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The Howling Interdictors Update comes to EVE Online

Last year Team Talos brought us the Howling Interceptors update around Halloween.  This year we get Howling Interdictors.

Howling for you

Interdictors are a popular ship in null sec, deploying as they do the warp disruption probes with generate a 20km diameter radius warp disruption sphere or bubble.   Bubbles are generally a part of any null sec fight as they can keep a hostile fleet from warping off, keeping them from getting away allowing you to shoot them.  Or sometimes you’re in the bubble.  Either way, they are not an option in empire space.

Bubble, bubbles everywhere

The big change is the addition of a new type of probe that can be used by interdictors, the web stasis probe.

Stasis webification probe

Like the modules of the same name, the stasis webification probe will reduce the maximum velocity of any ships within its sphere.  That sphere is half the size of a warp disruption probe, only 10km in diameter radius, and it has a short warm up duration.

Now to see how it will get used.  I know at least one capsuleer who has wanted this sort of probe, and I guess it might be used as a counter to “kitey bullshit” and other “trash tier tactics,” but we will have to wait an see.

In addition, three of the four interdictor hulls received updates.

The Sabre was passed over, being null sec’s default interdictor.  I know FCs who just call for Sabres rather than interdictors, since that is what you get most of the time anyway.

The Sabre is even endorsed by Permaband

The Eris, a rare sight on the field, received the most changes, most in an effort to make it a bit more nimble.

  • CPU increased to 250 tf (was 210)
  • Power Grid increased to 71 MW (was 64)
  • Max velocity to 316 m/s (was 305)
  • Signature radius to 78 m (was 85)
  • Mass reduced to 1,100,000 t (was 1,200,000)
  • Gallente Destroyer bonus changed to “5% bonus to small hybrid turret rate of fire per level” (was 10% bonus to small hybrid turret optimal range)
  • Interdictor bonus changed to “15% reduced mass penalty from armor plates per level” (was 5% bonus to small hybrid turret rate of fire)

The Flycatcher, which you do see out now and again, got a little more CPU and a little more tank, but stays with its damage bonus locked to kinetic.

  • CPU increased to 290 tf (was 280)
  • Caldari Destroyer bonus changes to “10% bonus to missile kinetic damage” (was 10% bonus to missile explosion radius)
  • Interdictors bonus changed to “10% increased shield HP per level” (was 10% bonus to missile kinetic damage)

And the Heretic, which can be a feature on armor fleets, though you still get Sabres because Sabres, got a little more CPU, Power Grid, and tank.

  • CPU increased to 270 tf (was 240)
  • PG increased to 70 MW (was 60)
  • Amarr Destroyer bonus changed to “10% increased armor HP per level” (was 10% bonus to light missile and rocket max velocity)

In addition to all of that combat interceptors, which were part of the Howling Interceptors changes, were revisited againthis year, getting a 100% boost to the effects of overheating on afterbruners and microwarp drives.  They will go very fast.  CCP is even holding a contest to see how fast people can make them go.

Also along for the ride with this patch are some fixes to improve the viability of the new Triglavian region in New Eden:

  • Significantly increased the Standings values gained from killing NPCs related to Triglavian Space
  • Corrected Standings incorrectly gained from Rogue Drone content unrelated to Triglavian Space
  • Reworked the Triglavian Wormhole site distribution rules
  • It is now possible to warp to 0 in Triglavian Wormhole sites
  • Increased the time between NPC spawns around Triglavian wormholes
  • Increased the drop availability and variety of Triglavian Space Filaments

There are a few other small fixes, but that is the primary content of today’s update.  They have all been appended to the October patch notes.


The EVE Online October Update Changes Space and Commerce

Things were happening and CCP was keeping its cards close to it collective chest for the last couple of days, so I really felt I couldn’t even start writing a post about the update until they released the patch notes and the game was up and live again because there were any number of things that could have potentially been in the update.

And then all of them showed up, so I am just going to go down the list a day later than usual.

New Region of Space

The Triglavian invasion has culminated in an event that has taken the 27 star systems that reached final liminality, detached them from their old stargate connections, and created a new wormhole flavored region called Pochven.

I left a char in Niarja

On the old map you can see the region name.

Just a big name in space

With the new map it will actually show you the gate connections.

The route between the stars in the new region

There have been few maps of the new region circulating.  I like this one I found on Reddit:

The map triangle – click to see bigger

There is also this one I have seen floating around, which is a little clearer, but I am not sure where the original source for it was, otherwise I would link it.

This one has constellations

As for what all this means, CCP says the following in the patch notes:

  • The Triglavian Invasion has come to an end. The Collective now inhabit 27 systems severed from the rest of New Eden, forming the new Nullsec Pochven region which can be accessed via wormholes and filaments. According to reliable sources some Triglavian vessels in the area may carry filaments for escaping this new region. Unconfirmed stories also state that these filaments are available for purchase in the new Triglavian stations. Active Market Orders and HyperNet Offers within Pochven have been cancelled and both goods and escrow have been refunded. In addition to that, Agents within Pochven have been removed and any active missions have been cancelled.
  • There is a lot to discover in these systems as they function completely differently now that the Triglavians have taken them over. More details will be reported by The Scope in the coming days. Until then, Capsuleers that dare to venture into the new Pochven region can discover things on their own. Since Medical Clones within Pochven have been moved to a character’s birth Station, some capsuleers will need to travel to the systems to uncover the mysteries – the lucky (or unlucky) players already within those systems are free to undock – at their own risk.

