Daily Archives: March 2, 2018

Burn Jita Back for 2018

“BOHICA!” as they used to say at Lockheed back in the day.

Back when CCP would warn you about these things

For the sixth year in a row Goons and allies have staged themselves in Jita with thousands of cheap, expendable ships with an eye to destroying as many freighters, jump freighters, and other large industrial ships as possible via suicide ganks.  Burn Jita is on.

Gank fit destroyers on the move

Last year saw the event bring down the Jita node on the opening day as prime time hit.  We will see if that happens again this year.

As I noted in my reflections on the event last year, the process of singling out a target and killing it is ruthlessly efficient, with very little downtime between kills.  If you go along you are getting in on a kill about every 20 minutes.

Part of that is because the people who run this event are very good at ganking freighters now, but the other part is that people will continue to blithely continue to undock their ships full of valuable cargo even when local is full of characters named “BJ Bee…” who are announcing Burn Jita in chat over and over again.

An Obelisk learns about Burn Jita

You are not safe if you manage to get out of Jita.  Bumpers are waiting on the gates in systems around Jita.

The event is slated to last 72 hours, so if you want to be safe take the weekend off.