Daily Archives: October 13, 2007

A Turbine Survey

I received an email survey invitation from Turbine yesterday.  It was a short one and was focused on premium features that Turbine is presumably considering. 

There was not much exciting in the survey.  I could have guessed some of the offerings in advance: More bank slots, another bag slot, ability to change your character appearance, access to premium level help, and access to special in-game events.

The only unexpected one for me was the option of a private server.  There were no details naturally, but I did think that it was something interesting to consider.

Along with gauging interest in features, they also wanted to know how much I would pay for any given feature.

Having purchased the lifetime membership, my answer for almost everything was zero.

Maybe, just maybe, I might consider a one-time fee for more bank storage (but not for a single bank slot, which was the term they used in the survey), but I am done paying LOTRO.

That, I guess, is the risk of offering a lifetime contract.  I am now extremely resistant to give them another nickel, except when it comes to future expansions.

I will be interested to see if that private server option crops up later on.  I wonder where they would go with that.  If you had a hard-core raiding guild, would you want your own server?  Maybe for a role playing guild? 

I assume it would be a private instance of a server that you could move to and from.  You probably would not want to be totally isolated from a live server and its markets, but there have been nights where I have wished my group could just have a major zone to itself.