Straight from the Mail Bag: Media Ops!

Oh, back to the mail bag.

I usually just dump a bunch of headlines into a list and call it a day for one of these posts, just to show you what shows up in my inbox.  But this time around I have a theme.

I asked an AI to make me a mailbag full of spam and got a dumpster

Something happened in April and interview offers and “media ops” were suddenly a thing in my email account.

Seriously, this was a complete unprecedented burst of activity.  I pulled out and list below the subject lines for 71 different interview opportunity email messages that I received in April.

I can hear you saying, “Well, 71 isn’t THAT many email messages.”  And you are correct.  But I also got the usual amount of other messages… plus, I managed to get two or three… and a couple of time four… versions of the same email on different days.  So 71 is after I filtered out nearly as many duplicates.

And what sort of topics did various publicity agencies think were suitable for this site?  What interviews did they feel would add value here?  Well, head on down the list.

  1. From Politicians to Veterans to everyday people: How a newly released gaming app is helping battle Mental Health
  2. Where Yellow Flowers Bloom: A Heartfelt Testament of a Mother’s Love and a Wife’s Devotion in the Midst of Sudden Loss and Trauma
  3. Entering or Re-entering the Workforce? Expert Offers 10 Fast-Start Tips to Help Job Seekers Launch a Career, Get Noticed and Achieve Early Success
  4. Unexpected Insights for Modern Parents: Children Can Be Far More Helpful and Capable than We Allow Them to Be
  5. Montecito Mudslide Tragedy: Grieving Mother and Wife Recounts Healing Journey Following Profound Loss
  6. Winner of 64 Film Awards: GodChaserz The Documentary Available Now on Streaming Platforms
  7. U.S. Sanctions Iran’s Regime as Lawmakers Announce New Bill to Support Iranians – Intv. w/ Iranian Policy Experts
  8. A Needle in a Haystack: Dig Through the Rubble to Find Authentic, Lasting Relationships, Says Bestselling Author Jameliah Gooden
  9. MEG Author Steve Alten Announces What Fans Have Been Requesting For Years: A Collector’s Edition Set
  10. 10 Fast-Start Tips to Help Job Seekers Launch a Career, Get Noticed and Achieve Early Success
    Block(chain) Party: How Educating Kids on Crypto Can Shape Tomorrow’s Digital Wizards–Intv. w/ Bitcoin Expert
  11. Streaming TV Network Ventures Into Live Animal Rights Trial Coverage With Expert Panels, and People are Watching!
  12. At 19, Homeless and Pregnant, Allyson Roberts Beat the Odds; Now She Helps Others Do the Same
  13. Real Estate Expert Offers Valuable Insights to Help Home Buyers Scared of High Interest Rates and Sellers Spooked by Lower Home Values
  14. The Adventures of Hillary the Little Ladybug Children’s Series Features Original Illustrations, Photography and Playfully Educational Storylines
  15. Unmasking the Artificial: Misinformation Expert Deconstructs the Deep Fakes and Warped Realities of Generative AI
  16. Are Your Business and Personal Brands Prepared for AI? Expert Says Most Aren’t
  17. Mother’s Day Masterpieces: AI Platform Founder Shares How AI Art Creates Picture-Perfect Memories
  18. Expert on Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attacks William R. Forstchen, Ph.D. Available for Interviews to Discuss What We Can Do to Be Better Prepared
  19. Workplace Safety Matters: The Importance of Building an ‘Ownership Culture’
  20. A Voice for the Voiceless: Renowned Music Artist Kevin Gates is Speaking Out About Suicide Prevention
  21. New Age Recording Artist Kaliyani’s Inspiring Single and Music Video a Call for Human Connection and Oneness With the Earth
  22. With Shark Tales This Good, Who Needs to Get Back in the Water?
  23. Former CEO of National Health System Shares 5 ‘End-of-Life Care’ Revelations Everyone Should Know
  24. Netflix’s Live Stream Disaster – PR Crisis CEO on Saving the Platform’s Teetering Reputation
  25. Civility in Crisis: Reversing Discourteous Dialogue Amid Discord in Biz & Life — Interview / Article Opp
  26. Beyond the Classroom: Children in Traditional Societies Learn with Little or No Parental Involvement, Expert Says
  27. Magic and Mystery of Easter Island Statues at Core of Hair-Raising Expedition in The Trouble with Miracles
  28. Young Influencer With Asperger’s Syndrome on a Mission to Empower Others Living With Disabilities
  29. How, We As a Society, Can Address The Mental Health Crisis Among Men – Male Actor And Advocate Comments
  30. Decoding the Bitcoin Dip and Its Connection to Bank Earnings–Intv. w/ Bitcoin Expert
  31. Kaliyani’s ‘One Earth’ Single and Music Video a Call for Human Connection and Oneness
  32. Former ‘Science Fiction Prodigy’ Celebrates Half a Century of Publishing with Short Story Collection
  33. The Rise of Animal Rights Trial Coverage
  34. Banks Next Big Risk: Empty American Offices – Commercial Real Estate Veteran Weighs In
    How Does One Deal with All the Bad News These Days?
