Slides from our Trip to Klak’Anon

It was another “off” week for the instance group… two weekends back.  I forgot to get to this last week so it is catch up time.

In the end, it was just Gaff and I online in EverQuest II Extended thinking about what to do.

I have been putting a little more emphasis on Nehru my templar so decided to do something with him.  At level 52 that set the range of places we could go.  We decided on Klak’Anon in Steamfont.

Once called Ak’Anon and formerly the home town of the gnomes back in EverQuest, it has since been overrun by their mechanical minions. (What is it with gnomish home towns?)

Gaff got out Gaft, a guardian, Nerral, a dirge, and Shrev, a defiler, all of whom were level 83, mentored down to Nehru’s level and we headed into the zone.

I won’t write a walk-through of our adventures.  First, it was almost two weeks ago, by which point a lot of the details have been pushed out of the very small buffer that is my memory.

And second, there wasn’t a lot interesting to tell.  We did a tour of the place, though we skipped the instance inside because it was getting late.  However, even mentored down, level 83s in raid level gear are extremely formidable, so we were bowling over most of the mobs we ran into.  Picture 12 with the mechnamagical hunter-seekers shows our most challenging fight, and it was only challenging because they whole group respawns almost immediately, so we ended up fighting through them a good half dozen times before we decided to leave the room.

The only other thing of note was how empty the place was.  It is an open dungeon.  However, unlike our experiences in some of the lower level dungeons like Stormhold and Fallen Gate, we saw only one other person in the zone the whole time we were there.  I am not sure if it is simply not a popular dungeon or if, at its level range, it is in the dread valley of the “mid-level” zones.

So instead of a long tale (or have I blown that idea here about half a dozen paragraphs in?) I’ll share pictures of our adventure, in chronological order.

Click on the pictures to view them as a small, slide-show format.  You can click on individual pictures in the slide-show, when they have focus, to see them full size.

Back to narrative next time around.

2 thoughts on “Slides from our Trip to Klak’Anon

  1. Anonymous

    I love Klak. It’s always been quiet, which is one of the things I like about it. It’s also huge and has a very steep difficulty/level curve, which means that even if there are several groups in there they tend not to get in each others’ way too much.

    There’s a huge problem with mentoring in EQ2, which Smokejumper acknowledged recently and said they intended to try to remedy. As a soloist, and even as a duo, superhero-mode can be both a lot of fun and highly practical for getting things done, but the scaling really is far too generous. With even one level 83 in raid gear scaled down to the low 50s, Klak would be pretty straightforward. With three of them you are pretty much pressing the Instant Win button. Mentored full groups just don’t work with that level disparity, even if the mentored characters were in solo quested gear, let alone raid stuff.


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