Daily Archives: September 1, 2019

Crag Boar Rebellion

The instance group had been discussing a guild on Discord for a few days.  Well, we knew we had to make a guild, but we had to resolve the primary question when it comes to guild creation: The name!

Various ideas had been pass about, things like “The Nethergarde Choir” or “The Candle Takers” or “Blood of Heroes,” the last being a reference to everybody’s favorite Plaguelands death trap.  But none of them were really clicking.  And then Ula came up with “Crag Boar Rebellion.”

It is difficult to explain why that stuck.  I guess it is kind of snappy and sounds impressive when you first hear it, but becomes somewhat silly when you think about it.  Also, we had been slaughtering many crag boars out in Dun Morogh, which I am sure added to things.  So, while we did not have a majority around to consider it, the guild naming steering committee decided we should just go ahead and pull the trigger on Saturday.  It was time to make a guild.

And then came the awkward part; who was going to go buy the charter and ask people to sign it?  We gathered together outside the bank in Ironforge and both Skronk and I offered up half the cost of the 10s charter, opening up a trade to hand over our half.  That went about as well as you might expect.


Nobody wanted to be the one holding the charter.  But I wanted a guild already, so I ran over to the Ironforge Visitor’s Center and bought the charter, resisting the temptation to name the something else.

Then it was back to the front of the bank where each of us signed the charter.  However, there were only three of us, which meant we had to collect seven more signatures.  This is the part I always dread, asking strangers for things.  I didn’t feel too bad about it, as I had already signed a couple charters for other people, including one random, no ask spam request.  Still, I felt we had to have a plan.

That always works!

Unfortunately, we were a bit on the poor side for bribery, the 10 silver representing not an inconsiderable percentage of our combined wealth.

So I stood outside of the bank and, when I saw a few unguilded people about… you can’t sign a charter if you’re already in a guild… I would ask aloud… not shout, not whisper, but just say… if people would please sign our guild charter.  Skonk and Ula worked the general channel looking to raise support from there.

And together it seemed to work.  We were up to six then eight and then nine signatures before too long.  People were very nice about it and seemed to generally want to help us out.  It was indicative of the behavior I have seen for the most part on the server.  In my experience retro servers like this tend to be friendly as most people really want to be there and have a good time.  On top of that, RP servers tend to be the most chill of servers.  So we were nearly there.

With one more signature needed I just started spamming some passers by with signature requests… and somebody signed right away.

And with the 10th signature I got up and ran back to the visitor’s center and registered the guild.  I have learned to be quick.  I recall one guild registration fiasco where I got the signatures down on Goldshire then had to run up to Stormwind, during which time two people signed another charter… people I had paid no less… which took them off of our charter.  So I was taking no chances.

Guild successfully registered, I thanked everybody in guild chat and said they could /gquit.  Most went right away.  A couple had logged off before we were done, so I kicked them.  And so we had a guild.  I made people officers and we logged in all of our alts and got everybody in the guild.

Alts in the guild… or is he a main?

So our guild is set.  We just have to wait for everybody to get back from their Labor Day excursions to get them on board.  And if they don’t like the name… well, they can stand outside the bank next time.