Daily Archives: October 31, 2006

October in Review

The Site

My goal for this site, or at least the minimum acceptable effort for me, was to have one original written piece a week plus one or two “Hey, look at this” or other short items.  I appear to have exceeded that goal for October without having to dip into the stand-by topics I keep handy in case of writer’s block.

Views per day on average this month were up thanks to being linked on a few different sites including:

  • VirginWorlds – A well known MMO news site
  • Mystic Worlds – Flights of fantasy in virtual worlds
  • Trot Line – Not much traffic from here, but I know him
  • mmoLog – A fine looking Polish gaming news blog

I do not know how I earned the honor of being listed on the Polish site, but I will take what I can get.  The only Polish I know is “piwo,” which means beer as I recall.  I’ll buy the author one should I ever meet him! (That goes for the other sites… except Gaff at Trot Line… he’s buying when I see him.)

Anyway, thank you for the links.

I do wish I would get a little more feedback on the site and what I write, but relative to the traffic (43 views per day average for October) I should be happy that I have gotten as much as I have.

Most Viewed Posts In October

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EVE Online Remembers
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EVE Online – The Tutorial

The pattern here is posts related to EVE Online or posts that appeared in the News section on VirginWorlds. (Or both, in one case.)  EVE Online is easily the most popular search engine term that brings people to the site as well.  There is a hunger out there for EVE Online information.  It isn’t just me that is searching.  Put together an EVE Online fan site for noobs and your traffic will surprise you.

EVE Online

I have decided on a career path for no better reason than it sounds cool.  My training for the last couple of weeks has been directed towards getting me to Covert Ops.  I have no idea if this is very useful in the long term or if it is something corps are looking for. If I went by the recruiting channel, I would become a miner.  But mining does not sound very exciting and if I wanted to do something tedious, I would keep running missions. (Which is about all I am doing.)

I know that to really get into the game I need to join an active corp, but I have not had the time, so I keep working on skills and missions.  I am now past 1.6 million skill points and am about 20 days of training away from Covert Ops level III.

That is one good thing about EVE Online; you feel like you are accomplishing things even when you are off-line.  Once they get the skill training queue in the game, I will hardly ever have to log on!

EverQuest & EverQuest II

Station Access.  I have it, at least for the next month, so I had better use it.  I am going to run around Faydwer and take screen shots of key locations so I can compare them to Echoes of Faydwer when it comes out.  It was already pretty quiet out in EQ Faydwer a year ago when I was last exploring, so it will probably be completely dead with the new expansion out.

World of Warcraft

I have been playing WoW a lot less and been enjoying it a lot more.  The instance nights have been a lot of fun and I look forward to many more.  I end up playing much less because I do not want to level too fast and get the group out of balance.  Also, my alts will soon be coming into range of the rest of the group (well, maybe a little bit longer than soon) and I wouldn’t mind running some of them if we need them.

City of Heroes/City of Villains

I downloaded it because there was a 14-day free trial offer.  In all I played for probably less time than it took to download the game.

I wrote up my observations, but I found they could be distilled down to a sentence, “I never really liked super heroes.”  No need to bring the Silver Surfer, Howard the Duck, or the fact that I was never once a super hero for Halloween into the discussion.

Most of the time I spent with the game was in the character editor.  It is truly the be-all end-all of character creation tools, but even with all the options at my disposal, I could never manage to get a character I really liked, which probably says something about either myself or the editor.

Still, I wish the game wasn’t a monthly billable as I would probably keep it around to tinker with once in a while.

Coming up in November

More WoW instance run reporting and probably a stream of posts about my experiences in EQ and EQII, plus whatever sets me off at a given moment.  Suggestions for topics are welcome.