Which Games Hand Out Cash in the MMORPG Space?

I mention in Tuesday’s post about the Grand Heist update for EVE Online that CCP had launched a new login campaign that included an ISK reward for Omega accounts.

Grand Heist Login Rewards

Universal basic income arrives in New Eden!

This got a lot of attention and the usual suspects were quick to call out anybody who seemed to be complaining about it, to the point that there were literally more threads started complaining about people complaining than there were actual complaints in /r/eve.

But there was a lot of “WTF?” in the air all the same.  This was in part because CCP has spent the last couple of years turning down ISK faucets in the game and generally nerfing income, which makes them suddenly handing out ISK a bit… strange.

I mean, I think we all can agree that it was an abrupt change of direction without having to dig into the “why” aspect of the whole thing.

In addition, at least for me, the whole thing was kind of strange because I cannot recall any MMORPG that I have ever played that had a daily login reward that just straight up handed you the basic in-game currency.

I have been given cash shop cash, vouchers, gear, cosmetics, pets, mounts, toys, vendor trash, companions, and all sorts of other game related items.  But the main in-game currency?  Never.

CCP, which has been doing login rewards for a couple of years now, both in ongoing daily and special event related forms, has been pretty stringent on not even giving you something that could be sold in game for cash.  They have over the years made so that most items they give out are consumed on redemption.  You can’t trade that SKIN from the event, so you better redeem it on the right character!  And the items that are not are generally of little value.  I mean, I am sure somebody has found a way to make some ISK off of those 5 run Tech I blueprints that we keep getting handed, but I haven’t.  I generally stick them in my cargo to add to the flavor of my loss mails.

So with this I wondered, for example, if WoW has ever just given me some gold?  Has EverQuest or EverQuest II ever handed me some platinum coins for just logging in?  I don’t think so.

The closest I can come is LOTRO and their daily hobbit presents, which sometimes hands you a pile of coins that you can bring to the vendor for in-game currency.  And they still aren’t just handing you some actual currency, just something you can sell to an NPC.

But my horizons are pretty narrow these days.  Among the many legitimate complaints you can make about this blog is the fact that I am still playing mostly the same games… and sometimes even the same content… that I was writing about nearly fifteen years back.

So maybe this is a thing that just hasn’t landed in the few titles I spend time with yet.

And thus I ask the question: Is this a thing in your MMORPG?  Do you get handed in-game currency in the titles you play?

Somebody has to have seen this.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bhagpuss?

Inquiring minds want to know.

As for the “why” of things, CCP is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, and stashed away on a volcanic rock in the middle of the Atlantic.  We can guess, but I’ve heard from former devs is that CCP is so isolated from the rest of the industry that they end up arriving at various points more due to accidental circumstance than by design, even in an industry where this often seems to be the norm.

So some will say it is because of the sagging player count or the shrinking economy or to cover for the fact that the company will be mostly on vacation for the next month or that Pearl Abyss made them do it.  But it could as well be their form of the rainbow covenant, the sign to all of us that the economic starvation era is really coming to an end.

Anyway, we’ll see where things head.

10 thoughts on “Which Games Hand Out Cash in the MMORPG Space?

  1. Nosy Gamer

    For login rewards, Elder Scrolls Online has a daily login reward that occasionally gives out gold. But Black Desert Online has the system most comparable to universal basic income. It has a system called Family Fame which hands out silver every day, even if you don’t log in. I logged into the game today for the first time since April, and had 56.5 million silver waiting on me from family fame.

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  2. bhagpuss

    Me sir! Me! It’s Guild Wars 2! Although technically I suppose you do have to do dailies for it so maybe that’s not exactly a “Login” reward.

    The way it works is this: every day you get a selection of twelve dailies, four PvE, four WvW and four PvP. There are a lot more than 12 possibilities so it varies from day to day, and also according to which expansions the account has registered. You can mix and match however you like but if you complete three of them you get two gold. The dailies vary quite a bit. There are some that I can literally do standing where I logged in, usually by clicking some item I have in my bags. Others just need me to buy something from an NPC or interact with a station of some kind. Yet others actually ask me to -gasp- play the game for a few minutes.

    F2P players can do the dailies, all of which have other rewards attached, but they don’t get the gold.

    Other than that, though, I can’t think I’ve ever been given the regular currency in a game just for turning up.


  3. Adam Verkalen

    Star Wars: The Old Republic has daily login rewards that include credit tokens. I think there’s a credit token each week, though the amount varies.

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  4. Will L

    To me, this is something from the Mobile Gaming space, I have many single player games (that pretend to be as good as AOEIII) that give me in-game currency. Not only do you get it everyday for login, but, often they are simply handing it in quest rewards. One of the newer versions of this (horrible fake mmo platform), called Ants, the game masters send multiple daily emails often with free in game currency attached.


  5. Jeromai

    GW2 offers mystic coins on log-in reward on certain days. That’s almost equivalent to in-game currency, since you can sell it on the trading post if you want to. It’s fairly high value because it’s needed for legendary items and basically a time-gated, account-gated material.

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  6. Tremayne

    As mentioned above, Elder Scrolls Online has a few days each month in it’s login rewards calendar that dish out gold. It’s usually a few thousand gold (which is chump change, equivalent to digging up one rare antiquity) but there have been a couple of occasions I think of where there’s been a pot of 100,000 gold sitting on one of the days.

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  7. Sean Smith

    BDO, as someone already said. Not only do they give out daily silver via Family Fame, they also give out cash shop items via daily attendance rewards that are not bound and can be sold on the auction house for silver. Is this change to EVE an effect of Pearl Abyss owning CCCP, I wonder?

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  8. SynCaine

    Can’t think of an example of an MMO myself (as others mentioned in-game currency is super common in mobile games like Clash of Clans), but anyone actually freaking out about this seems, to me, to be a massive overreaction. Almost any reward you get from a game can be converted into in-game cash. Removing the ‘sell it’ step is really that big a deal?

    I get the larger topic of not flooding an economy with free stuff and upsetting the balance, but whether that is done by direct in-game cash or items doesn’t make much of a difference for me.


  9. evehermit

    If you don’t play World of Warships for a while it sometimes sends emails offering in game cash to log in. The amounts tend to be worth that effort.


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