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CCP Releases the ESS Reserve Bank Keys and Hands Out ISK in EVE Online

As expected, CCP’s final update for July, named The Grand Heist, went live today.  It brought with it the long awaited ESS reserve bank keys, allowing players access to ~20 trillion ISK that has been piling up and inaccessible since the introduction of the mandatory ESS structures last November.

The Grand yet Slow Heist

In a surprising move, CCP also decided to straight up hand players ISK.  But I’ll get to that in a bit, first the reserve bank thing.

The reserve bank keys are now available in low sec sites that need to be scanned down.  The keys are available in four “flavors” with two variations.  The flavor is which quadrant of space they are useful in, the break down being:

  • SW: Feythabolis, Impass, Delve, Period Basis, Querious, Catch, Esoteria, Paragon Soul, Providence, and Stain
  • SE: Geminate, Curse, Detorid, Great Wildlands, Immensea, Insmother, Omist, Scalding Pass, Tenerifis, and Wicked Creek
  • NE: Cobalt Edge, Etherium Reach, The Kalevala Expanse, Malpais, Oasa, Outer Passage, Perrigen Falls, The Spire, Vale of the Silent, and Cache
  • NW: Branch, Deklein, Pure Blind, Tenal, Tribute, Venal, Cloud Ring, Fade, Fountain, Outer Ring, and Syndicate

The variations are the durations,15 and 45 minutes, which is how long the key in question allows you to siphon encrypted bonds from the reserve bank.  As with the main bank, the payout is in bonds that need to be turned into an NPC in order to convert them to ISK.  So the robber can get robbed trying to cash in.

So you don’t get all the reserve bank, but a steady payout for every minute that you and your crew sit in the ESS, up to the duration of your key.  The payout apparently ramps up over time, with a potential peak payout of 150 million ISK per minute.  That is some decent ISK, though it is still going to be a while before the current 20 trillion ISK is drained.

As I noted previously, some alliances have already nationalized some of their reserve banks, declaring that their output will go into the general funds to support the organization and its programs, like SRP.  Those not nationalized will likely still be harvested by the local residents.

In addition, the ESS structures and UI got a complete overhaul.  The small percentage of capsuleers than actually end up in an ESS will no doubt appreciate the new visuals.

Further details about the ESS update are linked at the end of the post.

But that is not all the update brings.  CCP seems to be all about the ISK at the moment, which seems a bit odd after the panic of the starvation economy and trying to make us all poor over the last year or so.  In order to celebrate the Grand Heist CCP is handing out ISK as login rewards for Omega clones.

Grand Heist Login Rewards

That is hard to see unless you enlarge it, but if an Omega account logs in for six days they will get rewards of 10, 15, 25, 40, 60, and finally 85 million ISK.  Not bonds or other items of value, but straight up in-game currency totaling up to 235 million ISK.

Handing out in-game currency as a daily login reward is pretty common with free to play mobile games, but I cannot recall an MMORPG giving out cash like this.  And this isn’t even an trivial amount.  For a lot of players, myself included, 235 million ISK is a useful sum.  I won’t be resubscribing any accounts to collect it, but I will certainly be sure to log in my subscribed accounts to gather this ISK largess.

But wait, that’s not all!

CCP is also trying to stimulate the economy by declaring something of a tax holiday, reducing sales tax and broker’s fees by 50% for the next three months.  So selling will net you more profit on the market between now and the end of October.

Both the ISK handout and the tax holiday are unprecedented in the history of the game.  CCP not too long ago went through a phase of raising taxes, again due to concerns about too much ISK coming into the economy.  Now they’re giving away ISK and reducing taxes.  It is almost as though they are reacting to something.  Can we be bribed to log in with ISK?

Anyway, I’ll be interested to see if there is a blip in the July or August MERs that line up to these two things.

The update is live in the game now.  Information is available at the following locations:


I now have a screen shot (thanks to Reddit) to prove the keys exits.

The info for a 45 minute SW key

Go forth and heist I guess.

The Hunter’s Boon Update Lands for EVE Online

Last week CCP put the proposed Hunter’s Boon update changes on the test server and today those changes went live for EVE Online.

The July Update

The update represents a variety of changes, but I think the biggest deal in the whole package has to be the removal of skill point loss when you your Tech III strategic cruiser gets blown up.

That was the original cost/benefit proposition for those hulls, introduced back with the Apocrypha expansion in March 2009, that they would be powerful and adaptable, but would also come with a risk of loss.

My first Tengu from back in 2010

Over the last dozen years the fortunes of strategic cruisers have gone up and down with buffs and nerfs and balance passes, most recently being one of the ship classes hit with the removal of interdiction nullification.  Once ubiquitous and powerful, they have been eclipsed by the Heavy Assault Cruiser meta of late.

So, in order to make them more viable, CCP has removed the big penalty.  No longer will you randomly lose a level from one of the skills related to the T3 hull you are flying.  Kind of a big deal.

What else do we get with the update?  CCP introduced the mobile covert cyno beacon.

We got the mobile cyno beacon back in March and it was apparently such a success that we now get the covert cyno version of it.

Covert style now

Blueprints for it have been seeded into the game so industry people can start researching them and begin production.

CCP also introduce blueprints for a new drug, the Strong Veilguard Booster, which increases capsuleer cloak stabilization… that timer that marks how long you can stay cloaked before a Mobile Observatory… something introduced just last month… can decloak you.  That raises the duration to a possible 45 minutes of stabilization.

