World of Tanks Sees 230,000 Years of Play Time in 2012

And the year isn’t even done yet. sent out a press release about 2012 that included an info graphic with some statistics about World of Tanks.  And, since I like that sort of thing, I thought I would pass it along.

You really need to click on this to see it full size

You really need to click on this to see it full size

Those are some nice round numbers, which means they are probably reasonable estimates, at least if you subscribe to the theory that the more precise a huge number is, the more likely it is to be bullshit.  That particular theory arose from a study of United Nations statistics, where there appeared to a correlation between precision and simply making things up.

Interesting to see that the Soviet KV series of tanks is so popular in its various forms.  And then there is the Type 59 in China, which is still for sale on their server still and is, of course, a Chinese tank.  It is no longer an option in NA/EU.

Type 59 still available behind the Great Wall

Type 59 still available behind the Great Wall

As for next year, has this to say:

Our key objectives for the year 2013 are many – deliver two new online free-to-play worlds, continued the expansion of World of Tanks with creative and passionate new content, and further reinforce our ties with our community,” said Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi. “We will also continue to explore new possibilities offered by the free-to-play MMO space to provide players with unique gaming experiences and unite as many people as possible in our free-to-play universe.

So World of Warplanes and World of Warships in 2013?

I suppose we shall see.

5 thoughts on “World of Tanks Sees 230,000 Years of Play Time in 2012

  1. Drebin

    2 million hours of wasted time.

    Well, not wasted. _I_ had a lot of fun with my time, I suppose.

    For those who’re confused about the achievements, they are, in order:

    Defender, Invader, Scout,
    Raseiniai Heroes Medal, Tarczay’s Medal, Nicols’s Medal,
    Invincible, Bombardier, and Raider.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Drebin – Isn’t that 2 billion?

    Of the rare medals, I only have Defender, which you get for knocking the bad guys back for at least 70 base capture points by shooting them in your base circle.


  3. Drebin

    @Wilhelm – You’re correct, it is 2 billion. Comments written in haste and all that.

    As for the rare stuff, I have several of each of the first three. None of the medals, and a 5-streak Invincible (so more or less the basic level). I am sure the rest will come with time and luck, but we’ll see.

    Just as an aside to your comments about the German TD line, I can confidently say that you really should work on them more. The JgIV is perhaps less good then one might think, since in certain ways the Stug is better (better top speed, quicker traverse rate, better torque for faster acceleration), but practising with the 88mm L/56 is a nice primer for the L/71 that the JgPanther gets.

    And now that I have the JgE-100, let me tell you…wow. I have, for the first time ever, 1-shot IS-7s, IS-3s, M103, and just recently, a T110E5. Oddly enough, not all of them have had an ammo rack symbol show up, so maybe the claims about an increased alpha strike are legit.

    Regardless of those claims though, the gun alone is reason enough to fall in love with the big sexy beast that is the JgE. That gun firing, with that low, thunderous *thoom*, must be akin to the sound of the gates of hell closing. Spine-tingling, I tell you…and watching the cries in the all-chat to “nerf that #$%^ing OP fake TD” afterwards is the veritable cigarette afterwards.


  4. SynCaine

    Very similar to the graphic Riot released, but with fewer player numbers other than the concurrency one. Would be nice to see number of gold shells sold, or number of gold tanks, something like that.


  5. Drebin

    Reworded/edited/plagarized from posting:

    1st Holiday events begins December 21st: 3:30 AM PST and lasts for 5 days, ending at December 26th: 3:00AM PST. Discounts are:

    30% credit and gold discount on tank emblems
    50% gold discounts on Barracks
    90% discounts on Crew Renaming
    25% Discount on Camouflage
    Full-year of premium for 21600 Gold (save 24000)
    Half-year of premium for 12150 Gold, (save 13500)

    Credit income bonuses:

    Players will receive a 5x XP bonus for the first victory of the day in each tank.
    Tier 5: T1 Heavy, Churchill I, S-35CA, Stug III and (Russian) T-34 will receive a 70% credit bonus.
    Tier 7, T29, Black Prince, AMX AC mle 46, Jadgpanther and T-43 receive a 30% credit bonus.

    Likely gift tank looks to be the American light tank T6E1, which is an upgrade version of the starter T1 Cunningham.


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