FCON Leaves The Imperium

It was announced in a broadcast this past evening that alliance Fidelas Constans, or FCON, would be leaving The Imperium.

FCON - April 13, 2016

FCON – April 13, 2016

While FCON still holds two thirds of their sovereignty, it is up on the north flank of The Imperium, in the Branch region, beyond the range that the coalition can possibly defend from it staging system in Saranen.  With The Initiative and Razor space in neighboring Tenal having been almost completely overrun by this point, FCON could no doubt see the writing on the wall.

FCON is the third alliance to leave The Imperium during the war.

The Imperium - April 13, 2016

The Imperium – April 13, 2016

As with SMA, which announced its departure earlier this week, FCON leaves The Imperium on good terms and with blue standings.  FCON takes with it ~3,500 capsuleers, down from ~4,200 at the start of the war.

FCON’s plans have not yet been announced/leaked, but one can presume that they, like SMA, will look for a more quiet slice of space in which to regroup and decide what is next for their alliance.

Meanwhile, The Mittani has put out a war update entitled Forging of the Goonhammer which lays out the plan for continuing the struggle against those who would oppose The Imperium, with CO2 topping the list of traitors to be dealt with.  FCON members and corps can join GSF if they wish to continue the fight, though the declaration of a “hellwar” means a protracted struggle with no sign of a  return to happier times for the foreseeable future.  FCON, being a different culture than GSF (for example, FCON members were not allowed to participate in Burn Jita/Burn Amarr), it seems unlikely that there will be much movement between the two.

Addendum: FCON’s alliance announcement has been posted over at TMC.  Their plan is apparently to conquer sov elsewhere in New Eden on their own.

16 thoughts on “FCON Leaves The Imperium

  1. That bee guy

    Good for FCON, they’ll find some space and have actual fun again.

    The bee queen probaganda seems a little delusional at this point though. I mean his entire plan seems to be to wait it out, but in the process of doing so he has been losing anyone who actually wants to play the space game.

    Half my corp is SA goons, and we’re avid participants in fucking up the bee queen. It would take the second coming of Darius to get me back in the Eve goon group and that is about as likely as getting hit by a meteor.

    Honestly I think the bee queen might have drunk his own kool aid, because the bee queen didn’t beat bob. Tons of hard working FC’s did, and if those bee guys are going to fight a war without their coalition in enemy territory that’s what they’ll need.

    Of course the bee queen is free to prove us all wrong, but I think he might be underestimating just how much this war is about getting rid of him.

    That won’t end just because the bee guys evac to low sec. Even if he waits a year, we’re still going to want to live where he does.


  2. Jester

    And yesterday/today, the major assault on Deklein began, with (as I mentioned would happen) simultaneous strikes at all four Deklein entrances in Branch, Venal, and Fade (and Fade/PB). So if it makes you feel better, “the real target” is now under attack.


  3. Rob Kaichin

    Well, I can’t say I’m surprised.

    It seems one alliance might actually care what their line members have been saying after all.

    Now it’s Goonswarm under attack, can we have that background back? TIA.


  4. Rob Kaichin

    And why does that one work?

    Wholly unsurprising, except that FCON might have a shred of respect for their line members.

    Which, in this age of people sucking up to the failed Hegemon, is probably a good thing.

    As for this hellwar, can we now have the old World War Bee alliance background back, considering that Goonswarm is a) under attack, and b) the vast majority of players on the ‘Imperium’ side.


  5. Rob Kaichin

    Why doesn’t it like my bigger posts?

    Goonswarm under attack = return alliance background.

    FCON cares about line members, surprising for CFC alliance.


  6. mbp

    It is too long since I played EVE myself for me to really follow what is going on here but I note with some amusement that Gevlon is writing a long series of articles explinaing how he pretty much single handledly caused the downfall of the Goons. Clearly you picked the wrong enemy there lads.

    PS. I am assuming that Gevlon’s boasting is complete bluster. If there is any shred of truth in his bluster please let me know. That in itself is a story worth hearing.


  7. Joseph Brownridge

    It appears goons are already bleeding, there is little to no resistance in Deklein now, most systems contain at least one member or alt of the MBC alliances. Mittens appears to be doing everything in his power to stem the bleeding of members, although this is not working.
    A look at DOTLAN shows GSF + 407 members/ 7 days sum with a total of 917 added via poached/ new corporations and a loss of 221 members from corps leaving, that means that 289 individual line members left goons in the last 7 days.
    It will be interesting to see how this changes as MBC is leisurely dismantling deklein leaving goons with reduced income stranded in low sec. There is only so much morale posts with no substance behind them can accomplish.