The role bonus for fleet interceptors (Ares, Crow, Malediction, Stiletto) has been changed to include a reduction in scan resolution penalty while using Interdiction Nullifiers, the role bonus is now:

  • 80% reduction in Interdiction Nullifier reactivation delay, max lock range penalty, and scan resolution penalty.

The nerf bat came out for Marauders, which saw a hit to the benefits of their bastion mode.  The Bastion Module effects were adjusted as follows:

  • Target painter resistance has been reduced from -95% to -50%.
  • Sensor dampener resistance has been reduced from -95% to -50%.
  • Weapon disruption resistance has been reduced from -99% to -50%.
  • Bonus to sensor strength has been reduced from 1,000% to 100%.
  • Removed the ECM Immunity.

Hostile ewar will now be much more effective against those hulls when their Bastion Module is running.

There were also buffs to the CONCORD Pacifier and Enforcer hulls in a bid to make them less niche and more generally viable.

Finally, CCP also has a graphics update, the Bring Out EVE’s Colors plan mentioned previously.  Today’s update includes.

  • The Bring Out EVE’s Colors update is live and introduces a range of huge visual improvements, ensuring that New Eden continues to set a standard as a visually stunning universe. The update includes:
    • PBR shader adjustments, including changes to roughness calculation and visibility factor.
    • Modified lighting with brightened reflection map generation and asset backlighting.
    • Postprocess color improvements – tonemapping adjustments to brighten colors, extend the color range, smooth out gradients, and emphasize highlights
    • Numerous tweaks to assets, environments, and effects to maintain their appearance with the new tech.
  • Characters in windows are now rendered with 4x supersampling when Antialiasing is set to “High.” (DX11 only)
  • Characters in windows now require substantially less video memory to render. (DX11 only)

There were also some smaller defect fixes, which you can find in the patch notes.

The update has been deployed and is now live.


Black Ops Battleship Changes Land with the Enter the Portal Update

CCP announced back on June 11th their intention to make some changes to black ops battleships, including giving them a new way to jump themselves and their companions as a single group to a covert cyno.

That was seen as an interesting change which got a lot of feedback and today CCP launched the changes under the banner Enter the Portal.

Black ops and other changes

The big change for black ops battleships is the new “conduit jump” option which jumps the anchor ship, the black ops battleship, and up to 30 companion ships in one jump operation.

The details for conduit jumps:

  • Conduit Jumps provide a new group jump to a destination from the Anchor Ship (the Black Ops battleship) plus all nearby eligible fleet members in a single, instantaneous event.
  • Eligible ships are any that are capable of travelling through a covert jump portal. Black Ops Battleship, Blockade Runners, Covert Ops Frigates, Force Recon Ships, Stealth Bombers, and Strategic Cruisers (with the covert subsystem)
  • Up to 30 eligible passenger ships may be included in the conduit jump, at a cost of 1000 isotopes per light year.
  • Travel via Conduit Jumps has similar requirements to normal portal travel (cannot be cloaked, warp-disrupted, or in a state of transition such as exploding etc.). Additionally, further restrictions apply for conduit jumps for passengers:
    • Passenger Ship must be in same fleet as Anchor Ship.
    • Passenger Ship must be within 10 km of Anchor Ship.
  • If the Anchor Ship fails any of the required checks, the Group Jump cannot be activated at all. If a Passenger Ship fails any of the required checks, the Group Jump will proceed, but that individual Passenger Ship will be left behind.

In addition, black ops battleships all received the following updates:

  • Increased the cargo capacity by 100m3. [More fuel!]
  • Increased maximum target range by 30%.
  • New Role Bonus: 50% reduction in Covert Cynosural Generator duration
  • New Role Bonus: 650% bonus to ships maximum velocity when using a Cloaking Device (this was previously a Black Ops ship bonus and has been moved into a role bonus).
  • Increased role bonus to 75% for reduction to effective distance traveled for jump fatigue.

And the individual black ops battleship hulls got the following changes:


  • Increased the Capacitor Capacity from 5312 to 5912 GJ
  • Updated Amarr Battleship bonuses (per skill level):
    • Increased the bonus to Large Energy Turret rate of fire from 5% to 10%.
  • Updated Black Ops bonuses (per skill level):
    • Changed the 125% bonus to ship max velocity when using Cloaking Devices to 10% bonus to Energy Nosferatu and Energy Neutralizer drain amount.


  • Increased the Ship Inertia modifier by 25%.
  • Updated Gallente Battleship bonuses (per skill level):
    • Increased the bonus to Large Hybrid Turret damage from 5% to 10%.
  • Updated Black Ops bonuses (per skill level):
    • Changed the 5% bonus to Ship Inertia modifier to 10% bonus to logistics drone transfer amount.
    • Changed the 125% bonus to ship max velocity when using Cloaking Devices to 7.5% bonus to drone tracking and optimal range per level.


  • Increased the ship Max Velocity by 25%.
  • Updated Minmatar Battleship bonuses (per skill level):
    • Incrased the bonus to Large Projectile Turret damage from 5% to 10%.
  • Updated Black Ops bonuses (per skill level):
    • Changed the 5% bonus to ship max velocity to 7.5% bonus to Large Projectile Turret tracking speed.
    • Changed the 125% bonus to ship max velocity when using Cloaking Devices to 7.5% bonus to Large Projectile Turret falloff range.


