Leaving Providence

The Jamylites looked upon the systems and saw ruins and destruction and they despaired in their heresy as the devices of retribution smote them again and again.

And then Maximillan spake, and a wormhole did open directly from Providence to Deklein and the instruments of his will, the shining victorious fleets of his faith, did enter and arrive safely at their homes, and a triumph was declared.

-New Amarrian Scriptures, Book of Safizon, 45:14-17

So the long expected war ended, as suddenly as it started, as many of the ships of The Imperium went home via the most fortuitous wormhole ever.

Timer Board right now shows just 29 structures in play currently, including 14 stations that remain in the freeport state and three systems that were captured by alliances in The Imperium.  The map looks like this at the moment.

Providence - August 28, 2015

Providence – August 28, 2015

It is time for Provi Bloc to clean up the mess we left, to recapture the stations and the few systems that they lost outright.

The general message on Jabber is that the whole thing was a lot of fun, with Provi Bloc undocking to fight us and generally giving no fucks in defense of their space.  There is a reason they have held that corner of null sec for most of the time I’ve played this game.

Now we are back home, our goon clocks pinging us when we need to form to clean up the rather minimal mess that MOA left while most of the combat pilots in The Imperium were away in Providence.  I am looking forward to posts assessing the conflict and discussing the new face of war under Fozzie Sov from people who know better than I.

Now, the real question:  Will the Jamylites of Providence repent their heresy?



3 thoughts on “Leaving Providence

  1. anon

    I, too, am interested to read these reports, but if the bulk of the pilots are saying that it was fun, then maybe this war is not representative of how gameplay is conducted under fozziesov among the usual suspects. Seems like for a while we will still be missing the perspective of how this sov system performs when both sides of a conflict are trying to weaponize to other side’s boredom.


  2. Gaff

    It was fun–the analysis by “experts” isn’t in yet, but it will be. However, we learned some things–you can fend off and save systems with hero ‘ceptors, our numbers did not allow us to steamroll Provi, kudos to CVA for putting up a fight and being tenacious in the face of our invasion, and we need bigger tanks/protection on our entosis ships.


  3. Max Singularity

    By my name thy cleansing came and we left Providence a better place. My congratulations go to my fellow Amarrians that held their ground boldly. In these months, I have had communiqué’s from many Providence Residence regarding their thankfulness that the Jamylite commercial infrastructure in Providence was dissembled, as now, a real chance for the Amarr Empire is at hand.
    /s/ Max Singularity VI
    The Harbinger of Faith, Pope of New Eden

    ((And yes, it was fun on both sides. Thanks Provi and Imperium for a great EVE experience -Charles))


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