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Capital Ships Battle in VFK-IV – What Year is This?

In the ongoing tribulations for Guardians of the Galaxy in the north, a director of Slyce Alliance defected and flipped a Fortizar citadel in VFK-IV to the Imperium.  Nice to see that EN24 can still get a scoop these days.

Fortizar in VFK-IV

(Screen shot from this Reddit post)

For those not paying attention or with short memories, VFK-IV was once the capital of the CFC, the staging system from which operations were launched back when I joined TNT and went to null sec.

Me, in a Drake, at VFK-IV station in 2011

It was the scene of the “VFK Headshot” against Goons back in the summer of 2011 which led to the tightening up of the then somewhat loosely aligned DekCo into the unified CFC.

It was also the location that ended up as the oft repeated catch phrase “VFK by February” back when White Noise Alliance said that Deklein would be free of Goons by then.

And, come the Casino War, it was a location we did not bother to defend.  Instead, we holed up in the Quafe Company Warehouse in Saranen to concentrate our forces and try to resist the invasion by chipping away at the invaders.  Eventually we packed up our husbanded resources and took the long trail to Delve to setup shop and rebuild.

The old station at VFK-IV

We lost VFK-IV almost exactly two years ago.  That feels like a long time ago.

VFK-IV Station Today, good through June 5

And then I woke up this morning to find that not only did we suddenly have a Fortizar in our staging system of old, but that a battle had developed.  GotG was using fighters to reinforce the Fortizar and we dropped dreadnoughts on those and GotG escalated with their own dreads, and soon a full on battle was going.  The battle report still seems to be updating, but the numbers look to be in our favor so far.

Of course, I missed the whole thing, but I thought it was one of those moments worth noting in the ongoing and seemingly escalating conflict in the north.

Addendum: INN has their own story up about the battle now.

Addendum 2: A follow up post about the defections at EN24.

No Last Stand in VFK as War Comes to Deklein

I opined a couple weeks back that I had nailed my colors to the mast for this war and would go down with the metaphorical ship, ready for that last ditch fight at VFK-IV, the one-time center station of the CFC and still a location with historical weight to it.

Of course, that grand vision ended up being made moot as we abandoned all our null sec staging systems and fell back to the hills of low sec to conduct a guerilla war out of the Quafe Company Company Warehouse in Saranen where we cannot be bubbled or camped effectively and where, while we lack cloning services, we have a nearly limitless supply of pretend carbonated beverages.

Effectively The Imperium logo now

Effectively The Imperium logo now

What I am waiting for now is somebody to put together a picture of The Mittani with a Che Guevara beret holding a bottle of refreshing Quafe or Quafe Zero.

Meanwhile the Moneybadgers have finally turned their attention to the heart of Goon space, the region of Deklein.  Relatively peaceful up until earlier this week, leaving aside the botched attempt to take VFK-IV on April Fools Day and repeated attempts to hack that one TNT system in the region, the MBC chose to put its weight into the effort and first reinforced, then finally blockaded and took two key systems in the region, VFK-IV, which has symbolic value, and YA0-XJ, the previous staging system for the coalition and the one-time biggest market station in null sec by a significant margin.  (When I checked EVE Market Data rankings earlier, Provi Bloc’s station at F-YH5B had eclipsed the current YA0 market, while the market at our staging station in Saranen had pulled ahead.  That said, it would seem there is still a lot of stuff in YA0.  Not everybody shipped their stuff out when I did I guess.)

So the map of Deklein now has this on it:

VFK and YA0 in new hands

VFK and YA0 in new hands

I would be interested to know how the MBC decided who got to take which system.  Certainly TEST and NCDot have suffered defeat at the hands of the CFC in the past, NCDot on repeated occasions after coming at the CFC.  Did TEST get VFK to make up for the fact that at the end of the Fountain War, their bitter rival from their own time in the CFC, Fatal Ascension, was allowed to take their capital at 6VDT-H?

Anyway, the oft stated slogan of “VFK by <date>,” first summed up after a White Noise pronouncement back in late 2011, has finally been achieved.

The war will continue in Deklein, however the numbers our foes can bring to bear and the distance from our staging system pretty much assures that we will lose the region sooner rather than later.  So we hole up in the back room of a soda pop warehouse and make our plans while The Mittani polishes his Goonhammer and talks about the wonder weapons that will send our foes fleeing before us.

