WoW Phishing – By Any Means Necessary!

Another in a series of ever worse attempts to get your WoW account information.

First there were the phishing messages in email that used HTML to at least hide their bogus URLs.

Then there were the messages with the bogus URLs in the open, but at least you only had to click on them.

Now they want you to type in their bogus URL for them with this highly unlikely approach:

That is a bit tough to read, but says:

[Blizzart] whispers: Hi! Congratulations on being presented by The Blizzard of 3500 gold, please log in to receive: [bogus URL]

How generous of The Blizzard!

I guess you have to credit them with trying.  Nice handle there by the way.  Another argument against allowing non-alpha characters in names I suppose.

[Thanks to my mom for that screen shot!]

6 thoughts on “WoW Phishing – By Any Means Necessary!

  1. Clyde

    A lot of people (including myself) have chat addons (like Prat) that allow you to easily copy a link from chat and paste it into your browser. If you don’t look too closely, you might think it’s just a address.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I would take “a lot” to mean a big number, but I am going to guess that it is still small as a percentage of WoW users. And those that do use and maintain addons ought to know enough to spot this.

    But just in case, I took the time to mention the approach here.


  3. Chubbylilbuddy Darklotuspod

    I think i receive 6 emails a day from this scams most of them are sent to my junk mail but at least 1 or 2 make it past the junk mail settings. i have told Blizzard via their hack dept. it does get annoying to see them in my email.


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