  • Updated Caldari Battleship bonuses (per skill level):
    • Increased the bonus to Rapid Heavy Missile, Cruise Missile and Torpedo Launcher rate of fire from 5% to 7.5%.
  • Updated Black Ops bonuses (per skill level):
    • Increased the bonus to ECM Target Jammer strength from 30% to 40%.
    • Changed the 125% bonus to ship max velocity when using Cloaking Device to 4% bonus to shield resistances.


  • Updated Gallente Battleship bonuses (per skill level):
    • Increased the bonus to Large Hybrid Turret damage from 5% to 10%.
  • Updated Minmatar Battleship bonuses (per skill level):
    • Increased the bonus to Large Projectile Turret rate of fire from 5% to 10% .
  • Updated Caldari Battleship bonuses (per skill level):
    • Increased the bonus to Heavy Missile, Cruise Missile and Torpedo Launcher rate of fire from 5% to 7.5%.
  • Updated Amarr Battleship bonuses (per skill level):
    • Increased the bonus to Large Energy Turret damage from 5% to 10%.

Black ops battleships are pretty commonly used out in null sec, so it will be interesting to see how these changes, and especially the ability to jump a group of 30 and the battleship as well, will change up tactics.

In addition, covert ops frigates also received an update pass:


  • Added 1 High Slot (current total: 3)
  • Updated Gallente Frigate bonuses (per skill level):
    • Changed the 5% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret damage to -15% capacitor need to initiate warp per level.
    • Changed the 10% bonus to Scout Drone thermal damage to 5% bonus to cloaked velocity per level


  • Added 1 Low Slot (current total: 3)
  • Updated Amarr Frigate bonuses (per skill level):
    • Changed the 5% bonus to Rocket damage to -15% capacitor need to initiate warp per level
    • Changed the 5% reduction in capacitor recharge time to 5% bonus to scan deviation per level


  • Added 1 Low Slot (current total: 3)
  • Updated Caldari Frigate bonuses (per skill level):
    • Changed the 5% bonus to kinetic Light Missile and Rocket damage to -15% capacitor need to initiate warp per level
    • Changed the 5% bonus to Light Missile and Rocket Launcher rate of fire to 5% bonus to scan deviation per level


  • Added 1 Low Slot (current total: 4)
  • Updated Minmatar Frigate bonuses (per skill level):
    • Changed the 5% bonus to Small Projectile Turret damage to -15% capacitor need to initiate warp per level
    • Changed the 10% bonus to Small Projectile Turret optimal range to 5% bonus to cloaked velocity per level

And EDENCOM ships got a bit of love.  Their Voltron Projectors will now chain damage to 10 targets, up from the previous 5.  We will see if that makes them viable for more than just meme fleets.

Of course, with a big update like this, CCP would like to sell you something.  So they have a new black ops pack in the online store.  For $230 you get:

  • 180 Days of Omega Time
  • 2,860 PLEX
  • 500,000 Skill Points
  • 6 Months of Multiple Character Training
  • Expert Cerebral Accelerator
  • Panther Fireblade Guerilla SKIN
  • Widow Fireblade Guerilla SKIN
  • Redeemer Fireblade Guerilla SKIN
  • Sin Fireblade Guerilla SKIN
  • Marshal Fireblade Guerilla SKIN
  • Men’s and Women’s Blood Raider ‘Outlaw’ Clothing

That seems a bit pricey to me, but there is a lot of stuff there, so I am sure somebody will bite.

The update has been deployed, details are available  at the links below.

The EVE Online June Update to End Cloaky Camping and Open a Low Sec Gate to Stain

CCP announced last month that they were taking aim at the menace of cloaky camping, and their solution to the issue went in with today’s patch update.

No longer in testing, but they didn’t put up a new graphic

As previously mentioned, CCP’s plan to address cloaky camping is to introduce a deployable called a Mobile Observatory which sends out a system-wide ping every 10 minutes that has a chance to decloak any cloaked ships in the system.

The blueprints for Mobile Observatories were seeded into the market today and the associated changes are now live.

The Mobile Observatory

As you can see from the above, the structure only lasts for an hour and 40 minutes, so you get only 9 pings out of it once deployed.

As a counter, any ship that does cloak is given 15 minutes of protection from being decloaked.  CCP has set that timer the same everywhere, but has indicated that it may, in the future, give different modules of hulls a bonus to that time.

This change has not made those for or against cloaky camping happy.  Those looking to eliminate the practice bring up the expense and the vulnerability of the deployable, which can be blown up with just a few salvos from a stealth bomber.  Those who favor the practice fear that these modules will be spammed everywhere and multiple times per system so that being decloaked after 15 minutes is almost guaranteed.  I suppose we will see who is right.

Also in today’s update are four new empire gates, including the long asked for low sec gate to the Stain region.  The new gate locations are:

  • Hykkota (The Forge) ↔ Ahbazon (Genesis)
  • Irgrus (Metropolis) ↔ Pakhshi (Genesis)
  • Kenninck (Placid) ↔ Eggheron (Solitude)
  • Saminer (Tash-Murkon) ↔ F7-ICZ (Stain)

I expect that the Stain Russians are both very happy and are already camping that gate.

