Rooks and Kings – Message in a Bottle

I had heard a few rumors on coms that, with the changes that have come to EVE Online over the last 18 months, with jump fatigue figuring prominently in each mention, Rooks and Kings had decided to leave the Tranquility server for greener pastures.

Because out there, on the other side of the great firewall, there is Serenity, the Chinese EVE Online server, run by a local partner, and still living in the era of Dominion sovereignty.  No entosis link modules, no ADMs, and no jump fatigue. (TMC had a post about the server and its culture a couple years back.)

The Empires of our Chinese Comrades

The Empires of our Chinese Comrades, also fighting in Deklein

(The Serenity sov map from here.)

I do not know how far behind the Serenity server actually is, but if it is anything like WoW has had to be handled in China, where the local partner has a lot of say in things, it could be quite a different place when it comes to the code.

Anyway, Rooks and Kings released a new video that confirms what I had heard, that they have indeed transmitted themselves and their style of play to Serenity.  The video starts with a bit of story/lore to account for their arrival, followed by what they do best, making people swear in space.

Also, surprisingly short for a Rooks and Kings video.

3 thoughts on “Rooks and Kings – Message in a Bottle

  1. Rob Kaichin

    It started off pretty strangely, but I think that it’s actually one of their better videos. I always enjoy Serenity reports, because it’s so different from our game.

    Still, whoa-boy have they got some changes coming in: no Aegis, no Fatigue.

    I wonder if their ‘donut’ will survive?


  2. Tired

    So that is what happened to R&K. They couldn’t adapt to change and ran away to hide in what is effectively the EvE’s past….how sad.


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