Touring with Marshal Windsor

Last time in Blackrock Depths we made our way to Marshal Windsor, having gone in to retrieve the items he was searching for.  However, our attempt to escort him out of the instance failed at the storeroom where four elites were waiting in addition to another group that spawns outside as soon as he goes through the door.  It ended with a wipe, including Marshal Windsor.

Dead in the storeroom as Windsor dukes it out in the hall

We were headed back to in to finish the escort part of the quest and wrap up the Marshal Windsor story.  Our group for the event was:

  • Viniki – level 56 gnome warrior
  • Skronk – level 55 dwarf priest
  • Moronae – level 55 night elf druid
  • Ula – level 55 gnome mage

After the previous week I had gone to the auction house to look for some upgrades.  I found two items from the warrior Valor set, the belt and the gauntlets, for cheap.  They were upgrades over my current gear and boosted by armor by 200 with both on as a set bonus.  I also found a 1h axe called Serathil for 20g, which was half my savings, but it boasted 40 dps and 100 armor when equipped.  My axe skills were low, 150 out of 280 for my current level, but I got out in Searing Gorge ahead of the group and killed lava spiders until everybody got out there, which got my skill up to 250.  Good enough to carry on.

So we met up out past Thorium Point and ran over to the instance, once more heading down the mighty chains.

That view never gets old

There we decided to clear a path in advance of talking to Marshal Windsor.  We knew he was going to the storeroom and then over to the Ring of Law before he would head for the exit.  With that in mind we cleared a path for him that looked like this.

The path we cleared

We cleared the detention block, including opening up the storeroom and killing the group in there.  Then we fixated on the Ring of Law and where you go in to meet the challenge, which has a number of cells close by.  We cleared up to past the last cell on that side, taking down Lord Roccor while we were there.

Then we went back to Marshal Windsor.  We had everybody check and delete the failed version of the quest from last time before Skronk unlocked the door.  We got in and spoke to him, starting him on his way.

Things went much more smoothly.  We stopped at Dughal Stormwing, which spawns a group that attacks, which we managed fairly well.  Then it was off to the storeroom.

Headed to the storeroom

There another group spawns when Windsor opens the door.  Again, we managed that.  Windsor then went in and rummaged through the boxes for his gear.  When he finds it and puts it on, he is ready to go again.

Rock? What is this rock?

The power he seems to be referring to is the buff he gives off when he is geared up, which is a fairly substantial boost.  And it is a good thing too, because we needed it.

His AOE buff

He then headed towards the Ring of Law… sort of.  As we walked with him through the big open area he was clearly not headed towards the stuff we cleared out.  He was aimed at the other side of the ring which, it turns out, goes all the way around to where we were.  I thought the “ring” was the bit on the inside, but I guess it is the path around the outside as well.  This is where he goes.

Where Marshal Windsor walks

And Windsor gets stuck right in.  He is no Sara Oakheart when it comes to pace, he moves quickly and doesn’t pause between fights.  We kept up, clearing groups and then helping him settle scores with some of the mobs in cells.

Windsor holds a grudge

We managed to make it though the half of the ring that we had not cleared, Windsor punching sheep mercilessly all the way, after which things got considerably easier.  Windsor was still in a hurry to get the last cell opened though.

I’m pretty sure we killed them all, but sure

The last guy we freed had what I can only describe as the correct attitude about the whole experience.

He wants out

He runs off and disappears in a way I wish more escort targets would.  No hanging about to find his missing gear or to settle and scores.

At that point Windsor finally headed towards the exit.  We followed him and he announced where we should head next.

Group shot with Windsor while he speaks

We didn’t follow immediately.  We had a bit of time so we went back to the Ring of Law, went inside, and rand the event.  We got the Eviscerator again, who dropped a nice belt for Moronae.  After that Ula opened a portal to Stormwind for us and we went to the flight point there and flew out to Morgan’s Vigil to talk to Marshal Maxwell.  He sent us on to Stormwind where we were supposed to speak to Squire Rowe out at the front gate of the city.  He would summon Windsor for us.

Howdy squire!

However, he had to tell us that Windsor was otherwise indisposed.

Leave a message at the beep

Squire Rowe kicks off an event in the city and only one group at a time can run it.  We saw the guards all kneeling as we ran to the front gate, so we were going to have to wait until that was done.  Eventually Rowe was ready and ran out the gate and set off a firework to summon Marshal Windsor.  He rides up, dismounts, shoos his horse… I think he punched it too… and had us follow him into the city.  There is a brief confrontation with the guards, but they defer to Windsor and in we marched.