A monument has been placed in each of the systems where these new gates are locate that list out the names of the top players and corporations that participated in the event around the gate construction.

It also means the end of StainGuy, who long advocated for this low sec gate to Stain and swore he’d biomass his character if CCP ever actually put in it the game.  He is going to mothball the character instead to keep anybody else from grabbing the name… but not before a final farewell.

Those are the two big items with today’s update, but there are a number of smaller items, including the ability to filter the fleet composition window.  But for me, the other big fix was the change to the UI Only Mode indicator.

UI Only Mode, or Super Potato Mode, introduced last October just in time for some epic Keepstar fights in Delve, allows users to turn off the graphics rendering with the command Control-Shift-F9.  The main downside was the large opaque reminder that players were in UI Only Mode that hung right in the middle of the screen in the way of just about anything you wanted to look at. (e.g. scrolling messages, brackets on grid)

It would just sit there

With today’s update that message now fades away after 30 seconds, leaving you to peacefully watch overview brackets in peace without a big sign in the middle of the screen.

The T5ZI gate in 1DQ and the bubbles around it

In a way having the UI off and just brackets on is like having an air traffic controller view of an area.  I sat for a while and watched ships move around the gate and Keepstar grid in 1DQ.  It was relaxing in its own way.

Delta Squad’s symbol above the main Keepstar

Anyway, the patch has been deployed and is live, so the changes are in place and we have to live with them.

Full details are available in the patch notes.

CCP Rushes Warp Core Stabilizer and Interdiction Nullification Changes into EVE Online

Just last Thursday, six days, or four business days ago, CCP announced a plan to make changes warp core stabilizers and interdiction nullification.  While the former saw only a few changes, the latter went through a cycle of alterations that moved it from a low slot to a high slot and updated the ships that would be allowed to use the new module.

CCP apparently felt they had enough feedback and launched all the changes on the live server this morning.

That’s the name they chose for this

Launched under the title “The Great Escape,” a banner worthy of the Ministry of Truth, I can only imagine they mean that ironically as both changes are targeted at keeping players from being able to escape destruction.  It will be great if you actually escape I guess, but CCP ideally wants less or that and more ships exploding.

Warp Core Stabilizers

The warp core stabilizer summary remains simple.  From the announcement post, here is what the tech I module is now:

  • Warp Core Stabilizer I
    • Activation cost: 80 Gj
    • Active Duration: 10 seconds
    • Reactivation Delay: 150 seconds
    • Maximum number able to be fitted: 1
    • Warp Scramble Strength: -2
    • Targeting range reduction: -40%
    • Scan resolution reduction: -40%
    • Drone Bandwidth Penalty: -50%

You now can have 10 seconds of 2 warp core strength with a 150 second cool down, and only one can be fitted per ship.  The other flavors of the module alter the activation duration, which can be as long as 18 seconds with a faction version. The scan resolution and targeting range penalties, which are applied when the module is fit, as with the old passive version, are reduced with the higher meta modules, but the drone bandwidth penalty remains the same.

Warp Nullification Module

Interdiction nullification, after having gone through multiple gyrations, has now landed on the following plan:

  • Interceptors, yachts, and nullification subsystems now have passive nullification removed.
  • Interceptors, yachts, and nullification subsystems have received a new role bonus: 80% reduced target range penalty and reactivation delay for interdiction nullification modules.
  • Interceptors, yachts, and nullification subsystems have now received a new role bonus: 100% increased duration for interdiction nullification modules.
  • Passive nullification has been added to all shuttles.
  • New blueprints, seeding, and manufacturing data have been added for the new modules.

Of note there is that blueprints have only just been seeded with this patch, not in advance as CCP has done in the past, so right now the only ships with interdiction nullification are shuttles.  For days, if not weeks, production will have to ramp up to catch up with the change, during which bubbles in null sec are essentially unavoidable. A few are on the market already, but only enough to accommodate experimentation.  Blueprints still need to be optimized and there is research needed for the tech II versions.

And even when the market settles, expect to see a lot more of those on gates during your travels.  And on both sides of gates where possible, since the cool down will force you to motor out slowly as you wait for the activation timer to run down.

Those details are a bit short of the full picture, so you have to go to the patch notes to get a few more details… though not that many.  CCP’s lack of transparency in documenting the changes here seems like another indication of the almost indecent haste they have shown in getting these changes in.

The new module will be usable by the following ship types:

  • Interceptors
  • Blockade Runners
  • Deep Space Transports
  • Tech I Industrials
  • Covert Ops Frigates
  • Victorieux Luxury Yacht
  • Strategic Cruisers

In addition, the following applies:

  • All interdiction nullifiers are High-Slot modules and only one nullifier can be fit per ship.
  • When fitted these modules will reduce targeting range and ship scan resolution by 50%.
  • Module types:
    • Interdiction Nullifier I
    • Compact Interdiction Nullifier
    • Restrained Interdiction Nullifier
    • Interdiction Nullifier II

The high meta version give you a longer duration of nullification, with 10 seconds on the tech I and 15 seconds on the tech II.  But the reactivation delay remains 150 seconds on all of them.

So it goes.  As with most rushed things, expect issues.  The in-game information is incorrect in some places, with the Restrained version of the unit still listing stealth bombers as part of the supported ship list.

Welcome to a new age in null sec.


