Daily Archives: October 25, 2007

Treats in Azeroth

It is time for another set of holiday themed events in your MMO of choice.  In Azeroth, Halloween fun is in full swing as you can see.


Or was that a shot from WoW Burning Man?

Last night some of the Saturday night instance group were on running down our various class quests for Sunken Temple.  For Vikund, a paladin, that meant a trip out to the Western Plaguelands to slay undead.

Slay undead!

A paladin’s delight.  It is nice to actually have a ranged attack that can be used to pull mobs.

But as I ground through the many undead to get the drops needed for the quest, I got an extra special Halloween surprise.

I got a 16 slot, soul bound pumpkin bag as a drop!  In a graveyard!  At Halloween!


I am sure that, for some of you, the reaction is no doubt, “A 16 slot bag? *yawn*”

But for me, Mr. Altmaniac from Guatemala, it is a positive boon.  I still have a character running around with 12 slot bags in tow, and when it comes to bank slots, I know there is an 8 slot bag and a few 10 slot bags still in service.

So it made me happy.

In addition, while I was on last night I petitioned to have our guild leader, Akazar the Absent, removed from his position and to have Tistann installed in his position. (I was the only person who could invite people to the guild, and I did not have the power to change anything else.)

Much to my surprise, a GM showed up and took care of this within 3 minutes of my petition.  The GM was polite and nice to the point of “you’re embarrassing me.”

And, finally, while taking care of the class quest, Vikund managed to grind his way to level 51 which, like Area 51, is completely uncharted territory for me.