The EVE Online New Dawn Quadrant to Start With Mining Changes

Earlier this week we got an announcement for an announcement when CCP promised us a dev blog today.  And CCP has lived up to that promise, hitting us with the first big dev blog for the quadrant.

Prosperity Promised

The title of the dev blog is From Extraction to Production and it covers a lot of ground on the resource gathering, processing, and production front.

On the prosperity front, the post promises a doubling of many resources found in New Eden

  • All ore quantities are doubled in asteroid belts
  • All ore quantities are doubled in all resource anomalies
  • All ice quantities are doubled (in addition to the previous 200% increase)
  • All Omber, Kernite, and Crokite quantities are doubled in sov anomalies, whilst Mercoxit quantities are increased by 20% (in addition to the previous 200% increase)
  • All Mykocerocin quantities are doubled, whilst spawn chance of extra sites that was added earlier this year has been reduced
  • All Cytocerocin quantities are doubled
  • All Fullerine quantities are doubled
  • Extraction rate is doubled from moons
    • Moon Extractions will take the same time as before, but will yield 2x the quantity of ore when fractured. Extractions which are in progress (and not yet fractured) at deployment time will receive the 2x yield when they fracture

But you will need all those extra rocks to chew on because CCP is also introducing the concept of “waste” in the mining equation.  As CCP puts it, it is “a chance per cycle for resources to be turned into space dust.”  You’ll still get a full yield in your ore hold, but some of what was left to be harvested will disappear.

The amount of waste will be dictated by the type of mining module you are using to harvest, with tech I modules being considerably less efficient than tech II or faction modules.

There is also a big change coming to mining skills and crystals.  Reprocessing skills will be condensed down from 19 varieties covering each individual ore type to 6 to cover the new categories of ore that are being introduced.  They are:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Superior
  • Abyssal
  • Mercoxit

Mining crystals will be reworked to cover just those six categories as well.  In addition, there will be different variants of crystals that are currently targeted as:

  • Standard yield
  • Higher yield, high waste, less reliable
  • Lower yield, very high waste, very unreliable

I may be misunderstanding that third one, but it does not sound like a viable option, but this is just the initial dev blog and things may change.

CCP is going to add compression ability to gas and moon ore.  The Rorqual, Orca, and Porpise will all be able to compress ore, but will require new modules for the type of resources they are attempting to compress. (And the modules will require new skills, so if you got any skill points refunded from the reprocessing skill changes, you can spend them here.)

Also ore and gas compression will no longer be perfect.  Compression efficiency will be:

  • Ore 90%
  • Gas 90%
  • Ice 79%

So, once again, CCP giveth and CCP taketh away.  You’re going to need that extra ore out there in space to make up for this.

There is also quite a bit on ship and module changes, with some ships getting new ore and gas bays, industrial cores being changed for the Rorqual and added to the Orca and Porpise, new gas harvesting modules, and some stuff that has a supporting spreadsheet to illustrate, which is how you can tell we’re really getting into nerd levels of industry.  I always mildly resent people who dismiss EVE Online as “spreadsheets in space,” unless they are specifically referencing industry.  This is where the spreadsheets come into play.

There is basically a lot in the dev blog to unpack.  But it is just a dev blog, which is generally a statement of intent by CCP.  They do, occasionally, listen to feedback on them before pushing the ideas into the live game.  CCP usually does big changes like this in stages, starting with seeding blueprints for modules and skills required in advance.  The dev blog says they expect to start that by the end of the month.

Being more than a decade distant from caring much about industry and mining, I am going to sit back and listen to those immersed in the topic discuss the changes and pass judgement.  Angry Mustache who, along with Kazanir, was on the Meta Show last week for a deep dive into scarcity already has his gut reaction to the changes up on Reddit.


5 thoughts on “The EVE Online New Dawn Quadrant to Start With Mining Changes

  1. inactiveseller

    The real question is when go out CCP rattati. I see here a real declive. I dont go to plex anything, and plan to reprocess all the ompressed ore i havenow. Understand why the people in siberian sqad was purchasing thousand of ventures at 500k. For me, is a special problem because i was specedd mem/int in six chars i am interested, and the idea was make perfect refiners for diff regions. Now, i simply let the plex expire. I have noy useful mem/int if Mass Production and advanced mass production (and Supply Chain Management) is where i need them. Only have one char to do reactions and is already in null and 5 in the relevant skills. You loss many months of optimal spec because dont look as 24million sp points.

    Personally i plan to biomass or sell one char in my main account (5.5m points anyway) and use him to mine a bit in a venture if i get the desire. And i thin many people go to alpha. Not much sense in high sec to habe fleet of barges, and the ice to industrial core sounds less plausible.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @inactiveseller – One of the things that CCP doesn’t sell but probably should is a respec token. You can straight up buy skill points from them, but if you respec you have to wait a full year to do it again.

    This dev blog is a long way from getting to what most capsuleers would think of as “prosperity,” so we’ll have to see what else CCP has in mind. They have dug themselves into a hole.


  3. inactiveseller

    Yeah. Probably CCP Rattati will be in other game company soon , as a spacegoat. I see serious problems in CCP goal of activity. Many people who sub or plex , dont will do anymore. By the way, i think 15k users in februrary, because no much people can add more subscriptions. And i dont think Ratttati stay in this moment of the next year.


  4. Jokastis

    First time on your page. This was well written and the layout of the article and elements being discussed was excellent. Thank you for this breakdown.


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