CCP Changes to Nullification and Warp Core Stabilizers hit the Test Server

CCP has finally announced their plans for interdiction nullification and warp core stabilizers.  Long under discussion, the proposed changes, slated to be launched with the Great Escape update, are now available on Singularity, the EVE Online test server.

In Testing

PvP focused players have long complained about missing kills due to various defensive mechanics.  Previously CCP nerfed ECM into uselessness for individual pilots.  Now the nerfbat is being brought to interdiction and warp core stabilizers.

With the upcoming change, interdiction nullification, which gives certain hulls immunity from warp disruption bubbles, will be removed as a default attribute from fleet interceptors, luxury yachts, and strategic cruiser propulsion subsystems.  Instead, nullification will be available via a new low high slot module. [Changed to high slot with May 17 update.]  On the upside, the new module will be available for more hulls, with the list currently being:

  • Interceptors
  • Blockade Runners
  • Covert Ops
  • Deep Space Transports
  • Luxury Yachts
  • Strategic Cruisers
  • Tech I and Faction Frigates
  • Stealth Bombers
  • T1 Industrials [added 5/14]

Stealth bombers (which were added to the list after it was posted initially) strike me as a ship class not really needing another buff, especially when the primary defense against them is dictor bubbles, but I suspect that this is the “more ships dying is better” thread that tends to influence CCP.  We’ll see if they make it to the final patch. [Edit: Stealth bombers removed with May 14 update linked at the bottom of the post.]

Meanwhile, frigates in general (also added later) are really opening up a door.  I can imagine anybody flying a battleship with implants will now have a getaway frigate in their escape bay.  But with bombers nullfied and hull prices now sky high, it is possible nobody will be flying battleships anyway. [T1 frigates removed with the May 17 update, linked in the addendum at the bottom of the post.]

On the downside, the new module is active and has a short cycle, staying active for 10 to 15 seconds depending which version you choose (Tech I, compact, restrained, or Tech II) with a 150 second reactivation timer.  In addition, the new modules will come with 50% targeting range and scan resolution penalties when fitted.

Hulls that previously had nullification by default will receive a role bonus that reduces the targeting range penalty by 50% 80% and boosts the activation cycle by 100% 80%.

Finally, shuttles will get nullification interdiction, something that has long been asked for.  If they could also get an align time under two seconds they might even get used.  The current 2.2 second align makes them quite catchable.

Then there are war core stabilizers which, like the new interdiction nullification modules, will need to be activated to provide their bonus, running with a 20 second activation cycle and a 150 second cool down.  As with the other modules the penalties, 50% reduction to targeting range, scan resolution, and drone bandwidth, will be in effect when the Tech I module is fitted, with reductions in those penalties with higher meta modules.

Both of the module sets will also be limited to one per ship, so you won’t be able to pile on multiples for extended effects.  But the warp core stabilizers, at least on the test server, all have a strength of 3 when activated, which is enough to get you away from any solo frigate tackler most days. [Changed to 2 with May 14 update.]

Warp core stabs go to 3 now

CCP has added that they are looking to add the ability to activate these modules when a ship is still under its “gate cloak” so that there isn’t the awkward time delay that could get you caught simply because the attacker lives in London and you live further afield, proximity to the game’s data center being a long proven game advantage.

As I complained a couple years back, the discussion about these mechanics still come with the assumption that warp distruptors, war scramblers, and warp interdiction bubbles are fine as absolute mechanics, it is only when defenses become absolute… or in the case of ECM, simply too effective…  that people complain.  That continues.

Anyway, I suspect these changes will go through as announced with only minor tweaks.  The warp core stabilizer change likely won’t have an impact on me personally, as I cannot remember the last time I fit one on anything besides an industrial.  Having nullification interdiction on a blockade runner could be handy however, though I have gotten by with the MWD cloaking trick for ages now.  Scouting and moving without nullification though… or with a long wait on an activation timer when you have to move through bubbles on both sides of every gate… is going to become tiresome quickly.  But the game changes and we either adapt or move on.

Addendum May 14:  Changes have already been made based on feedback and testing.

  • Entering warp no longer deactivates the Interdiction Nullifier modules
  • Removed Stealth Bomber group from being able to fit the new Interdiction Nullifier modules.
  • Added Tech I Industrial groups to be able to fit the new Interdiction Nullifier modules.
  • Adjusted the bonus on Interceptors, Yachts, and T3 Cruisers to 80% penalty for reduced target range and reactivation delay.
  • Added the new attribute for allowing WCS and Nullifier modules to be activated while under the effect of a stargate cloak.
  • Updated the bonus texts for the Victorieux Luxury Yacht, Malediction, Imp, Whiptail, and T3 subsystems.
  • Fixed an error with a ghost attribute on the Restrained Interdiction Nullifier.
  • Updated the attribute text for the Drone Bandwidth penalty to show the percent reduction.
  • Correct the expected reprocessing materials from Interdiction Nullifier modules

In addition, unmentioned in the thread (that I saw), the warp core strength for the warp core stabilizers was changed from 3 to 2, so now a frigate with a point and a scram can still tackle you.  So that screen shot above is already out of date, though that is to be expected.

Addendum May 17:  Some more changes have come in.

  • Interdiction Nullifier modules are now a High-Slot module.
  • Tech I Frigates have been removed from the list of ships that can fit nullifiers.
  • Fixed an issue with ECM burst jams not correctly disabling nullification when using the modules.

