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CSM13 – Hurry Up and Register Your Candidacy!

The first major phase of the CSM13 election season is about to commence.

Coming to a space election near you…

The window of time when you can register yourself as a candidate in the election starts soon.

As mentioned in my Road to CSM13 post earlier this month, the timeline for the election has changed, including the window to register for the ballot.  What was previously a two week window of time has been shrunk to just about four day, running from March 19th through the 23rd.

Now that sounds like five days, but it really isn’t  The registration process won’t be open and accepting entries until 12:00 UTC on the 19th according to CCP.  That is half a day gone.  And, at the far end, CCP has also said that registrations will close at 12:00 on Friday, which is another half a day shaved off.

So you only have a full four days in which to register.

I asked why they tightened up that part of the process so much, expecting to hear something akin to their argument about why they are also making the window for voting small, that most of the action tends to happen on the first day or the last day, so a long middle period isn’t all that necessary.

Instead the answer I got was that they wanted people to be able to start campaigning as soon as possible, something that seemed increasingly nonsensical the more I thought about it.

There won’t be an official ballot until Fanfest, which is coming mid-April, which will be the marking point as to who really is a candidate and who is not.  Anybody can campaign before then, and some already are, so shortening the registration period seems like an ineffectual way to extend campaigning.  Maybe they just want to cut down the list of candidates by making the window smaller.

Anyway, if you want to run, be ready to register before 12:00 UTC on March 23rd.

Meanwhile, as a reminded, here is the CXM13 election schedule as we know it so far:

  • Applications are open – March 19 to 23
  • Application processing – March 23 to April 11
  • Candidates for CSM 13 are announced – FANFEST (April 12-14)
  • Voting will take place late April/May – Dates will be announced later in a separate blog
  • Spring/Summer – CSM 13 onboarding & orientation
  • CSM 13 Summit 1 – September (likely dates are Sept 3-6)
  • CSM 13 Summit 2 – February