I favor Vanilla Quafe myself

I favor Vanilla Quafe myself… also, Caroline’s Star visible

Of course, with TMC having pissed off I Want ISK, causing them to vow to continue to fund the war forever if necessary (Casino War eternal), we may be here for a long time.  At least I have the appropriate skin for my Megathron.

Contemplating that Last Stand at VFK-IV

After the black week that was last week for The Imperium, which saw many billions in ship losses, sovereignty taken from us, and the evacuation of a whole region, our foes, the self-proclaimed “Allies” (or the “Moneybager Coalition”) have been beside themselves with joy.  If you wander over to the EVE Online subreddit, it is full of propaganda and self-congratulation to the point that an outsider might consider that the war is over.

It almost feels like the bottled up emotion of years of losing to Goons at places like B-R5RB and 6VDT-H, years of being being driven from this region or that (or being driven out of Delve repeatedly in some cases), has been released and everybody there has burst into a rousing rendition of “Ding-dong the Witch is Dead!”  The “VFK by Date X!” meme has been revived yet again.

The wrecks with the red sun in the background

They even built a monument to our victory… and I was there

However, that metaphorical witch is far from dead.  Even some of the joyful news being presented isn’t all that good for our foes.  For example, cheers about Razor losing a huge chunk of players might seem less of an event to toast if you were paying attention and noticed that those players moved to The Bastion. (From DOTLAN)


The alliance that is losing its home in Vale of the Silent actually grew.

Meanwhile, there is a long road ahead for anybody planning on defeating The Imperium.  Even without Vale of the Silent, there are a lot of towers left to reinforce, a lot of entosis work to be done, a lot sovereignty left to grind.  The “Allies” have their work cut out for them.

As I said last week, that alone gives me hope.  As a coalition, we have a reputation for being able to hold out and grind through such things.  Our endurance for the arguably un-fun aspects of sovereignty warfare is prodigious.  Forming at all hours of the clock is no big deal, boredom is our friend, time dilation is practically our natural environment.

Our foes… not so much.  They couldn’t even camp the Vale evac effectively; an opportunity lost.

TEST at least wants sovereignty in the north, something nobody else seems to care about.  They will at least stick around on that basis alone.

Pandemic Legion and NCDot want fights, not sov.  However, unless they want to fight Russians, they don’t have a lot of other choices if they want to bring their supers into play.  They’ll be around for a while.

But everybody else on the bandwagon… well, we’ll see how long they stick with things once it gets down to nightly entosis runs and whole fleets sitting on a single node watching that one guy with the Fozzie laser orbit his target.

And then there is the wildcard in the whole scenario.  CCP will be introducing citadels into the game soon, and nobody knows how that will change the face of the war.  But it is a big enough feature to make Gevlon rage quite the game.  I guess Mordus Angles is going to want some of that IWantISK largess soon.

I am not all that prone to pseudo-patriotism and jingoist pronouncements.  It is an uncertain time.  War has come to our homes at last.  Tribute, my own home region, is now on the front lines.  Outcomes are not certain.  We could lose.

But I also believe what I have written here has a basis in fact, born out by the history of the game and our coalition.  We certainly haven’t lost yet.  The login page for my iPad has a screen shot of the north from back when I joined TNT and entered null sec and a lot of us lived together in a much smaller space, at war with White Noise and Raiden, with NCDot on our flank.

The core of the CFC of old

The core of the CFC of old

We have a ways to go before we’re shrunk back to that small of a space again.

If we do lose, I want to be there when it happens.  If my corporation falters, I’ll join another.  If our alliance gives up, I’ll join KarmaFleet.  And if we end up with our own last battle, our own 6VDT-H, I hope I’ll be able to undock and join the fight.

One of the more fatuous questions that keeps coming up on Reddit is “Why?”  Why fly, fight, or whatever for the people so heavily vilified on Reddit, as though that were some objective measure of the world, as though, to put it bluntly, their own shit didn’t stink.

Still, there is an answer.

For about four and a half years at this point a small group of people, the “leadership” for whatever value you care to ascribe to that, has spent a lot of time setting up a situation where a space tourist like me could log in and experience null sec for better and worse.  And, more specifically, whole pile or fleet commanders have logged on night after night, people like Laz and Reagalan and Asher and MisterVee and Lyris and Papusa and Boat… very much Boat… have formed fleets and undocked to shepherd people like me around through the various aspects of the null sec experience and, even when I do stupid things, don’t kick me out or refuse to take me along.

What kind of person would I be if I turned my back on them the moment the going looked rough?  So I have nailed my colors to the mast and will go down with this ship if it comes to that.