The Latest EVE Online Update Kicks Off the Industrial Chaos Era

Today’s patch will see the second set of major changes go live which will update blueprints, reactions, and components that are required for ship manufacturing.

CCP Patch Notes for April  27, 2021

There was a quick reminder from CCP Paradox for those paying attention yesterday that Phase 2 of the planned significant industrial changes were set to hit New Eden with today’s patch as planned.   The announcement of these changes and the initial patch sparked a rise in production around week 40 of the war, and was reflected in the MER charts.  Look at that red line climb.

Production vs Destruction vs Mined – March 2021

I will be interested to see if the warning was enough to spark a last moment spike in production.  Numbers in 1DQ1-A seemed on par with the early announcement rush.

Down from 3344 when I last looked

Likewise Jita numbers seemed about the same.

Today though, and tomorrow, and next week… that might be a bit different.  We shall see.

The blueprint changes add new components to the build requirements for battleship and all capital hulls.

For example, the doughty Megathron, a workhorse battleship used by many, has three new components added that come from the new reactions CCP brought in with the previous patch.

The new Megathron BPO

If you have been on the ball and grabbed the blueprints when they first hit, researched them, were able to get enough Mykoserocin gas and other supplies, and get them into production, you might have some around to start building battleship and larger hulls.  Or you could just try to make bank by selling the new items.  Supply is extremely tight at the moment so prices for those items are… volatile to say the least.

Auto-Integrity Preservation Seal supply in Jita

If you need 200 Auto-Integrity Preservation Seals to build a Megathron and you are expecting buy them off the market… well, that alone looks to add about 1.3 billion ISK to the price of materials.  And if you want to build an Archon carrier… I’m sorry, there are not enough on the market because you need 1,600 of those seals to build one.  The cost of an Archon today is close to what an Aeon super carrier was yesterday.  And a titan?   CCP’s plan seems to be that once things settle down those hulls ought to run about 200 billion ISK if leaks are correct.  But they are pretty much unbuildable today due to supply.  An Avatar needs 5,000 of those seals now, which seems likely to represent a significant percentage of what is available on the market.

Now, that is a temporary situation.  At some point harvesting and production will catch up and supply will drive the prices down.  But for a while battleship and capital production is simply going to be dead.  There isn’t enough supply and, at those prices, you would be a fool to build rather than just sell while they are high to reap the ISK of those in need.

But if you don’t fly battleships or capitals, if you stick with battlecruisers and below… well, everything is still more expensive than it used to be with the mineral drought still in full effect… but the build prices are not completely crazy.  A Ferox, for example, is still made of just T1 minerals, the same as it was yesterday.

Other changes that came with today’s industry update:

  • Adjusted all T2 ships to no longer return basic minerals as materials when reprocessed.
  • Reworked EDENCOM ships blueprints to more closely aligned to their Triglavian counterparts paradigm
  • Adjusted Standup T2 fighters to require T1 standup fighters in build requirements.
  • Doubled the effective bonuses on Mykocerosin Boosters
    • Synth Blue Pill – Increased Shield Boost Bonus from 3% to 6%
    • Synth Crash – Decreased Explosion Radius Bonus from -3% to -6%
    • Synth Drop – Increased Tracking Speed Bonus from 3% to 6%
    • Synth Exile – Increased Armor Repair Bonus from 3% to 6%
    • Synth Frentix – Increased Optimal Range Modifier from 3% to 6%
    • Synth Mindflood – Increased Capacitor Modifier from 3% to 6%
    • Synth Sooth Sayer – Increased Falloff Bonus from 3% to 6%
    • Synth X-Instinct – Reduced Signature Radius Modifier from -2.25% to 4.5%

The EDENCOM ship change is no doubt part of the ongoing attempt to dig those ships and their weapons out of the hole CCP put them in.  The ships are not great, but the big problem for quite a stretch was the price of the ammo, which was too expensive to make them anything more than a meme fleet option.

The improvement in boosters is probably there because, as Mykocerosin is suddenly in demand for other things, the price of them has doubled.

Anyway, the patch notes, such as they are, are available.  The update has been deployed.  If you’re reading this now, it is too late to get a battleship into build with T1 materials.  They new reality is upon us.


The April Update Begins Seeding New Industry Materials in EVE Online

As expected, today saw the first update patch for April which included the initial round of materials in support of the controversial industry changes CCP has planned.

A Raitaru Engineering Complex

The changes have begun with the seeding of blueprints and reactions on the NPC market, under the following categories:

  • Construction Components Blueprints
  • Capital Construction Blueprints
  • Advanced Capital Construction Blueprints
  • Molecular-Forged Reaction Formulas
  • Composite Reaction Formulas

The lists for each type under those categories is in the patch notes. (Some of them did not get seeded correctly, but an update will fix that soon according to the known issues thread.)  The following NPC corporations will be selling the blueprints and formulae, though each will only have a subset of the total.