Follow me!

He walks through town and, being on an RP server, we set ourselves to walk along with him.  The guards are all in awe as you pass by.

Windsor is their hero

Some of the guards are a bit too obsequious.

Grow a spine man!

And off you go into the presence of the young King Anduin, Bolvar Fordragon, and Lady Katrana Prestor.  Then the confrontation takes place as Windsor calls her out.

A dragon in human form!

Then she reveals her true form while Windsor expresses the greatest moment of optimism in his life.

Guards grab her indeed!

Of course the guards are dragon kin in human form, so Onyxia flies off and there is the big fight with half a dozen level 60 elites.  Back in the day I was worried that Bolvar Fordragon might not be up to the task.  But we sat back and watched the fight as he took on the whole group.

Letting Bolvar do the heavy lifting

Ula tried to help early on and got killed for her troubles, our only death during the whole run. Moronae hit her with the combat ress and we carried on as spectators.

Bolvar wins, Windsor dies, the quest updates, and the throne room resets to normal with Bolvar, Anduin, and Prestor back where they started.  Such is life in an MMORPG.

And then Moronae realized he hadn’t gotten the quest update back during the Squire Rowe segment, which meant he had to go back and do it again.  He went off to do that while the rest of us called it for dinner.

This finished up one of our tasks for Blackrock Depths as well as opening the way to Onyxia.  You might think that the raid would be too much for us, but after reading about groups of three defeating Onyxia, it ought to be easy for the four of us, right?

Maybe we’ll get to level 60 before we start down that path.  We still have work left in Blackrock Depths after all.

9 thoughts on “Touring with Marshal Windsor

  1. Redbeard

    Sara Oakheart…. That’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time. A very long time….

    But seriously, gratz on making it through that portion of BRD! Oh, and I should let you know before you get stuck considering a farming expedition, the Hand of Justice now drops on Emperor Thaurissan, not in the middle area (General Angerforge). It supposedly has a friendlier drop rate, but it does kind of suck to have to go all the way to the end to find it.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Redbeard – Sara Oakheart’s name is invoked during nearly every escort quest we start by either Skronk or myself. Her slowness is legend. Though, honestly, if there were justice in the world, Pengail in the Lone Lands would get more attention as the crazy escortee who won’t leave until he gets his stuff back and then will run miles out of his way to fight with any mob in the zone that even thinks about looking at him sideways… but I guess Marshal Windsor predates them both.


  3. Redbeard


    It’s easy to be broke in Classic if you don’t farm and you rely upon the AH and other methods of upping your gear. Trust me, I’ve been there.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    The problem is that, since I saved up for mounts for three characters, I have spent little to no time trying to make gold. I did manage to put some bind on equip gear up on the AH successfully this week, so I am up to 60g now, but that still leaves me a few miles shy of an epic mount.


  5. flosch

    Oh nice! Happy to see it worked out for you on the second try.

    When I saw your first arrow-annotated map, I already thought, “curious, the arrow doesn’t really curve around the ring of law… I wonder whether that’s just Wilhelm being lazy” ;-) Turns out it wasn’t, but you managed to do it nonetheless. Not bad for being only 4 people!

    Also, dying to the guards. Classic!

    I’m afraid though that Blackrock Spire might be the end of the line. Since you have to go into Upper Blackrock, you’ll not be 80% of a full group, but suddenly only 40%… and that will certainly be too much to overcome, unless you’re willing to pug it. But then again, the most interesting parts of the quest line are over by now anyway.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @flosch – Well, we still have lots to do. BRD remains unfinished, then there is Scholo, Stratholme, and the wings of Dire Maul to wrap up. That will keep us going for a while. And some day Earl might rejoin us… he is currently trapped in Japan for work, his company can’t send anybody to replace him so he has to stay until COVID clears up… at which point five of us would give it a go.


  7. flosch

    Oh yeah, there’s definitely still stuff to do, I was thinking purely in terms of the Ony quest line. I always loved most of these high end instances.
    If you plan to give UBRS, start planning for several LBRS runs, though… You’ll need the three gems to restore the seal of ascension, which works as a key to the UBRS door (and IIRC has n interesting on-use that can help you out when fighting Rend inside)… And the gems are not guaranteed drops. It’s a bit of a slog :(


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