I think Elise Randolph had a better/more useful summary on Twitter:

  • Wormhole local
  • You can’t JC/clone in
  • No belts
  • Sun status: still spooky
  • New gates! But you need Trig standing to use them.
  • Also the gates spawn 400km so you gotta burn
  • Ore anomalies are phat

Warning on getting Triglavian standings: rogue drone sites are an exploit now.

Meanwhile, back in normal space, the gates to those systems are just gone, vanished, kaput, missing in action, like they were never there in the first place.  I am sure this is going to be a huge pain for Wollari, who runs DOTLAN EVE Maps.

So now the run between Amarr and Jita, which was made more dangerous by the change to Niarja, has been made longer even if you’re willing to take the risky route.

Short route vs. Safe route

I am sure more will come of this.  I hear that stargates around New Eden are still experiencing outages.

Ore Changes

And since Elise mentioned ore, we might as well get to the big mining change.  I hope you refined all your ore before the patch since it will refine less now… except maybe Hedbergite, which is getting a nocxium boost.  That is supposed to get people to go mine in low sec.

This was all covered by the Resource Distribution dev blog and the essentials have not changed.  Where ever you live in New Eden you are likely going to find less rocks to mine, the rocks you do find will have a smaller mineral yield, and some minerals you used to find will no longer be around your part of space.

The patch notes spell it all out in more detail.  Despite using the word “distribution” in the dev blog, this is more of a drastic reduction.  Even I was out mining a bit to build up a hedge against the future, where I expect the price of everything will climb.  The October MER will should be interesting.

UI Only Mode

As I mentioned in a post a while back, CCP has been working on a way to turn off 3D rendering and only display the UI.  This was available on the test server, but has gone live on Tranquility with this patch.  Those of us running multiple clients in large battles around Keepstars will no doubt avail ourselves of this feature once we have another big fight.  Of course, dropping Keepstars got a little more complicated due to the next item.

Quantum Cores

The second stage of the Quantum Cores plan has come in with this patch.  Initially, the cores were made available for sale and Upwell structures got a bay into which cores would eventually be installed.

With this update any new Upwell structures deployed will require a core to be installed before it will become fully functional.  Until the core is installed services, including tethering, will not be available.  This will make deploying more Keepstars in NPC Delve slightly more awkward as somebody has to haul in that core to install.  If they don’t, they won’t have the tether advantage they had during the second FWST-8 fight.

Existing Upwell structures do not have to have a core installed until January 2021.

ECM Stabilizer Tiericide

Another module group has been normalized in naming and stats.  Honestly, I am not sure I know what an ECM Stabilizer is.  But that is EVE Online.  Lots and lots of ship modules.

Player Bounty & Kill Rights Disabled

You can blame this one on the current war in Null sec because those seem to be gumming up the outstanding calls list when we have those big fights.

Bounty calls piling up

Announced in a forum post, this is temporary while CCP investigates what sort of performance hit these calls may be having.  They pop up every time you target somebody or somebody targets you and tend to dominate the queue.  If this led to CCP revamping the bounty system (again) into something more useful, that would be nice.  Kill rights are also being turned off temporarily because they are connected to bounties aand can similarly gum up the works.

This does not affect NPC bounties.  That limitless ISK faucet will continue to flow freely.  However, if you put a bounty on Brisc Rubal in an attempt to help him achieve his goal of being in the top ten for bounties, you can’t get your ISK back.


Apparently there was a change made to how in game fonts are rendered, which some people love, some people hate, and some people, myself included, didn’t notice until they saw somebody going on about it.  I guess they’re fine.  It is hard to tell on the big monitor.  I have to wear my glasses to see them still.

Other Things

There were also a lot of small changes and fixes and the usual stuff that comes along with any update, just more so than usual.  All in all this was a pretty big update that will have a lot of long term impact.  I feel like this update should have been given a name so at least we could curse it later on down the road when all the unintended consequences come home to roost.

Or maybe everything will turn out great.  We’ll have to wait and see.

For those wanting more details, the patch notes have been posted.  There are also the general feedback and known issues threads in the forums.  My favorite known issue is that some hangars outside of the Triglavian region have the Triglavian decor.  Seems like a win, but that might just be me.

Meanwhile, CCP has announced that we have entered the fourth development quadrant for 2020, the Phoenix Quadrant, and has previewed a bit of what we can expect from development as well as launching another pack that sells skill points for cash.

The EVE Online Rolling Thunder Update Attempts to Breath Life into EDENCOM Ships

Last week CCP announced that we would be getting a “balance pass” for EDENCOM ships with an update they are calling Rolling Thunder.  That is an impressive name, even if it got some bad press back in the 60s. But can CCP live up to it?

That is actually lightning, you cannot hear thunder in space

The problem is that EDENCOM ships, introduced with the update back in June, with the splashy vorton projector “hit multiple targets” weapon systems, have failed to catch on in New Eden.

