Duke Nukem Forever? Two Months Early For April Fools?

I saw this teaser over at Ars Technica and had to follow it to Amazon.com.

Duke Nukem Forever - Ship Date Feb. 1, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever… with a ship date?

That has to be a mistake, doesn’t it?

Is it one of those Mayan Calendar prophesies?

Or some sort of sign of the apocalypse or the end of days or some such?

7 thoughts on “Duke Nukem Forever? Two Months Early For April Fools?

  1. Wizardling

    I’ll be really unhappy if Duke Nukem Forever actually ships. It’s not ‘Duke Nukem Someday Far In The Future’ after all! :-( It’s supposed to be forever! That’s what I was promised man!


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Wizardling – I feel your pain. Duke Nukem Forever was better as vaporware than it will ever be as an actual game. The title was just perfect.

    But the game shipping will put it in the same league as The Neverending Story which lasts all of 102 minutes and any new version of Final Fantasy, which gives lie to all the previous titles in the series. When will it be final?


  3. Adam

    I laugh, because with one of my recent Steam purchases I got an “Early Beta Access” to Duke Nukem Forever

    I forget if it was Borderlands or The Witcher (I want to say Borderlands… I went on a buying binge with the Steam sale… (damn you, Steam!)

    So maybe I’ll be able to actually see it…


  4. Adam

    Edit: It was Borderlands. Per Steam:

    Purchase Borderlands GOTY to receive your key to the Duke Nukem First Access Club. Click here for details

    Special Offer

    Purchase Borderlands GOTY and get Pandora pdf Map for free.

    Purchase Borderlands GOTY and join the Duke Nukem Forever: First Access Club

    First Access Club Includes:

    * Certificate and unique key that, when registered, grants membership to the Duke Nukem First Access website.
    * Membership grants exclusive access to information and items, including the earliest possible access to the playable demo before it is publicly released.


  5. Kevin

    Checking Amazon today (or their IPhone app anyway) reveals a release date backed off to May 31.

    Normalcy is reasserting.


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