Daily Archives: October 16, 2006

16 Runs and What Do You Get?

A story line mission, or so it seems.

I was going through the web last night in that continuing search for an EVE-Online site that would help me unlock the mysteries of EVE, that would help me find the right career path in game.

Actually, I just wanted to know what that yellow “Aggression Countdown Timer” on my screen meant.

And in my search, I found a very handy little site, formatted for the EVE-Online in-game browser.  It is a concise page off of the EVE News Network main site called, plainly enough, “EvE-NN.com IGB Player Guide.”

I found the answer to my question there. (In yellow letters, don’t worry about the timer… if it is red letters however…)

I also found quite a bit of other information, including a tidbit on story line missions.  Every 16 missions you run for a specific agent gets you a story line mission.  Because of all of that wonderful data that EVE saves for us, I found an agent on my list for whom I had done exactly 15 missions.

So I ran one more mission for him.

About 20 minutes later I got an in-game email giving me a story line mission.  A nice one too.  I received a +1 intelligence implant for completing it.

It is a handy site with a lot of good information.  Check it out.