No Gold! Well, Maybe…

Spotted on a World of Warcraft blog site today, thanks to Potshot, this lineup of ads and subsequent banner made me laugh:


I am pretty sure that this is NOT what folks at No Gold had in mind.

Do you think the gold sellers use that banner as one of their keys?

5 thoughts on “No Gold! Well, Maybe…

  1. Stropp

    Hi Wilhelm,

    That’s one of the reasons I took the adsense off my site middle of last year. I just couldn’t get rid of the gold ads. Every time I blocked another URL, they’d just create another. And Google wasn’t much help as they had no way to block ads other than URLs.


  2. Link

    Freaking hilarious. I run Firefox with Adblocker Plus, so I don’t see these ads at all. I should turn it off some days just to see what I’m “missing”. Teehee.


  3. elizabeth harper

    You can’t use Google AdSense on a World of Warcraft blog without getting gold ads in it. For every one you filter out, new ones will pop up — we fought this for quite a while on WoW Insider before deciding to remove them entirely.

    I doubt it’s intentional. It’s just that AdSense is such an easy way to integrate advertisements into a site, but you have little control over what shows up in that box.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I understand that, and did not link the site as my purpose was not to embarrass somebody.

    On the other hand, even I know how bad AdSense is when it comes to gold ads and such, so I think running AdSense and flying the “No Gold” banner are probably incompatible behaviors.


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