We got a frigate, a cruiser, and a battleship variation, each with its own skill, and the accompanying small, medium, and large weapon system, each again with its own training requirement, along with some subsidiary skills to improve their effect generally, all of which started a mild bit of hype about how cool these new ships were going to be.

And then not much happened.

I mentioned that I trained up all the skills to level IV or V… and some of those skills were freaking expensive, being available only from event drops… because there was some thought about using them for a Reavers doctrine.  But that got dropped because the ships suck and they are difficult to source.

I assume that they do suck because people who know ship fitting better than I, even when being generous about the EDENCOM ships, say that they fill a very niche roll at best.

As for being difficult to source… in short supply and expensive when you can find them… there is an obvious bottle neck there in that you can only buy them with EDENCOM Loyalty Points earned by fighting for the EDECOM side in the current set of Triglavian invasion events.  When you can buy a fully fit Ferox for about the same price as the just the hull of the EDECOM Stormbringer cruiser, why would you bother with that hull unless it is very OP?

So CCP is going to try and fix this.

On the cost/availability front, the fix is pretty straightforward:

  • DED LP Offers for all EDENCOM items have had LP cost reduced by 90%

Make things cheaper to buy and they will be cheaper on the market as more people try to sell them.  We hope.

As for making the ships better, they are getting a couple of tweaks:

  • Optimal Range increased for all Small Vorton Projectors by 30% [hit further]
  • Damage reduction factor down for all weapon sizes (this means mitigation from target speed plays a smaller role) [hit harder]:
    • Frig → 0.6 to 0.4
    • Cruiser → 0.65 to 0.5
    • Battleship → 0.82 to 0.7
  • Damage increase to all Small and Medium Condenser Packs for Vorton Projectors. (Tech 1 and Tech 2) [do… something?]
    • Small Condenser Pack damages have been increased by 20%
    • Medium Condenser Pack damages have been increased by 20%

These actually seem like fairly modest changes on the performance side.  We will see if these, combined with the radical price reduction, get more of these ships on the field.  I have yet to see one in the wild myself.

In addition, a new three day login event will coincide with the update, starting after downtime on September 25th, that will hand out SKINs for these ships, boosters that improve their performance, and, of course, skill points.

If they really wanted us to use the ships, maybe they should just give us all one of the hulls.  It would tank prices on the market, but it would get some in space.

In addition to the EDENCOM focus, some other ships are getting a bit of a buff.  The two lesser force auxiliaries, the Lif and Niazu, are getting a bit of a boost.

  • Lif
    • 7.5% bonus to shield booster amount becomes 7.5% bonus to shield booster amount and cap booster amount
  • Ninazu
    • 7.5% bonus to armor repair amount becomes 7.5% bonus to armor repair amount and cap booster amount

And then there are a couple of buffs for black ops battleships.  The first is an easy one.

All Black Ops have had their Fuel Bay capacity increased from 1250 to 2150

Now the blops pilot won’t have to shovel so much fuel from the fuel truck mid-bridge with larger fleets.  This is a happy, quality of life improvement aim at what the ships are mostly used for these days.

In addition, all of the blops are getting a bit of a boost to some of their default shield and armor resist values.  This hearkens back to the days when people would drop on targets in a blops solo.  These days they are mostly used for throwing covert ops capable ships around space, but I am sure there is some freebooter out there still trying for solo blops kills who will be happy to hear about this.

Details about the blops resist values and other information can be found in the updated patch notes.

EVE Online Expands Abyssal Sites with Depths of the Abyss

Abyssal Deadspace was introduced a little over two years ago with the Into The Abyss expansion.  This gave players a new PvE experience with five levels of difficulty, random-ish enemies, and a 20 minute hard timer that meant you had to exit by then or lose your ship and your pod when the pocket collapsed.

There were also blueprint copies for Triglavian ships, weapon systems, and ammo to be found, as well as mutaplasmids, which would mutate modules to change their states, possibly making them better, but sometimes making them much worse.

All of which became very popular very quickly, as CCP explained in a presentation at EVE Down Under just a couple of weeks after the expansion launched.

Abyssal Deadspace has continued to be expanded, with more blueprints showing up, different mutaplasmids becoming available, and even an option to run them as a team in three frigates rather than just solo in a cruiser.  And yesterday saw perhaps the biggest boost yet to Abyssal Deadspace content with the Depths of the Abyss update.

Now Live

The details, straight from the updated patch notes:

  • New Tranquil (Tier 0) Abyssal Deadspace is now available to provide an easier introduction to Abyssal Deadspace. Whether you’re a new player, or an experienced player looking to try out Abyssal Deadspace for the first time, Tranquil runs are a great way to learn the mechanics of Abyssal Deadspace in a low-pressure environment that can be completed by very inexpensive ships. Tranquil Abyssal Filaments can be obtained through the new player gifts, exploration sites, and in Tier 0 and Tier 1 Abyssal Deadspace.
  • New Cataclysmic (Tier 6) Abyssal Deadspace is now available to provide an extreme challenge for elite pilots! Cataclysmic Abyssal Deadspace is perfect for pilots who have mastered all other tiers of the Abyss and are looking for a new challenge to overcome. Cataclysmic Abyssal Deadspace provides even greater rewards than Chaotic Abyssal Deadspace, including being the exclusive source for the new capital module mutaplasmids. Cataclysmic Abyssal Filaments can be obtained from Tier 5 Abyssal Deadspace.
  • A new two pilot Destroyer mode is now available for all tiers of Abyssal Deadspace. This mode allows entry by up to two pilots flying Tech 1, Tech 2, and/or Tech 3 Destroyers and requires two Abyssal Filaments for entry.
  • New groups of enemies can be found in all tiers of Abyssal Deadspace. These new opponents include new varieties of Triglavians, pirate faction expeditions into the Abyss, and even shadowy CONCORD strike teams who will attack any intruders on sight!
  • A new environmental cloud can be found within Abyssal Deadspace: the Tachyon Cloud. This cloud dramatically improves the velocity and maneuverability of ships within its area of effect, but beware the dangers of unexpected high speeds if your ships leaves the cloud pointed in the wrong direction!

Two new tiers, destroyer mode, new enemies, and new space weather is quite a bit.

In addition, there are new capital sized mutaplasmid drops available from Tier 6 Cataclysmic space:

  • Warp Scramblers
  • Warp Disruptors
  • Afterburners
  • Microwarpdrives
  • Local Armor Repairers
  • Local Shield Boosters
  • Neutralizers
  • Nosferatu
  • Siege Modules

So those will be the next hot thing for cap pilots.  I can foresee many officer mods being wrecked in the hope of getting a big bonus on the right stat.

And, finally, some of the standard drops have been reduced in size so you can fit them all in your cargo hold.

  • Crystalline Isogen-10: Volume reduced from 0.35m3 to 0.3m3
  • Zero-Point Condensate: Volume reduced from 0.25m3 to 0.2m3
  • Triglavian Survey Database: Volume reduced from 0.1m3 to 0.01m3

There we go.  CCP has expanded the Abyssal Deadspace content.  We shall see how many dead ships the new tier will create.

The September EVE Online Update brings Quantum Cores to Upwell Structures

This highlight of this month’s update to EVE Online is more complexity for Upwell structures with the introduction of Quantum Cores.  Announced last week in a Dev Blog, these will make putting up a structure even more expensive.

How are these cores actually “quantum?”

The essence is that anybody deploying a structure will have to buy and install a quantum core in order to finish deploying the structure.  Without the core installed the structure will sit there, unable to online, and able to be destroyed immediately.

There are, of course, many details and a timeline.  While the cores are going into the game today, they won’t be required for a while.  The key dates are:

  • Seeding – September 8, 2020

Beginning with the update on 8 September, Quantum Cores will become available on the market. This will allow you to begin acquiring them and moving them to your existing structures in space, or to prep for deployment of new structures.

All existing structures will have a new bay available to them, the Core Room. During the seeding phase, you will also have the ability to install the core into any existing structure’s Core Room to be fully prepared for the future.

  • Required for new structures – October 13, 2020

The second phase of the rollout will enforce the rule that Quantum Cores will be a required installation to complete the anchoring process for any newly deployed structures. This phase is expected to go live during the October update.

Deploying a structure in space will also include a notice of requirement for the installation of a core through the deployment UI window when choosing a structure name, profile, and reinforcement settings.

  • Required for existing structures – January 12, 2021

The final phase for the rollout of Quantum Cores will see some basic services that all structures offer become disabled until a core is installed. Without a core installed, ship fitting, tethering, and ship/module repair services will be disabled. As soon as the core is installed into the structure, these services will become operational again. This phase is expected to go live in the December update.

Today starts the seeding phase, which will let people begin to purchase cores for their existing and planned structures and get them moved into position.  Buying and moving them come with their own challenges.  CCP has the price list with the core size posted.

Quantum Core Price List – Sep 8, 2020

(The Keepstar and Sotiyo core sizes have been reduced to 95,000 m3 to accommodate the needs of wormholers, a group almost always forgotten when CCP does these sorts of things.  They are the ‘collateral damage’ demographic.)

So you can add that price on top of the price of the structure, plus the need to haul another big thing out to where you have deployed it.

The thoughts I have seen seem to think that this is another step in CCP’s plan to respond to complaints about structure spam.  Previously we got the the who abandoned structure routine with the Forsaken Fortress update, which removed asset safety under some circumstances.  That got people to go out and blow up a lot of structures in search of loot.

Now that the abandoned structure festival has played out, CCP appears to be offering a new incentive to blow up structures.

The thing is, the Quantum Cores are set to drop 100% of the time and some NPC corps will buy them back from you for full price.  So not only will it cost you 600 million ISK more to anchor and Astrahus, but that core is now a 600 million ISK incentive for somebody to blow it up.

I suspect that this will hinder some forms of structure spam in null sec.  I doubt we’ll drop another 70 Athanors in TEST space, as we did back in week six of the war.  But we likely won’t be pulling down any structures either.  As I mentioned yesterday, we put up some new Keepstars to add to the defense of Fortress Delve.  We don’t need to get cores into them, or any of the 60 or so Keepstars in Delve, until January.  We will need 1.8 trillion ISK just for those cores.  Maybe they’ll all be dead by then and save us the cost.

