Heroic Deadmines!

From the WoW.com coverage of the Cataclysm expansion preview panel

1:31PM Heroic Deadmines and Heroic Shadowfang Keep. Existing art, but new fights, creatures and abilities. Heroic level 85 dungeon. “VanCleefier than ever before.”

Yay for more VanCleefiness!

[Addendum: There is a list of the current Cataclysm 5-person dungeons on WoW.com.]

25 thoughts on “Heroic Deadmines!

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I haven’t gotten to the panel where they discuss it in detail. It sounded like it would be a level 85 dungeon from the context.

    I’m through 2 of 10 hours of programming today, and there is more tomorrow. I am going to be watching BlizzCon for a while.


  2. Morane

    Yay! It always irked me that this guy was supposed to be a serious threat to Stormwind and yet I could solo the whole dungeon at, like, level 40 (I suck).

    +1 for heroic scarlet monastery.


  3. Zabbu

    I love the idea of heroic Dead Mines and SFK, but i would also very much enjoy heroic Gnomer. I am sure i am in the minority here, but it was my favorite instance hands down. I have raided pretty much everywhere preWoTLK and i still love Gnomer the most.
    Dear Blizzard for christmas i would like heroic Gnomer. Please make this happen. You can even leave the (insert profanity here) grimy objects in if you must.
    <3 Zabbu



  4. Greathippie

    Personally, I think adding heroic modes to all the instances would be cool, as it is now Outland has taken a much closer role to “Ghostlands”, if they would update the heroic modes, or make two heroic modes, I would be doing Hellfire Citadel quite a bit, heroic BRD would be interesting, and I think they would all make more sense that way, especially RFK and the Stockades.


  5. Saylah

    @Zabbu – OMG No, Gnomer is hands down one of the worst instances ever created in WOW. Shit plz do Stockades before anything even close to doing an update of Gnomer. Both it and Mauradon Orange need to die FOREVER!


  6. p@tsh@t

    Have to give Uldaman a vote for worst instance (maybe its just painful memories, especially before they put in a more convenient graveyard), but the level spread on that is hideous.

    Sounds like a TAGN poll idea…


  7. Saylah

    I didn’t mind doing Ulda but I damn sure minded needing to go there for the Master Enchants trainer. Those sort of “cute twists” should be banned.


  8. Matalitank


    No, Gnomer has to be the SINGLE worst instance ever created. Sunken Temple isn’t all that bad.

    Recreated the whole damn instance before you make a fucking heroic out of it..


  9. Dhol

    Gnomergan is sweet lots of interesting things like the funny binary messages, I just wish they had maps for that like they do in northrend right now.


  10. Whocares

    The reason most people hate Gnomer is because everyone says it’s horrible, so when you go through it all you’re thinking is how horrible it is. I’ve ran it plenty of times and there are far worse instances.


  11. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Whocares – I actually knew nothing about Gnomer before I went into it, so my dislike of the instance is pretty unobstructed by the opinions of others.

    And if you don’t care, why comment?


  12. saylah

    Ditto _ did Gnomer in vanilla WOW without any preconceived ideas or opinions and hated first time through, which I made my only time through it. UGH


  13. johnyb

    heroic gnomer will most likely not happen unless this is rumored…

    “In the next expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Gnomeregan will be reclaimed by the Gnomes and made into a normal capital city, in the like of Ironforge.”


  14. Dave

    Anyone knows if theres gonna be a Heroic version or every ¨old world¨ dungeon or only the ones they’re talking about in the video, deadmines and SFK??


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  16. Degreed

    @ Nr. 9 Zabbu
    Sorry to dissapoint you, but gnomeregan is not gonna be a instance anymore. It will be the gnome faction city.


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