Complaining About Small Things in WoW… Yet Again

The time has come to once again gripe about a few small issues that are bugging me in World of Warcraft and see if people commiserate or call me crazy.

Tabbing Out

At some point when I wasn’t paying attention, Blizzard decided that if you are playing full screen and you tab out of the game, well, fuck you.  Auctioneer stops getting data from the auction house, pet battles patiently wait for my return, and redraws stop happening so I have to go through a loading screen when I tab back in.

It wasn’t always this way, was it?  I mean, I remember, at one time, being able to tab out of WoW and not having my auction house scan just sit on the same page the whole time.  Tabbing out is so ingrained in me that I am sure it must have worked fine at some point.

And I get the whole not using system resources when you don’t have focus thing, but this seems like it has gone too far.  My of my processor cycles to go the idle task anyway, feel free to waste some.  They aren’t roll-over cycles.  I can never get them back.

Losing That Highlighted Feeling

All your bags open up when you access a vendor.  They all close again when you close the vendor window.  Big deal, right?  Been that way for half of forever.

And it was fine… until Warlords of Draenor.  And then Blizz introduced that thing where it highlights new items in your bag.  Cool feature.

So now you hit the vendor, bags open, you buy something, it is there highlighted in your bags, but you can’t click on it or anything lest you sell it back, so you close the vendor window, and your bags close.  Then you open them up again to find your new thing and… the highlight is gone, because it only lasts though one bag open cycle.  After that, it is old business and hidden in amongst all your junk.  And since Blizzard is still using the same 27 icons from 2004 for everything, sometimes finding you new purchase can be a chore.

There is a work-around.  If you open your bags before you hit the vendor, they don’t close, so you don’t lose the highlight.  But I forget to do that about half the time.  So I feel like that first pass with the vendor shouldn’t count for the purpose of turning off the highlight.

Carnie Dialog in Darkmoon Faire

When running through Darkmoon Faire… and I run through it with a dozen characters every month… I am done seeing this.

Yeah, yeah, get back to work already

Yeah, yeah, get back to work already

When does every carnie have to put up a dialog?  At what point did somebody say, “Hey, I know what people wanr!  More windows to close while playing!”  I play with sound on, if they have something to say to me they can mumble it out like the other NPCs.

I know there is a sweet spot for doing the carnie quest, a distance from them that is far enough not to trigger the dialog box yet still close enough to bandage them.  But I get too close at least half the time still, so I’d rather Blizz just turn this off so I don’t have to see it come up a couple dozen times a month.

Parental Controls on the iPad

I have complained specifically about aspects of Blizzard’s parental controls before.  But even with my gripes, their parental controls are the best I have seen in any online game.  In fact, in my experience, such controls are almost non-existent in online games, especially in kids games.  I remember LEGO Universe touting their parental controls, which were pretty much useless, while Club Penguin parental controls were a joke last time I looked.

So Blizzard’s parent controls work out pretty well for me… as long as I am at the computer.

But there I am, sitting on the couch, watching a movie and my daughter asks for a little more WoW time.  I reach over for my trusty brain extension… erm… iPad, always close to hand so as to be able to look up actors or whatever, and then stop.

That won’t work.

You cannot (or at least I cannot) use the Blizzard parental controls UI with a touchy-feely tablet interface.  I have to get up off the couch and wander back to my office, log into, and change the time there if I wish to grant my daughter this boon.

Blizzard, stop making me get up and move about!

Also, setup parental controls for your other games already.  You have a decent template.

EVE Online Problems

So, a while back, WoW got update 6.1 and EVE Online got the Scylla expansion, and now they do not play well together.

This is important to me because EVE Online is often a game where it is good to have another game to play in the background.  For all you fans of the old days of EQ, downtime and waiting and all that are still very much alive in space.  So for quite a stretch I was doing pet battles in WoW while waiting for things to happen in EVE.

But when I do that, tabbing in and out, WoW is horribly choppy, to the point of being nearly unplayable.  Pet battles are manageable, but if I have to actually travel to get to one, things become painful.

I suspect that CCP is the main culprit here.  EVE certainly doesn’t stop using resources when you tab out!  But WoW is doing something odd as well.  Having either game running seems to kill performance with  And I have had my own odd problems with WoW in the past, like that stretch of time where the game would crash whenever I was in Dalaran.

Of course, it could be that I need a video card upgrade as well.  Having had to go back to my five year old nVidia GTS450, a modest card back when I bought it, after the big power supply blow up last November, I am certainly nowhere near the leading edge on the GPU front.  At some point I am going to have to find some money and buy an upgrade.  Maybe if I can find a GTX 960 on sale.

Anyway, those are my current top five annoyances with WoW at the moment.  What is bugging you?  Are you feeling any of these?


8 thoughts on “Complaining About Small Things in WoW… Yet Again

  1. wowstorylines

    When I am buying something from a vendor, I close the bags before the purchase and watch the bags when I make the purchase and can see where it goes that way – it works for me because I usually have a ton of crap in my bags.

    On the tab-out – I play in the windowed mode/full screen and I can tab out, do whatever I want to do and tab back and the game has continued to run without interrupting anything that was going on such as flying from point A to point B.

    LOL, yeah, the carnie thing at the Faire is annoying as all get out, however, I do get lucky when bandaging and stay out of the full display area most of the time, so, it’s just getting the idea of the distance.


  2. Jenks

    I’ve done that first aid quest countless times and I’ve never seen that dialogue, or any dialogue. I left click the injured carnie, and left click the bandage in the quest log area. I didn’t even realize they had dialogue other than the thank you or whatever after you do it (in a chat balloon, not a quest/box like your screenshot).

    Also like wowstorylines mentioned, your video settings are wrong for what you want. Just change it to “Windowed (Fullscreen)” instead of plain fullscreen, huge quality of life improvement, especially if you use multiple monitors.


  3. Atherne

    I haven’t any problems tabbing out to look something up. I have full screen but know nothing of any mode. There have been times in the past where Wow didn’t seem to like other programs running but I haven’t noticed it recently.
    I just click the carnies then the bandages and then off to the next person and their window closes.
    All I can say about bags is I’m a fiend for the little “cleanup” button.


  4. Helistar

    How much video ram do you have on your card…. all those high-def textures must fit somewhere, and if they don’t on the video card they get pulled up from main ram EVERY FRAME…..
    I ask because I can run WoW and ArcheAge at the same time, both at ultra settings, and I don’t have any of the issues you mention (BTW I don’t even have the loading screen you talk about when I tab out of WoW….), my card is not the biggest one on the market, but it’s not the smallest, either :)


  5. Telke

    The gtS cards and cards below the x60 designation are designed to be lower-power, cheaper options. I’d say it’s pretty likely to be that. Set WoW to Windowed Fullscreen and if it doesn’t improve much, buy a new card – GT or GTX prefix, X60 minimum number. Suffixes like ‘Ti’ are re-released slightly upgraded versions. can give you ideas.


  6. Kinless

    I use AdiBags. The bag update we got with WoD lasted a couple of logins. I don’t mind losing focus on what’s new too soon because with AdiBags I can organize things down to, for example, transmogrified set categories.

    I used to tab out and hear the game sounds. No more. Something has changed. (I don’t get load screens when I return though.)


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    On the flip side, because WoW appears to unload the UI every time I tab out, it does not appear to be able to log me out of the game if I am tabbed out. I left myself in that state and was gone for a couple of hours. When I came back, I brought WoW forward again and had messages in chat warning me that I was about to be logged out, but I was still online and connected. Burn on you Blizzard!.


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