Meanwhile, smaller orgs with structures will likely find themselves targeted by groups looking for a core payout, so the long term result will likely be less orgs bothering with structures.

Others notes about Quantum Cores:

In addition to the Quantum Cores, the update also brings another round of module Tiericide, this time to shield boost amplifiers.  The whole range of modules has had stats and meta levels normalized, though only two modules needed to be renamed for this round:

  • ‘Stalwart’ Particle Field Magnifier is now Stalwart Restrained Shield Boost Amplifier
  • ‘Copasetic’ Particle Field Acceleration is now Copasetic Compact Shield Boost Amplifier

Details on the stat changes are in the patch notes.

Otherwise, the update has the usual range of smaller changes and fixes.

CCP has reported that the update has been deployed successfully.  You can read the patch notes for the details the company has chosen to share.

The August Update Brings Armor Plating Energized Tiericide to EVE Online

The August update sees another round of module tiericide arriving in New Eden.  This time armor plating and membranes are getting a rework.

That translates to August 2020

For this update, the following naming schemes are being put in place.  For the overall group:

  • Armor Plating Energized is now Energized Armor Membrane

Layered Membranes Market Group name change:

  • Energized Armor Layering is now Layered Energized Membranes

Layered Membranes Module naming scheme:

  • Energized Armor Layering Membrane I is now Layered Energized Membrane I

Resistance Membranes Market Group name changes:

  • Energized Plating is now Energized Armor Resistance Membranes (parent Market Group)
  • Energized Adaptive Plating is now Multispectrum Energized Membranes
  • Energized EM Plating is now EM Energized Membranes
  • Energized Explosive Plating is now Explosive Energized Membranes
  • Energized Kinetic Plating is now Kinetic Energized Membranes
  • Energized Thermal Plating is nowThermal Energized Membranes

Resistance Membranes Module naming scheme:

  • Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I is now Multispectrum Energized Membrane I
  • Energized EM Membrane I is now EM Energized Membrane I
  • Energized Explosive Membrane I is now Explosive Energized Membrane I
  • Energized Kinetic Membrane I is now Kinetic Energized Membrane I
  • Energized Thermal Membrane I is now Thermal Energized Membrane I

In addition, the following naming changes have been made:

  • Prototype modules have been renamed to Compact.
  • Basic modules are collectors items that do not appear in game for some time. All have been marked as special Storyline ‘Basic’ modules.

The Storyline meta group was missing EM and Explosive resistance modules. Two new modules were added to the game:

  • ‘Pickpocket’ EM Energized Membrane
  • ‘Bribe’ Explosive Energized Membrane

Two obsolete modules have been removed from the game:

  • Shaqil’s Modified Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
  • Shaqil’s Modified Energized Thermal Membrane

And, as it goes with tiericide, all of the modules have been realigned so that their attributes conform to a standard pattern.  The list of changes is very long.

Aside from that, the patch notes have only a few minor fixes or updates.  One that stands out to me is:

  • Allow players to create multiple contracts for assembled ships at a time.

That will probably make life a bit easier for those supplying staging points in support of wars and such.  Anything that makes the supply line a bit easier to maintain is probably good.

Oh, and if you’re doing the invasion event and playing for the Triglavian team, you might want to be aware of this change:

  • EDENCOM NPCs will now be hostile to players which have any negative standing with them

EDENCOM is no longer looking the other way traitors!

Downtime appears to be over and the update deployed.  Now to get the Pyfa update and revise any armor tank fits you have in text, since tiericide and renaming almost always means you need to fix something.  The patch notes with all the gory details are available here.

EVE Online Gets the Zenith Quadrant

With the new quarter we get a new Quandrant in New Eden.  Today’s update brought us the third quadrant, called Zenith.

Zenith means it is all down hill from here

The main item for the update are the new Proving Ground filaments.  Covered in a dev blog, these essentially allow PvP players to skip doing an Abyssal deadspace run in order to get to the proving ground pocket where you have to blow up the other side in order to claim the rewards and leave.

CCP is also planning to run a series of events based on these new filaments with specific ship restrictions.  There will also be leader boards and different combat formats, including 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 5v5, and 5 player free-for-all.

This release also sees EDENCOM ships and skills, introduced with the June update and only available through special event sites, now available more generally.  The basic skills can now be purchased directly from your character sheet, while blueprints for ships, modules, and ammunition, along with the tech II specialization and encryption skills, are now available through the DED LP.  Modules will now also drop from EDENCOM wrecks in Triglavian conflict sites.

The update also saw a round of tiericide around armor resistance plating.  This pass normalizes the naming scheme (they are all now called “coating” rather than “plating”) and aligns progression of resistance applied to line up with past passes on other resistance reworks.  This means everybody’s armor fits will need to be updated.  The long list of modules and their new stats are available in the patch notes.

CCP has also made changes to its perpetual login campaign.  The daily rewards, criticized for their lack of appeal… single run, un-researched blueprint copies and extremely short duration boosters that are consumed on redemption… have been updated:

  • New rewards have been added.
  • The quality of the Boosters has been increased.
  • The researched level for BPCs has been improved.

