Daily Archives: October 30, 2006

Two Weeks Too Soon

My impulse to play EQ2 came about two weeks too soon. 

The problem is that I do not have the Kingdom of the Sky expansion, so I cannot get past 60 in either adventure or trade levels and I cannot start working on Alternate Advancement experience. 

Of course, I could run down to Fry’s and, for $20, pick up a copy of Kingdom of the Sky and be on my merry way. 

Except, in two weeks or so (November 14th according to Amazon.com) Echoes of Faydwer is going to be on the shelf for $40 and it will include Kingdom of the Sky.

Well, I have a lot of stuff I can work on figuring out over the next two weeks, such as:

-WTF do I do with all of these quests in my log?  My chars seem to average about 80 quests each.  I think I will dump all of the book quests (kill 10 of this, read book, kill 10 more, etc.), but else should I prune?

-WTF do I do with all these chemicals on my alchemist?  Anybody need some plantain solvent, a couple of stacks of T5 ink, or a ton of rare poison vials?  Should I vendor it all?

-WTF is loam, where does it come from, and why do all my alchemist recipes require it?

And, finally,

-Which one of my 6 characters am I going to delete so I can roll a new one for EoF? (This presumes me not keeping Station Access, which is a reasonable presumption.)

At least it is only two weeks to EoF.

A lot has changed since I stopped playing in January 2006.