  • Amarr Navy
  • Caldari Navy
  • Federation Navy
  • Republic Fleet
  • Ytiri
  • Propel Dynamics
  • Eifyr and Co
  • Freedom Extension
  • Zoar and Sons
  • Ducia Foundry
  • Impetus
  • Chemal Tech
  • Modru’s Legion
  • Outer Ring Excavations
  • Intaki Bank

In addition, the following items, also part of the new industry plan, are now available from exploration sites:

  • Counter-Subversion Sensor Array
  • Nanoscale Filter Plate
  • Electro-Neural Signaller
  • Enhanced Electro-Neural Signaller
  • Nano Regulation Gate
  • Meta-Molecular Combiner
  • Isotropic Deposition Guide
  • LM-Composite Molecular Condenser
  • AG-Composite Molecular Condenser
  • CV-Composite Molecular Condenser
  • AV-Composite Molecular Condenser

And Mykoserocin gas sites can now be found in low security solar systems and additional null security locations.

Industrialists will no doubt be working to research blueprints and build up supplies in anticipation of next step in the changes.

On the ISK sinks and faucets front CCP is tinkering with the Dynamic Bounty and Encounter Surveillance System settings once more.

  • The autopay timer for the Main Bank increased from 2h to 2h:45m
  • The intrusion time to the Main bank decreased from 6m 30s to 6m
  • Equilibrium value increased from 135% to 150%
  • The Maximum Output of the Dynamic Bounty System increased from 180% to 200%
  • Adjusted Dynamic Bounty System threshold margins

After successfully curtailing bounties as the primary source of ISK into the economy, CCP continues to play with the values to try and make the ESS a conflict point.

CCP has also included a series of updates to landmarks in New Eden.  They include:

  • The rare Children of Light phenomena in the Iyen-Oursta system has received a dramatic visual upgrade.
  • New landmark locations can be found within the following systems:
    • New Eden
    • Gererique
    • D-B7YK
    • 6QBH-S
    • Old Man Star
    • Atioth
    • Mozzidit
  • The names of the top 10 fastest Capsuleers for each of the three routes in this year’s Federation Grand Prix have been added to the description of the monument structure within the Federation Grand Prix Starting Line landmark site in Luminaire. Congratulations to the racers!
  • A new hidden landmark location has been added to the game. The location of this landmark has previously been established in a piece of official EVE Online content, but has not been visible within the game until now.

In addition there were the usual host of small additions and fixes, a few of which jumped out when I scanned the list:

  • Added the ability to Unlock all targets via Target List Anchor or shortcut (not bound by default).
  • Added the option to ‘Include Jump Bridges in Route’ when using Autopilot, this can be toggled On/Off in the Autopilot options.
  • Fixed a capitalization error on an ad in the Jita 4-4 station.
  • Added a feature that shows the structure type in search results.
  • Implemented survey integration with the character selection screen. Keep your eyes open for an exciting and rewarding survey opportunity launching soon!

Just waiting on that exciting and rewarding survey opportunity!

In addition CCP has announced a play test for the new native Mac client starting on Thursday.

Anyway, the patch has been deployed and the usual links are available:

Clone Management Becomes Easier in EVE Online

Last week CCP mentioned a series of quality of life updates planned for today’s patch update.  The patch notes from this morning indicate that we got them.  So what did we get?

Tragedy tomorrow, Quality tonight

Clone Management!

The big fat hairy deal with this update for a lot of us in null sec is the change to clones, clone storage, and clone management.  Per the patch notes:

  • Enabled multiple jump clones in the same location. Jumping or installing new clones will no longer override the existing ones.
  • The “Install Clone” banner in the Jump Clones tab in the Character Sheet is now always visible.
  • The “Install Clone” banner now states how many jump clones you have installed in your current location.
  • Activating a jump clone no longer close your inventory windows.

Not only can you have multiple clones in a single station, but they have also done away with the accidental “oops, I destroyed my implant clone by mistake when I clone jumped” issue that has plagued many of us over the years.  The first thing I did was go out and consolidate a few clones I had in different structures in 1DQ1-A into the main Keepstar.

Clones in a single station

My expectations were so low that I was even surprised to find that the names you give your clones persist through jumps back and forth.  The Nosy Gamer reports that these changes apply to NPC stations as well.  Clone management for the masses!

Between this and the red dot change from last week, I’m starting to wonder what is going on at CCP.  It is unlike them to have two big wins so close together.  Now I just need a new skill that gives me another five jump clones and I’ll be set.

ECM Burst Jammers

From the patch notes:

  • Fitting a burst jammer now disallows interdiction nullification.

This will make ECM burst interceptors “less oppressive” according to the dev post.  Nobody likes being on the receiving end of ECM burst interceptors… or ECM in general… and CCP has been nerfing ECM for ages now.  They listen to complaints about things that keep ships from blowing up I guess.

There is, of course, a thread of paranoia in Goonswarm about this change.  We were not the first to use ECM burst interceptors, but we picked them up and ran with them after being oppressed by them.  And, in the current war, Globby from ElitistOps ran many ECM Burst fleets and became known for them, as our foes in PAPI complained vehemently about him, which led to propaganda about him.

The legend of Globby

I went on a few of those ops and, I will say, he is a really a fun person to fly with.  He also reimbursed one of my interceptor losses out of his own pocket when the SRP person didn’t like the fit we were using.  So pour one out for Globby, though I am sure he will find a new path.

This change also his “chemo” fits, smart bombing strategic cruisers using the interdiction nullification subsystem.  They have traditionally fit ECM bursts to help them shed tackle, since their align time to warp out is a lot slower than an interceptor.  We will see how the change impacts that doctrine.

