because I like having time in my life for things like work, eating, showering, and Eve’s my gaming-archetype equivalent of gaming meth). An interactive shooter, where Eve players can interact in the form of orbital bombardment requests, drone assistance call-ins and the like would be pretty nifty, and the PC platform seems like an obvious choice.

    The rest of me in wondering can I get my orbital bombardment in cherry or lime? Better yet, you could go for Chunky Monkey and get your orbital bombardment branded by Ben and Jerry’s! Hmm, no, better not, else you might end up with the following chat-text warning:



  6. Anonymous

    First question of most of my in-game acquaintances: “Can we nuke them all from orbit?”

    Pretty sure that’s going to be a game-wide goal.


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Anon – Yeah, and it feels like a desire to nuke anybody who happens to be on the ground from orbit. We don’t care who it is really. Our faction, another faction, we just want to blow somebody up. Damn FPS gamers! Can I rain fire on them please?


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