The March Update Brings Market and Moon Changes to EVE Online

But perhaps not the moon changes one expected, among other things.

First though, what did downtime bring us?

There were the market changes, which I went over in detail in a previous post.

It is ADVANCED Broker Relations… I didn’t go to Advanced Broker school to be called Mister

Aimed at undercutters and market bots, updating orders now comes with a more significant charge that escalates the more times you change.  The skill Margin Trading has been changed to Advanced Broker Relations and will mitigate this change somewhat, but it still will sting if you update a listing a few times.

Also on the list for this month is module tiericide again, this time for capacitor boosters.  As in the past, these modules have be reworked to make more sense to somebody and fit into the pattern of module changes that have gone before.  Some day all the modules will be named and sized in a way that seems logical, though I doubt that day is today.

And, as mentioned in a recent EVE Pulse video, Moons will are getting a graphical upgrade, getting higher resolution textures and upgraded shaders.  They will look less like giant space potatoes close up.

Then there are a few things that did not come with the update that have been discussed recently.

First, there were the needlejack filaments, but we got those at the end of February, so they are covered.  People are able to yeet their fleets again.

Then there were the frigate escape bays, a feature set to be added to battleships.  But that was slated for the end of March, so it was only the rosiest of optimist that expected to see them today.

Finally, there was the change up to moon mining yields, the next stage of the mineral starvation plan to “fix” the New Eden economy.  With the February updates we got a radical reduction in asteroid density and the mineral contents of those remaining rocks.  Shortly after that hit, we got a warning in a dev blog that moon mining was next on the hit list.

I fully expected that change to hit today.  The moons of Delve, and in the off-Delve colonies, have been running on seven day fracking cycles to maximize the mineral takes before this change hit… and it didn’t hit.

I don’t know if that means that CCP has changed their mind or just wasn’t ready to implement that today.  Or maybe they did and they just didn’t put it in the patch notes.  Has anybody checked their moons today?

Anyway, it seems like a light update.  But CCP will do what it does, and there is always that Team Talos stuff on its own two week schedule.  Today’s extended downtime is over, the update is live, and the patch notes are available for you to read.  The general feedback thread still seems more interested in the red dot feature… or, more specifically, the ability to opt out of it… but that is EVE Online.

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