A Time for Heroes

We only had four of us online again on Saturday night, too few to attempt a Northrend instance.  So it was back to the Outlands for our little group.

75 Priest – Skronk
75 Warlock – Bungholio
75 Mage – Ula
75 Paladin – Vikund

We thought we might try out one of the heroic instances this time around, since we discovered that whole flamewrought key thing.  Vikund, the only holder of such a key, was made leader of the group (danger!) and we went off to the first Heroic instance on the list, Hellfire Ramparts.

We remembered we could fly there much sooner than last week and made our way to the entrance.  There I switched the intsance setting to “Heroic” and was rewarded with a visible change:  The normal instance swirl has a skull in the middle of it when set to heroic.  Cool.

Then people tried to enter the instance and failed.  It seems that everybody has to have a flamewrought key to get in.

Ula Jumps Through The Skull

Ula Jumps Through The Skull

So back to Honor Hold to buy more keys.

Once properly equipped we headed in.  The first fight went well, but after that we got into some trouble.  Being equipped with Northrend gear, our damage output seemed to be well suited to the instance, but the damage output of the NPCs was surprisingly high for creatures in the low 70s.  It took us a wipe and a few deaths before we got ourselves in a good pulling/healing/killing routine.  We took great care to avoid adds.

I would like to note, at this point, how grateful I am that the paladin spell exorcism works on all mobs and not just undead and demons (as of the 3.1 patch).  Being able to pull mobs without walking up to them for a proximity pull is life changing for a pally.  Shame about the PvP nerf.  Of course, I don’t PvP with my pally.

Anyway, we hit our stride about the time we were clearing the area for the first boss, Watchkeeper Gargolmar.  The fight with him was not much worse than some of the groups we had faced previously and he went down without much drama.

Is that all you've got?

Is that all you've got?

Go us!

After Gargolmar there is the slog through to the other two bosses.  We managed that without too much drama.  One bad pull made for some excitement and a dead gnome, but we soon sat on the platform that leads to Omor the Unscarred and Vazruden and his dragon mount Nazan.

The last time we we through Hellfire Ramparts,  Omor we managed in one pass while Vazruden took four tries to slay, so we thought we would try Omor first.

In a parallel of our last dance with Omor, the tank went down late in the fight, but our DPS output was enough to power through and win the day on the first try.  Which left us with Vazruden.

Vazruden is an event that is kicked off by attacking his guards.  He is flying around on the back of Nazan when you start.  Once his guards are down, he comes down and attacks.  And, after you chop him down a bit, his dragon pal Nazan, who has been fire bombing you throughout the fight with Nazan, lands and joins in as well.

The guards were no problem.  Vazruden himself wasn’t that big of a deal.  Nazan and his fire bombs however caused some problems.  He drops them and you have to make sure you step out of where they land as they continue to burn there for a while.  We failed to step lively on our first run and put too much strain on the healer and down we went.  Only Ula was saved when she ran out the instance exit that is close by.

Fire, fire everywhere...

Nazan's flaming droppings

So we got ourselves back together and tried it again, this time avoiding the flaming blobs on the ground and we did much better.

The Moment of Victory

The Moment of Victory

With that came the all important achievement.

Heroic Hellfire Ramparts
And the traditional last boss victory shot.

Nazan Defeated

Nazan Defeated

After which Ula skinned him and we ran over to the chest that contains the loot from the encounter.

The loot is in the mail
All of the items in the chest were mail.  This is the grand tradition of our group, which consists of two plate wearers and three cloth wearers:  Leather and mail drops.

One of us needs to do enchanting so we can disenchant all these drops.

I bid “need” on the kilt, thinking that it might actually look like a kilt when worn.  I thought perhaps I might get a look like an EverQuest barbarian, but it turned out to be an ankle length skirt.  Bleh.

Still, as a diversion, something to do on a night when we were down a player, it was all pretty fun.  And even if the drops had been all plate and cloth I am not sure they would be worth wearing compared to our green Northrend gear.

Heroic Instance?  Done It!

Heroic Instance? Done It!

Earl should be back this weekend so it will probably be time for a shot at Ahn’kahet.

7 thoughts on “A Time for Heroes

  1. Coppertopper

    Thanks for posting the loot! Reading about your efforts at working your way thru the dungeons then not seeing what you got at the end is a bit frustrating for me. Ok…I’m just a loot whore : /


  2. Dorgol

    Just a comment on Outland heroics vs Wrath characters:

    On my Druid I am going into Heroic Sethekk Halls every once in awhile to try and get the Raven mount. I’m a relatively fresh 80 in ‘meh’ gear, but I can get the first boss to about 40% solo.

    On the other hand, the very first trash pull will kill me in seconds.

    The trash in those old heroics is CONSIDERABLY harder than most bosses.

    This fits well with your comment about Gargolmar. :)


  3. Graktar

    Actually I’m pretty sure in most TBC instances nothing but shaman mail drops, ever :p Back when I played we had a regular 5 man group – 1 plate, 1 mail, 1 leather, 2 cloth. The mail wearer was in full epics before some of us had gotten rid of all our greens. He was showered with loot on pretty much every run we did, anywhere.


  4. oakstout

    The Hellfire instances drop a good bit of nice plate actually and a few nice weapons also. I’m not sure what the tables are for Heroic, but I’m sure they mix it up a bit. Also, I noticed in BC that most of the plate that did drop tended to be specific for Paladin’s, which kind of bummed me out when I was running my prot warrior around in outlands.

    I also wanted to ask, how is tanking as a paladin? I’m going to dual spec mine to prot once I hit 80, which will be in 2 levels, and wanted to know if it tended to gimp your over all damage output? I know that ret is fantastic, but with the exception of getting plate with tons of Defense and block, the pieces tend to be the same for both ret and prot.

    Just curious about your insight.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Well, the combo of myself as retribution spec, Skronk having gone with Discipline, which has turned him into a huge healing machine, and the changes that Blizz has made to Paladin skills over the last six months has made a huge difference in how things play out when Vikund ends up tanking.

    That said, I’ve been playing ret for the last six months, which is when I switched over from protection, so it is tough for me to compare. I am not dual spec’d and there have been so many changes it is tough to gauge my past experience with how things work now. As protection Vik needed very little healing relative to what he needs as retribution, but as ret Vik puts up DPS numbers close to the mage and warlock and certainly has no problem holding aggro when required.


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