No word on the new rewards, but that is a move in the right direction for BPCs and boosters.

Boosters may also now be redeemed in space, so you can consume them when you might need them and not in a station where their duration usually means they will have worn off by the time you’re in a situation to need their help.

And, finally, there were the usual round of defect fixes rolled into the release.

The update has been rolled out and is live.  The details can be found in the patch notes.

Addendum: There is also a Zenith Power Pack for sale in the store now as well.  It will be available for a limited time and can only be purchased once per account.  The pack doesn’t have any skill points in it, but does have a booster, leading one wag to claim that CCP has now resorted to selling drugs.

Character Log Off Comes to EVE Online at Long Last

Players can now log out to the Character Selection screen instead of exiting the game when changing characters.

June 23 Patch Notes Update

Hallelujah the day has finally come!   If you have two characters on your account you can now swap between them without exiting the game and logging back in.  Now when you hit escape to get the settings and options window, there is a new choice down in the lower right, “Log Off.”

The middle one

When you click that for the first time you get a dialog asking if you want to return to the character select screen.

Why yes, please!

It is like a new day has dawned.  People have been asking for this for years.

Okay, I have to admit that logging out and exiting and logging back in are probably not that far apart when you look at the time it takes.  But it feels better at some level to just be able to log out.

And I am not sure how much of the EVE Online audience this will really affect.  The way skill training works, with one character training at a time (unless you buy multi-character training), there was a long stretch where this feature would have meant nothing to me.  I had the most basic of alts and never used them for anything.  Everything  was focused on my main, so swapping characters wasn’t something I did ever.

I had a second account… and a third… long before this would have ever been all that meaningful to me.

But nearly 14 years into playing this game, my two main accounts have alts with 50-70 million skill points on them that I often use for side tasks or high sec things.  I contract them things, or swap the training over to them now and then, and those actions always felt burdensome due to having to log out then click the launcher to log back in.

So now we have it.  I honestly didn’t think the day would come.

EVE Online Gets New Ships and COVID-19 Research with the June Update

CCP continued on with the Quadrant 2 of 2020 plan with a content filled patch today.

That somehow translates to June 2020

The big items from this update are three new ships being introduced to the game.  These are three EDENCOM ships.  EDENCOM is a military command setup by CONCORD and the four empires to combat the Triglavian invasion. (See the video from The Scope for the tale.)

Sourced from Upwell, the new ships also feature a new weapon system, the Vorton Projector, similar to the Arcing Vorton Projector that Keepstars can mount, which reaches out to hit multiple targets.

A Keepstar reaching out with its lightning

The first ship is the Skybreaker Frigate.

EDENCOM Skybreaker

Its stats are:

EDENCOM Frigate bonuses (per skill level):

  • 6% bonus to all shield resistances
  • 5% bonus to Small Vorton Projector damage

Slot layout:

  • 1 High Slot
  • 4 Mid Slots
  • 3 Low Slots
  • 1 Turret Hardpoint
  • 0 Launcher Hardpoints
  • 3 Rig Slots
  • 400 Calibration


  • 44 PWG, 235 CPU
  • Defense (Shield / Armor / Structure) : 800 / 210 / 320
  • Base shield resistances (EM/Thermal/Kinetic/Explosive): 20% / 20% / 50% / 50%
  • Base armor resistances (EM/Thermal/Kinetic/Explosive): 50% / 45% / 25% / 10%
  • Base structure resistances (EM/Thermal/Kinetic/Explosive): 33% / 33% / 33% / 33%
  • Capacitor (amount / recharge rate) : 425/ 157.50s
  • Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass): 330 / 3.6 / 967,090
  • Warp Speed: 5 AU/s
  • Drones (bandwidth / bay): 0 / 0
  • Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 55km / 609 / 5
  • Sensor strength: 12 Gravimetric
  • Signature radius: 37m
  • Cargo capacity: 158m3

The second is the Stormbringer Cruiser.

EDENCOM Stormbringer

Its stats are:

EDENCOM Cruiser bonuses (per skill level):

  • 6% bonus to all shield resistances
  • 5% bonus to Medium Vorton Projector optimal range

Slot layout:

  • 1 High Slot
  • 6 Mid Slots
  • 3 Low Slots
  • 1 Turret Hardpoint
  • 0 Launcher Hardpoints
  • 3 Rig Slots
  • 400 Calibration


  • 970 PWG, 390 CPU
  • Defense (Shield / Armor / Structure) : 4,000 / 600 / 1,200
  • Base shield resistances (EM/Thermal/Kinetic/Explosive): 20% / 20% / 50% / 50%
  • Base armor resistances (EM/Thermal/Kinetic/Explosive): 50% / 45% / 25% / 10%
  • Base structure resistances (EM/Thermal/Kinetic/Explosive): 33% / 33% / 33% / 33%
  • Capacitor (amount / recharge rate) : 1,860 / 441s
  • Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass): 200 / 0.52 / 11,640,000
  • Warp Speed: 4 AU/s
  • Drones (bandwidth / bay): 0 / 0
  • Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 75km / 273 / 7
  • Sensor strength: 19 Gravimetric
  • Signature radius: 130m
  • Cargo capacity: 473m3

And, finally, there is the Thunderchild Battleship.