Target Spectrum Breaker changed to Signature Radius Suppressor

This battleship only module has been changed to give a bonus to signature radius, with an accompanying skill that improves the duration

  • Reworked the Target Spectrum Breaker [and renamed it to Signature Radius Suppressor] to now grant a small bonus to signature radius passively that can be activated for a short burst of extreme signature reduction.
  • Target Breaker Amplification skill name changed to Signature Masking.
    • Increases duration time of Signature Radius Suppressor active mode by 5% per level.

The in-game description for the module now reads:

This device uses a variety of emissions suppression and masking methods to reduce the overall signature radius of a ship observable by enemy sensors and represented in targeting computer algorithms. Signature radius suppression has the advantage of increasing the time to lock of enemy targeting sensors, while also reducing incoming damage from almost all weapon systems by confounding enemy firing solutions and proximity detonators.

This device operates in both passive and active modes, providing a small benefit through passive emissions reduction and a dramatically enhanced benefit in active masking mode.

This could make battleships move viable in combat as, if used at the right time, could reduce the effects of stealth bomber attacks.  Right now Heavy Assault Cruisers still rule the roost, even after their recent nerf, due to their speed and sig radius, which makes them unlikely to suffer from bombers.

Wormhole Changes

There have also been some updates to wormholes, which I honestly do not understand.  But they seem meaningful for the residents.  I hope their quality of life is generally improved and not torn apart by unintended consequences or collateral damage.

  • Medium wormholes maximum jump mass increased from 20m to 62m.
  • Large wormholes maximum jump mass increased from 300m to 375m.
  • Extra Large wormholes maximum jump mass increased from 1.35b/1.8b to 2b.
  • Reduced the frequency of wandering connections between high-class wormholes by 50%.

And so it goes.  The patch notes are available and the updates have been deployed.

Friday Red Dot Bullet Points about EVE Online

It is time for another Friday bullet points blog post, this time to pull together some bits of EVE Online news that have popped up in the last week or so.

  • The Red Dot Option

The Red Dot has been a hot topic for some since its introduction.  I wouldn’t mind it so much if it just worked consistently.  But it doesn’t.  I can be in my ship, in space, sitting still, and the damn red dot will pop up on my inventory icon over and over, even when I have done nothing.  And I am one of those people who cannot leave an alert like that alone.  I must make it go away, and when it keeps coming back for no reason I want to scream.

This week there was a small patch update that had this item.

Added a toggle to general settings in-game allowing UI Inventory Badging (Red Dot) to be enabled or disabled.

You can now turn off the Red Dot!  Just go to the general settings tab and look for the Inventory Badging option.

Banish the Red Dot here

I can already see Brisc Rubal running for another CSM term on the slogan “We Banished the Red Dot for you!”

  • EVE in a Browser

CCP has started beta testing EVE Anywhere, the option to run EVE Online in a web browser.

EVE Anywhere except in my Firefox browser

One of the goals of any online game is to reduce the effort required to get players into the game.  Free to play takes away the credit card barrier, allowing players to start without a financial commitment.  But the dream has always been to avoid the client altogether and to let players jump right into playing without a long download and install.  Several MMORPGs have worked on this in the past… Runes of Magic tried this for a while… but it hasn’t really become an option.  Now CCP is giving it a run.

The beta is open to Omega accounts in the US.  I tried it for a bit and it mostly seems to work, though the security settings in Firefox seemed to prevent their site from even giving me to option to try it.

Going to Microsoft Edge the big yellow “Play in a Browser” button was displayed and I was able to get into the game.  The resolution is limited to 1080p and has to run full screen.  Also, every setting saved locally by the regular client is missing from the browser, which quickly becomes annoying.  But if you needed to log in to update your skill queue or do some market updates, it would be viable.

  • Federation Grand Prix

If you haven’t started collecting login rewards for the Federation Grand Prix event, it is too late to grab them all now, as the event ends early next week.  But, there is easily time left to actually run the event and collect a bunch of special SKINs as rewards.

Federation Grand Prix 2021

You just have to fly to the Luminaire system and warp to the start line to get your first detestation.  Be wary though, especially during prime time hours.  You have to fly through low sec, and even some NPC null sec, space and the route is known, so smart bombing ships and gate camps will be out trying to zap you.  An interdiction nullified interceptor will get you past most gate camps, but you should avoid warping directly to gates if you want to bypass smart bombers.

  • Skill Rentals Now with Ships and PLEX

CCP has already launched a new round of Expert Systems, the rent a skill program introduced earlier this month.

The new Mindstorm Experience packs include an exploration package that comes with a fully fit T1 exploration ship and a mining package that comes with 50 PLEX that the player can sell to help them buy their first mining barge.  Expert Systems persist through death, but ships do not, so I wonder how new players who buy the pack will feel when things inevitably go awry.

There is a deeper look at these new packs over at The Nosy Gamer.

  • Coming Quality of Life Improvements

CCP announced a series of quality of life improvements coming to EVE Online next week, which include changes to clones, ECM burst modules, and wormhole mass limits.

The clone change is huge, allowing players to store multiple clones in the same citadel.  As somebody who has several clones with specific implant sets stashed in 1DQ1-A, this is kind of a big deal even for me.  I’m a little sad about the ECM burst changes, as I enjoy doing that and, given the number of ships I have lost doing it, it is clearly a counterable play style.  But players in general hate ECM and CCP has a history of nerfing it into uselessness.