  8. Rob Kaichin

    Well, don’t I look moronic.

    Cull all but the best post please Wilhelm.


    When the Mittani is unironically using ‘numbers’ and ‘deliverables’ to focus on ‘metrics’, so he can tighten up the ‘job descriptions’, Gevlon starts to look like he might have a point.

    Since that’s what Gevlon’s been doing all along.


  9. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Rob Kaichin – Settle down. Thanks to Reddit last week I notched up the moderation settings so my non-EVE posts wouldn’t be flooded with EVE stuff and empty obscenities. Meanwhile, the punishment for ignoring the message you get that says your comment is awaiting moderation is having to look at all of your comments once I clear them.

    “Goonswarm under attack = return alliance background”

    Why? You aren’t going to wear it and it all hasn’t boiled down to GSF yet.

    @Jester – Am I not posting fast enough for you? Are you afraid I might have missed that?

    The question was never whether or not there would be an attack on Deklein, it was a question of when, so don’t pat yourself on the back too hard. I still say the Moneybadgers had the overwhelming forces to do this a week ago, especially since the MBC tried to take VFK two weeks ago, and only failed through their own bumbling. Or, if not attack Deklein, at least interdict it. My previous post on the subject wasn’t just about MBC not taking systems, it was about the MBC doing almost nothing at all in Deklein, a situation that continued through the weekend. I was able to send a few last things on an alt out of YA0 on Saturday by the same shipping services at the same price per cubic meter. No danger pay required.

    There wasn’t any serious effort to camp YA0, the one-time largest market in null sec, letting materiel… almost all Goon materiel… get shipped out to be re-used in Saranen. If you have to have your WWII analogies, I’d peg this one somewhere between failing to close the Falaise pocket and the German evacuation of Sicily. A victory for the MBC to be sure, but enough slipped away that it will be an annoyance for them later. .

    @mbp – Gevlon has declared victory for his master plan. All it needed was overwhelming forces to back up his effort. But it doesn’t matter because he said he is leaving EVE when the Citadel expansion hits because CCP is essentially handing the economic keys to the kingdom to their new chosen pets, Pandemic Legion.

    Finally, as a mildly amusing aside, due to word wrap, The Mittani’s post in the GSF forums keeps showing up as “Forging the Goo” when I log in. That is a somewhat less impressive metaphor.

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  10. Rob Kaichin

    “Meanwhile, the punishment for ignoring the message you get that says your comment is awaiting moderation ”

    There’s a message? Where does it pop up?

    I was just surprised because I hadn’t had any trouble posting comments before.

    “Why? You aren’t going to wear it and it all hasn’t boiled down to GSF yet.”

    It may as well have, for all the contributions the other guys are making.

    And, how do you know? Considering CCP is monitoring the situation: 5k players used the MBC background and 2k used the Bee background, I fully expect people on my side to take up the bee background ironically.

    After all, when you’ve all been crumpled into one corp, it will be WWB.

    Also, “almost all” material?

    There’s still at least 400 billion on the market according to eve market data.


  11. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Rob Kaichin – There should be a small, somewhat subtle, message about your comment going into moderation unless you have some sort of browser addon to block such things.

    Our side didn’t like the logo we were assigned and asked it to be changed. By what standing do you think your side gets to dictate what logo we get assigned? I don’t think you wanting to use it to mock us is really a sufficient reason to appeal to CCP.

    The station was ranked up with Rens and Dodixie at one point, so 400 billion is a significant drop.


  12. Jester

    For the record, the first time VFK was RF’ed, it was done by CO2, probably as a political statement, the day after they left the Imperium. The mainline MBC forces didn’t have anything to do with it, which is why it wasn’t followed up on. MBC has no intention of over-extending itself. The plan was always to hit Deklein from four directions at once.


  13. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Jester – You can stick to your own narrative. I have learned there is no discussing things with you. But if you run with your WWII analogies about being over extended, I’ll just point to what the Drone Walkers did to Legion of xXDeathXx this week with a lot less pilots than the MBC has at their disposal.


  14. Rob Kaichin

    Edit: just realised something: I mean “can we have all three backgrounds, not a straight swap”

    I concede that you have every right to the representation you wish (even if I think the ‘oh god, the 200 guys who turned up out of whatever thousands aren’t being resented fairly’ line is absurd).

    If we could have all 3, it’d not be wasting the work CCP has put in.


  15. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Rob Kaichin – All three would be fine with me. I’m just not sure that you and I agreeing here will set anything in motion, aside from the destruction of reality foretold by prophecy should such a thing occur.

    Somebody somewhere posted something about “Hey, could we have more backgrounds? I’d pay!” I’d be for that as well.


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