EDENCOM Thunderchild

Its stats are:

EDENCOM Battleship bonuses (per skill level):

  • 5% bonus to Large Vorton Projector damage
  • 5% bonus to Large Vorton Projector rate of fire

Slot layout:

  • 2 High Slots
  • 7 Mid Slots
  • 5 Low Slots
  • 1 Turret Hardpoint
  • 0 Launcher Hardpoints
  • 3 Rig Slots
  • 400 Calibration


  • 16,500 PWG, 880 CPU
  • Defense (Shield / Armor / Structure) : 13,500 / 4,620 / 6,600
  • Base shield resistances (EM/Thermal/Kinetic/Explosive): 20% / 20% / 50% / 50%
  • Base armor resistances (EM/Thermal/Kinetic/Explosive): 50% / 45% / 25% / 10%
  • Base structure resistances (EM/Thermal/Kinetic/Explosive): 33% / 33% / 33% / 33%
  • Capacitor (amount / recharge rate) : 7200 / 1125s
  • Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass): 95 / 0.136 / 102,141,000
  • Warp Speed: 3 AU/s
  • Drones (bandwidth / bay): 25 / 25
  • Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 118km / 103 / 7
  • Sensor strength: 26 Gravimetric
  • Signature radius: 485m
  • Cargo capacity: 861m3
  • Frigate Escape Bay: 1 Unit

As with all battleships now, the Thunderchild has a frigate escape bay, so you can put a Skybreaker frigate in there if you want to keep to the theme.

There are fifteen variations of the Vorton projector weapons being introduced for these ships, five for each of the hull sizes.  So there will be small, medium, and large versions in Tech I, Compact, Scoped, Tech II, and Faction flavors.  The ammunition varies in range and emphasis on kinetic or electromagnetic damage, with tech II versions available as well.

There are also modules to improve rate of fire and damage for the new weapon systems.  They are:

  • Vorton Tuning System I
  • Compact Vorton Tuning System I
  • Vorton Tuning System II

And there are, naturally enough, skills to go with all of this.  The new skill list is:

  • EDENCOM Frigate
  • EDENCOM Cruiser
  • EDENCOM Battleship
  • Vorton Projector Operation
  • Small Vorton Projector
  • Medium Vorton Projector
  • Large Vorton Projector
  • Small Vorton Specialization
  • Medium Vorton Specialization
  • Large Vorton Specialization
  • Vorton Power Amplification
  • Vorton Arc Guidance
  • Upwell Encryption Methods

We got a few of those skills with last week’s Gathering Storm login campaign.  A new event, the Lighning Strikes event, has now gone live.

Lightning Strikes is live

Running from now until June 29th, it allows players to find Upwell Covert Research Facilities in the Anomaly Scanner in Low-Sec and Upwell Connected Null-Sec.  Running those sites will reward players with Skillbooks and Materials for the new EDENCOM ships.

All of which would make for a pretty big patch day, but that is not all we get.

Also coming today is Project Discover Phase 3.

More Project Discover

The new focus for Project Discovery is the coronavirus.

In collaboration with scientists from McGill University, BC Cancer and front-line COVID-19 clinicians including Dr Andrea Cossarizza, a Professor of Immunology at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia School of Medicine in Italy, players will be able to contribute to the fight against COVID-19 by analyzing data produced by flow cytometers. Flow cytometry is a technique used to detect and measure physical and chemical characteristics of cells, especially those of the immune system that are important in the body’s response to infection with SARS-CoV-2, the strain of coronavirus that causes COVID-19

That looks huge and there will be an intro stream on Twitch at 19:00 today to help launch the project.

And, in addition to all of that, another round of module tiericide has hit with this patch.  CCP even did a new dev blog about tiericide, just to remind us all what the intent was and how to interpret what they are doing.

This time the pass is for Shield Resistance Amplifiers, the passive shield resist modules.  The list of module changes is quite lengthy.  However, at its roots there is a normalization of names following these rules:

  • EM Ward Amplifier to EM Shield Amplifier
  • Explosive Deflection Amplifier to Explosive Shield Amplifier
  • Kinetic Deflection Amplifier to Kinetic Shield Amplifier
  • Thermal Dissipation Amplifier to Thermal Shield Amplifier

All of which appears to me to be the core of the patch.  There are still the usual fixes and updates, but the above are the big bits.

CCP has announced that the patch has gone live.  The extended downtime was barely that long at all.

For all the details CCP cared to share you can read the patch notes.  In addition there are the usual General Feeback and Known Issue threads in the forums related to the release.

The Forsaken Fortress Update comes to EVE Online

CCP announced the Forsaken Fortress update a almost a month ago, which is a long lead time for them these days.  We got that and some more today.

Forsaken Fortress Day

The plan here was, once more, to reduce structure spam in New Eden by making unattended Upwell structures easier to blow up.  This adds on to the Kicking over Castles changes that we got back in December. (Along with the odious HyperNet Relay spam and scam platform.)

