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No Last Stand in VFK as War Comes to Deklein

I opined a couple weeks back that I had nailed my colors to the mast for this war and would go down with the metaphorical ship, ready for that last ditch fight at VFK-IV, the one-time center station of the CFC and still a location with historical weight to it.

Of course, that grand vision ended up being made moot as we abandoned all our null sec staging systems and fell back to the hills of low sec to conduct a guerilla war out of the Quafe Company Company Warehouse in Saranen where we cannot be bubbled or camped effectively and where, while we lack cloning services, we have a nearly limitless supply of pretend carbonated beverages.

Effectively The Imperium logo now

Effectively The Imperium logo now

What I am waiting for now is somebody to put together a picture of The Mittani with a Che Guevara beret holding a bottle of refreshing Quafe or Quafe Zero.

Meanwhile the Moneybadgers have finally turned their attention to the heart of Goon space, the region of Deklein.  Relatively peaceful up until earlier this week, leaving aside the botched attempt to take VFK-IV on April Fools Day and repeated attempts to hack that one TNT system in the region, the MBC chose to put its weight into the effort and first reinforced, then finally blockaded and took two key systems in the region, VFK-IV, which has symbolic value, and YA0-XJ, the previous staging system for the coalition and the one-time biggest market station in null sec by a significant margin.  (When I checked EVE Market Data rankings earlier, Provi Bloc’s station at F-YH5B had eclipsed the current YA0 market, while the market at our staging station in Saranen had pulled ahead.  That said, it would seem there is still a lot of stuff in YA0.  Not everybody shipped their stuff out when I did I guess.)

So the map of Deklein now has this on it:

VFK and YA0 in new hands

VFK and YA0 in new hands

I would be interested to know how the MBC decided who got to take which system.  Certainly TEST and NCDot have suffered defeat at the hands of the CFC in the past, NCDot on repeated occasions after coming at the CFC.  Did TEST get VFK to make up for the fact that at the end of the Fountain War, their bitter rival from their own time in the CFC, Fatal Ascension, was allowed to take their capital at 6VDT-H?

Anyway, the oft stated slogan of “VFK by <date>,” first summed up after a White Noise pronouncement back in late 2011, has finally been achieved.

The war will continue in Deklein, however the numbers our foes can bring to bear and the distance from our staging system pretty much assures that we will lose the region sooner rather than later.  So we hole up in the back room of a soda pop warehouse and make our plans while The Mittani polishes his Goonhammer and talks about the wonder weapons that will send our foes fleeing before us.

I favor Vanilla Quafe myself

I favor Vanilla Quafe myself… also, Caroline’s Star visible

Of course, with TMC having pissed off I Want ISK, causing them to vow to continue to fund the war forever if necessary (Casino War eternal), we may be here for a long time.  At least I have the appropriate skin for my Megathron.

FCON Leaves The Imperium

It was announced in a broadcast this past evening that alliance Fidelas Constans, or FCON, would be leaving The Imperium.

FCON - April 13, 2016

FCON – April 13, 2016

While FCON still holds two thirds of their sovereignty, it is up on the north flank of The Imperium, in the Branch region, beyond the range that the coalition can possibly defend from it staging system in Saranen.  With The Initiative and Razor space in neighboring Tenal having been almost completely overrun by this point, FCON could no doubt see the writing on the wall.

FCON is the third alliance to leave The Imperium during the war.

The Imperium - April 13, 2016

The Imperium – April 13, 2016

As with SMA, which announced its departure earlier this week, FCON leaves The Imperium on good terms and with blue standings.  FCON takes with it ~3,500 capsuleers, down from ~4,200 at the start of the war.

FCON’s plans have not yet been announced/leaked, but one can presume that they, like SMA, will look for a more quiet slice of space in which to regroup and decide what is next for their alliance.

Meanwhile, The Mittani has put out a war update entitled Forging of the Goonhammer which lays out the plan for continuing the struggle against those who would oppose The Imperium, with CO2 topping the list of traitors to be dealt with.  FCON members and corps can join GSF if they wish to continue the fight, though the declaration of a “hellwar” means a protracted struggle with no sign of a  return to happier times for the foreseeable future.  FCON, being a different culture than GSF (for example, FCON members were not allowed to participate in Burn Jita/Burn Amarr), it seems unlikely that there will be much movement between the two.

Addendum: FCON’s alliance announcement has been posted over at TMC.  Their plan is apparently to conquer sov elsewhere in New Eden on their own.