Burn Jita Returns for 2017

It is that time again.

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The original CCP warning

The annual event, which vacationed in Amarr last year, has returned to its home in Caldari space.  Burn Jita went live just after down time today and by the time I got up this morning to check there were already a dozen freighters down. (The reported first victim of the event.)

The event was promised for February, some disinformation was sent out to confuse the issue.  While Reddit correctly detected the ruse, that did not stop Crossing Zebras and EN24 from reporting the event as having been delayed or even cancelled.

Just in case they decide to remove another post

Just in case they decide to remove another post

This morning there was a post over at INN describing what went on to setup the disinformation campaign.  But the net result was mostly this:

Old memes, best memes

Old memes, best memes

Another tale for the annuls of New Eden.  Meanwhile, the event is on!

This years Burn Jita poster

This years Burn Jita poster

Jita and its surrounding systems are now the hunting ground of hundreds of angry bees… bees, because another theme for this year was to create a new character with the first name “BJBee.”  Having that name isn’t a requirement, but a bunch of people ran with it and you can see them all in local.

Also new for this year is a ship change.  Gone is the trusty Catalyst of past years.  The Amarr Coercer is now the gank ship of choice for the event… preferably with the Blood Raiders SKIN.

Coming to get you!

Coming to get you!

Amarr is, of course, the home of lasers, so each gank will now be highlighted with mass of multi frequency beams.  Somebody is going to use another crystal just to stand out I bet.

Bees with bright stings hit a Rhea

Bees with bright stings hit a Rhea

The result though is the same.

Charon explodes in Jita

Charon explodes in Jita… CCP does such pretty explosions…

The event is set to run from today through to the 27th, though I wouldn’t bet against the event being extended a few days if there are still Coercers to burn.  There are reported to be more that 30K fitted hulls in place.

So you’ve been warned.  If you value your freighter and its cargo, it might be a good weekend to stand down.  If you undock and find a wing or two of Coercers landing on you, it will be too late to change your mind.  They only show up when you’ve already been bumped into position.

11 thoughts on “Burn Jita Returns for 2017

  1. Easy Esky

    The november stats from CCP Quant show that the Catalyst out damaged all other destroyers combined. If the Goons stayed with the Cat, it would just increase weight that a rebalance is necessary to the destroyer class.


  2. Dinsdale Pirannha

    Are your compatriots who work for CCP high-fiving and giggling with you guys now that you have actually screwed the Jita node? If there was ever a reason to ban goons from the game, this is it. And don’t give your crap about sandbox and how it is CCP’s fault for their poor coding.

    I know you sociiopaths are thrilled with what you have done. I read reddit. So does CCP. But given how deep your cock is down their throats, and their hands in your leadership’s wallets, nothing will be done.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    As a general note, if you want to follow the carnage, you can watch the stats for Suddenly Seamen – A Naval Charity on zKill. That is the corp most of the BJBee characters are in, so its kills include all the freighters being hit.

    @Easy Esky – I saw a post about the damage numbers, Catalyst vs. Coercer a while back as the event was being prepped. If I recall correctly, the Catalyst alpha damage is huge, but the Coercer catches up quickly as it fires faster and has a better optimal window, so puts more damage on the target before CONCORD arrives.

    @Dinsdale – No, that logic doesn’t track at all. Nobody puts 30K fitted destroyers in place because they want the system down, they do so to gank freighters. And certainly not on the fifth annual occurrence of this event. There was no expectation nor desire that this would happen.

    The first blip was short, but the second one lasted a while because CCP had to re-map the node. After that we started to operate more carefully so as not to put undue stress on Jita, measures which included not undocking both operating fleets at the same time and not transferring fitted ships between players in such large numbers.

    As for CCP, it is you that constantly calls out their incompetence, isn’t it? I mean, when you can’t complain about sociopaths you go after CCP. There is evidence in comment threads on EVE blogs all over. That is your bailiwick.

    I actually work on enterprise grade software and have some insight into the complexity, so I have a lot of sympathy for CCP and what they are trying to accomplish.

    You, on the other hand… well, my theory is that you want to kill the game yourself. I base this on your observed behavior over the last few years in which you have said nothing positive about CCP. Instead you constantly disparage them. Must be true!

    See, you can make up a half-assed theory about anything.


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  5. Sendric

    Last weekend I was hoping to get everything squared away in Jita before the burn started so that I could make my interceptor run to Delve. Last night, I burned through a stack of coercers. What a difference a week makes…


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