The idea is that if an Upwell structure has not consumed any fuel for seven days, it will enter a new “abandoned” state.  Once a structure enters this new state, the following will be true:

  • It will skip the Hull Reinforcement phase. This means it has no reinforcement cycles at all, and can be destroyed in a single attack session. (Damage caps will continue to apply as normal. Normal war-dec/CONCORD rules continue to apply)
  • It does not have any tethering capability at all.
  • If it explodes, an abandoned structure will not push any items into asset safety whatsoever. All assets located the structure are eligible to drop as loot. (This will be the same behaviour as a current wormhole structure)
    • Note that as long as the structure is still in space, you can still manually push your assets into asset safety as normal.
    • When a structure is close to becoming abandoned, all characters/corporations with assets in the structure will receive a notification that their assets are potentially at risk.
    • Unanchoring an abandoned structure will push all assets into asset safety as normal. The loot drop only applies to exploding abandoned structures.

This also applies to normal and flex structures, each of which apparently now requires a flow chart to figure out what happens under which set of circumstances.

Life cycle of the standard Upwell structure – Click to view full size

Life cycle of an Upwell Flex structure – Click to view full size

The following changes have also been made around this update.

  • The five faction citadels introduced as replacements for Outposts and Conquerable Stations (Moreau, Draccous, Horizon, Marginis, and Prometheus fortizars) are exempt from the asset safety penalty, because they have a special bonus meaning that they will never transition to Abandoned. These citadels can remain in a Low Power state indefinitely.
  • The Structure Browser window lists a corporation’s own structures. This will now include an indication of which structures are Low Power and which are Abandoned.
  • The Asset Browser window will highlight any structures containing your personal assets which are currently Low Power or Abandoned. You are advised to consider pushing your assets in Abandoned structures into asset safety, as otherwise they are at risk of sudden loss.
  • When a structure is forced into Low Power mode as a result of entering a Hull Repair/Reinforcement cycle, it will now internally remember which service modules were online at the time. If it survives and returns to full health, it will automatically make an attempt to re-online those service modules (provided that it has sufficient fuel to cover the onlining cost).
  • All these changes apply equally to FLEX structures as well as regular structures. So for example, Jump Bridges and Cyno Jammer/Beacon structures will automatically re-online their service modules, and thus re-enable their specific functionalities, after surviving an attack.
  • Structures that are Low Power on patch day will begin their 7-8 day countdown as soon as the server is restarted.


It is hard to decide which is the biggest change for this new structure state.  The lack of timers makes them quick to kill, the lack of tethering makes them more difficult to defend, and the lack of automatic asset safety makes them irresistible loot pinatas.

I suspect that we will see a surge in kills as people hunt down structures in the new abandoned state in a week.

You will still need a war dec to shoot a structure in high security space, but that seems like a low bar.

In addition to that, we also got an armor hardener tiericide to try and make armor hardener names and stats fit into a regular pattern.  The list of modules that were touched is long, so you’ll have to browse the patch notes for that.

In addition, there were also revisions to the armor repair unit, shield hardener, and shield booster tiericide passes to tweak the values across the various module flavors.  Again, longs lists in the patch notes, but I will note this item, since it will probably confuse people for a while:

  • All Adaptive Invulnerability Shield Hardeners have been renamed to Multispectrum Shield Hardeners

They have also done away with “anti” in the names.

The armor and shield rigs that provide damage bonuses were renamed in order to make it clear exactly what they do.  Their names were also changes to remove the “anti” prefix, so they all look more affirmative and, since there are only eight, I’ll copy and paste that list:

  • Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer → EM Shield Reinforcer
  • Anti-Explosive Screen Reinforcer → Explosive Shield Reinforcer
  • Anti-Kinetic Screen Reinforcer → Kinetic Shield Reinforcer
  • Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer → Thermal Shield Reinforcer
  • Anti-EM Pump → EM Armor Reinforcer
  • Anti-Explosive Pump → Explosive Armor Reinforcer
  • Anti-Kinetic Pump → Kinetic Armor Reinforcer
  • Anti-Thermal Pump → Thermal Armor Reinforcer

And then there was this one-liner in the mix:

Removed mining asteroids from non-mining, Null Sec Combat Anomalies.

I guess CCP is serious about closing the door on minerals.  I don’t know how big of an impact that will make, but every little bit hurts.  I’ll get to the April MER later this week.

And, finally, there is the final chapter of the Triglavian saga, which doesn’t get very much mention in the patch notes either, relative to how much CCP has been hyping it up:

The next chapter of the Triglavian Invasion will unfold over the coming months.

Seriously, if you glance at how CCP is pitching this update, you’d think Triglavians were all there were.  The patch notes are officially named after this.

The official logo celebrating the single sentence above

There is a news post announcing it, but details are sparse there as well.  So look for that I guess.

There were the usual series of smaller fixes and tweaks.  You can see them all in the patch notes.  Would it kill CCP to pick a naming scheme for patch notes and stick with it?  The “month year” pattern seemed about right, since they update the patch notes during the month some times.  But now the pattern is “day month” when that title will become inaccurate with the first revision.  Oh well.  It is probably better than the “name every patch” idea that ran for a while.

The updates page is still there, but isn’t all that useful.  It is only sporadically tended these days.

If you want to see what people are complaining about there is the feedback thread in the forums, as well as the known issues thread to see why they might be pushing an update.