Gaming Paper Ad

Facebook ads are to this coming decade what 3am TV ads used to be 20 years ago; low budget and often humorous.

I keep seeing ads on Facebook that make me chuckle or scratch my head, like this one.

How is this different than regular paper?

The Facebook ad system allows you to pick your target audience, but keeps you to a tweet-like level of text that often cannot get across what the advertiser is trying to express.

By the way, Gaming Paper appears to be just rolls of paper pre-printed with square or hex patterns.  Basically, wrapping paper with specific patterns.  If that was the help you needed in drawing your roleplaying or miniatures game, consider yourself informed.

2 thoughts on “Gaming Paper Ad

  1. Toldain

    You know, I’m such a gaming geek that I thought to myself, “that might be useful!” and clicked through to look at the product’s webpage. Sure enough, it’s what I thought, and something that I would find useful.

    Geek, geek, geekity, geek, geek!

    (With fabulous red hair, though.)


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    My thought was more along the lines of, “I think I already have enough pads and books of graph and hex paper that are sitting unused.”

    Geek of a different color.

    But I can see the gaming value of being able to cover the kitchen table in squares or hexes.


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