EverQuest II Returning to Kunark

Some companies announce an expansion a year or more in advance and spend the intervening time rolling out news and tidbits trying to build up fervor for the launch.

Not so Daybreak, nor SOE in its day.

Of course, Daybreak and SOE also crank out an expansion every single year for EverQuest II (and EverQuest as well!) with a couple of major game updates along the way.  And that is down from the two expansions a year plan they started out with.

So maybe they just don’t have the time for all of that.

Anyway, the time has finally come, and the name of the next expansion, expected in November, has been announcedEverQuest II is returning to island of Kunark with the Kunark Ascending expansion.

Kunark and the current zones

Kunark and the current zones

Kunark is, of course, a location of significance in the lore of Norrath, and the sight of the first EverQuest expansion as well as a past EverQuest II expansion.

The only fully good MMO expansion ever

The only fully good MMO expansion ever

So we have been to Kunark before.

One can hardly point an accusing finger at Daybreak for revisiting a previous location in an expansion.  Not only have they have done it before, but the last two World of Warcraft expansions, Warlords of Draenor and Legion, have both essentially been “what if…” scenario revisits to the story of the first expansion, The Burning Crusade.

So Kunark it is!

In what might be something of a reaction to a controversial aspect of the WoW Legion pre-invasion events… were they there to gear people up, level people up, or just pass the time until the expansion launched… Daybreak is offering double experience to all EverQuest II players this weekend, and there is a promise of more to come in October.  From the announcement:

To help you get your characters prepared for our next expansion, we are going to run another weeks-long “Gear Up, Level Up” event this year. There will be bonuses each week in October through to expansion launch, like adventure, AA, tradeskill XP bonuses, status boosts, and more!

So there it is, right out in the open, a chance to level yourself up and get ready for the new content.  Further details about the Kunark Ascending expansion are promised for October.

On the EverQuest side of the house, they are having a similar bonus experience event, though they have not yet announced their expansion plans.

Also, as a final reminder, the free level 95 character boost in EverQuest II expires in a few days.

Offer expires September 6, 2016

Offer expires September 6, 2016

Use it now or lose it forever!  I used mine.

5 thoughts on “EverQuest II Returning to Kunark

  1. bhagpuss

    I was going to post about this tomorrow and I still might. Picking Kunark is a real crowd-pleasing move, I think, and no doubt intentionally so. It fits right in with DBG’s predilection for playing the nostalgia card and that’s a very sensible business move at this stage of the game’s lifespan.

    My Berserker is probably as expansion-ready as he needs to be but I might get a couple more to the cap if there’s double xp to be had. I’m actually more interested in taking advantage of that in EQ, though, where I recently took a break after finally heaving my Magician all the way up to 92 – still 13 levels to go!


  2. bhagpuss

    Oh, and I just went to check on the EQ bonus xp details and found they have now announced the basics of the forthcoming expansion and guess what? EQ is also going back to Kunark!

    There’s no real equivalent of EQ2Wire for EQ, unfortunately, but I have found http://eqresource.com/ to be pretty useful for prompt and reliable news updates.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – You know, I went to the EQ web site just to check, but the first couple of news items were just about sales and XP events, so apparently I just stopped reading. However, the Producer’s letter was there on the list as well. Kunark it is.


  4. Telwyn

    How do expansions work in EQ2, is there an assumption gear-wise – i.e. will we have to have completed Thalumbra to even step into the new Kunark? I’m torn now whether to use the intervening time to complete the Thalumbra chain on my one capped character or whether to get a different character to 100 so I have some choice over who to play come November…


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