Cragboar Reba and the Running of the Gnomes

For the running of the gnomes last weekend none of us had a pink haired gnome ready to hand, so we all rolled up new ones.  I was content to click the name generator until I got Westonty.  I’m not sure how Skronk ended up with Bandearg.  But Ula actually thought about her name and came up with Cragboarreba which, as Skronk noted, is either a great name or a Nashville insult.

The Three of us

More importantly though, at least for purposes of this post, she had her video capture running and was able to put together a video of the 2019 running of the gnomes on the Bloodsail Buccaneer server in WoW Classic.

As with some of her past videos, you can compare and contrast what she shows with what I wrote about the event.

You can see some of the layering oddities as gnomes fade in and out, the ride on the tram, the forming of the heart in Booty Bay, and even the odd lag effect that made gnomes jumping into the water appear like they were plummeting to the bottom.

Nobody being attacked by a tiger or a giant ape in Stranglethorn Vale though.  She was further back in the pack so the shepherds had already cleared things away most likely.

So if you want to see a video about a mass of pink haired gnomes running to Booty Bay, then taking a boat to die en masse in Orgrimmar, Ula has you covered.

1 thought on “Cragboar Reba and the Running of the Gnomes

  1. bhagpuss

    Heheh! That was great! Particularly the parts where all the gnomes are in a big crowd, looking like a gang of demented toddlers. There’s something about a gnome that makes everything seem cheerful and unthreatening – imagine that race with Orcs instead and it would take on an entirely different hue. Not pink at all!

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