Plus, you know, it is fun to be part of space history.  Nobody writes books about Faction Warfare or low sec gate camps.

We shall see what happens at M-OEE8 today.

There is Always a Party at VFK

I am beginning to learn that flying with the Goons means getting fights delivered to you on a regular basis.

It seems that lately a hostile fleet will show up every night in or around VFK-IV during US prime time just to give us something to do.  This time is was a fleet from Initiative Mercenaries and Giantsbane.

I actually missed the broadcast for the home defense fleet initially, but logged on as soon as I saw it.  The battle had move on from VFK and I had to chase the fleet down C8-CHY in Fade after joining.  I got there just in time to sit and wait for a bit.

The fleet sitting in space

From there it was jump hither and yon, with one of the most frustrating moments of the night coming as we were jumping out to see the red fleet jump in on top of us.  Battle missed by mere seconds.

Some more hopping and a lot more waiting ensued.  Eventually we caught them up against a bubble at one of the gates and were able to pick off a few.  I got credit for assisting with a Muninn and a Huginn.  A pack managed to warp off and we spent the next 30 minutes trying to hunt them down without a dedicated scanning ship.

Searching again

Eventually boredom took over and we decided to head back, letting the remainder of the red fleet go.  The final tally looked to be 8 ships and 5 pods killed for 1 ship lost.  Some will look at that ship list and note the odds were heavily in our favor.  But when you fly in and kick the hive, you get all the bees.  You don’t get to complain about the odds when you do that.

On the way back we tripped over a cruiser gang doing a gate camp.

More bubbles

We scored no kills, but we probably startled them something good.  A one hundred ship fleet dropping in on your gate camp can wreck your plans.  After giving chase for a bit, we resumed our flight back to VFK. The fleet stood down to change commanders.  I took the opportunity to drop out as it was time for bed.  But I am guessing that some of the fleet headed out again to chase down the cruisers one jump over from VFK.

All of which is proof of what Gaff told me early on: Don’t rat or mine around VFK.  There is always something going on in the area.

My Number Comes Up in a VFK Homland Defense Fleet

Just as I was thinking it might be time to turn off the computer and head to bed early, a fleet op got called.

Nulli Secunda was in VFK-IV and the call was out for Drake Fleet for a Homeland Defense op.

I clone jumped into VFK, where I keep my no-implants clone and my fleet op ships, joined up with the fleet and waited for instructions.  The first thing that went out was not to undock because Nulli Secunda had undock bubbled and a fleet of Nagas at range to snipe.

There was the usual confusion and mis-information and people undocking despite being told not to, but eventually we had a fleet assembled and were ordered to undock, so out we went.

We spew forth from Mittaningrad

We aligned to a distant object, used our microwarp drives to get out of their bubbles, and warped off to form up.

Once gathered, we aligned back to the station.  Some people warped early and, as the FC said, died hilariously and alone.  Then came the warp from the FC and we all headed into the battle.  It was quite a mess.

Bubbles, Missiles, and Mittaningrad

In the fight it was a struggle for us to keep in range.  It was the usual call the target, lock, and fire in the midst of chaos.

Drake Fleet in the middle of things

Things were not going well, but I was just locking and shooting as the FC called targets when rather suddenly I was in my pod, my Drake having vanished around me.  My low point on the alphabetical sort did not save me this time around.

And there I was, in the middle of a bubble, 100km from the station, and in my pod.  I wasn’t going to be a primary target any more, but you never know when somebody just wants a pod kill.  I headed out of the bubble then warped around the system a bit until things settled down.  Eventually the station was clear and I was able to warp back in safely.

And so I have my first fleet op death in null sec, and my second Drake down in null sec overall.

The result of the battle itself was mixed.  Looking at a battle summary, we clearly lost a lot more ships.  However, as usual, we lost cheap ships, so the balance of ISK was more in our favor.

At least it was some action on a Sunday night.  I suppose that is one thing about VFK, people will show up just for a fight.

And the insurance on that Drake was going to run out in a week in any case.  Now we’ll see if I get any reimbursement.

Addendum: Nulli put up a video of the battle.

VFK Homeland Defense Bags a Carrier

I logged in midday Sunday my time to find that Mittaningrad, the station in VFK-IV, was being camped by a fleet of hostiles from Occupational Hazard.

You know when you undock and your overview looks like this, there is a situation.

Lots of reds

I was just in time too.  Just in time to get the warning NOT to undock and just in time to join the Homeland Defense Fleet that was forming up to deal with the threat.  We were going to see off this incursion!

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