  35. ‘Embedded Enemy’ Survivor Shares Gripping True Story of Deadly Terrorist Attack on 101st Airborne Division
  36. Music that Transforms Souls: Award-Winning Documentary Captures the Raw Energy and Grit Behind the Production of Faith-Based Rap
  37. Writing, Publishing and Marketing Your First Book: Prolific Author Shares Tips, Strategies and Practical Wisdom in New, Interactive, Free E-Book
  38. Eye Specialist Addresses Concerns Regarding Eyedrops Use After Reported Deaths and Increased Infections
  39. The ‘Insider Threat’ is Closer Than You Think, Says Terrorist Attack Survivor and Situational Awareness Expert
  40. Embedded Enemy Survivor Steadfast in Pursuit of Recognition by the Award of the Purple Heart for Those Killed and Wounded During Terrorist Attack
  41. Over 100 Nationally Recognized Experts Available for Commentary and Analysis on National Security, Economy, Mass Shootings, Artificial Intelligence, Health, and More
  42. ChatGPT and AI News – Should artificial intelligence be regulated? – AI and data scientists for comment
  43. Vaccine Injuries: A Nurse Practitioner’s Plea for Government Agencies to ‘Start Telling the Truth’
  44. Hollywood Actress on Trial for Grabbing a Chicken: Coverage Draws Thousands of Viewers as UnchainedTV Ventures Into Live Streaming of Animal Rights Trials
  45. The Trouble with Miracles Author Explores the Unintended Consequences of Scientific Breakthroughs in Reality-Based Trilogy
  46. Unique eBay Charity Auction Features 1,000 Original Hats and Other Couture Items From New York Estate
  47. Caring for an Aging Parent: CFP Outlines Proactive Approach to Preserve Wealth and Family Harmony
  48. Surfing the Search Wave: Expert Dives into B bitcoin’s Rise as America’s Top Trending Topic
  49. Riding the Bitcoin Wave: Uncover Hidden Opportunities with Bitcoin Expert Amid the Banking Crisis
  50. Veteran Hollywood Investor Reinventing Livestreaming Entertainment Industry
  51. Exclusive: Revolutionizing AI Art with NightCafe Studio’s Access to DeepFloyd’s Game-Changing Algorithm
  52. Beware, Phishers: Cybersecurity Expert on How to Stay Safe
  53. Beyond the TikTok Ban: Expert Insights on Protecting Children’s Data and Addressing the Real Issues at Stake
  54. AI Spy with My Digital Eye: Will Artificial Intelligence Outsmart or Complement Marketers?–Intv. w/ Group Director of Performance Media
  55. Saving Teen Girls From Rising Tide of Depression: Lifestyle Psychiatrist Shares Drug-Free, Affordable Strategies
  56. Picture This Exclusive: AI Platform Founder Reveals DeepFloyd’s Groundbreaking Algorithm Set to Reshape the AI World
  57. Week Ahead in Misinfo/Disinfo News – Interviews w/ Risk Intelligence Expert Available
  58. Leave the Pain of Past Trauma Behind: Expert Shares Proven Strategies That Heal
  59. Crypto-conflict: Unearthing the Cyber Warfare Potential of Cryptocurrency–Intv. w/ Bitcoin Expert
  60. Why Celebs, Pokémon & Marvel Love This Artist
  61. Legendary Video Game Visionary Building the Metaverse
  62. AI is Making Misinformation King – What this Means for Public Figures, Our Habits, & Everything In Between; Creative Agency Founder Weighs In
  63. Entering or Re-entering the Workforce? Former Fortune 100 President Shares His Practical Wisdom
  64. She Hit a Glass Ceiling and Opened a Window: Juliet Hall Shares Her Powerful Career Pivoting Prompts
  65. Debt Default Drama: Will Bitcoin Skyrocket or Face a Crypto Crash?
  66. AI Art CEO Reveals the Power of Stability AI’s Newly Released Algorithm
  67. Patricia Summersett returns as the voice of Zelda in Tears of the Kingdom
  68. The Buddhist CEO a Blueprint for Work-Life Balance
  69. Defining Attributes to Help Overcome ‘Virus of Victimhood’
  70. Unlocking the Power of AI: How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Paid Search Marketing
  71. Three Veterans and a Hacker: How ORE Sys is helping men deal with mental health through a gaming app

I think there are maybe five headlines in there that even involve video games.  Lots on Bitcoin and careers and AI and other things not very much on the topic of this site.

I did find the one from the “Fortune 100 CEO” about re-entering the workforce to be perhaps the least likely to involve anything useful or interesting.  A CEO of a big company is generally so detached from the day to day work of the company that their idea of what people actually do is generally absurd.

Also, advice from rich people is generally bad.  The first rule of rich people club is don’t help other people join rich people club.

Anyway, another glimpse behind the scenes here.

2 thoughts on “Straight from the Mail Bag: Media Ops!

  1. Archey

    #12 and #68 also look like dupes.

    So, I guess the idea here is to find aspiring influencers and bait them with opportunities to be more… influencing? And presumably to pay for the privilege?

    On a side note, it’s interesting how ubiquitous the format “catchy topic: longer explanation of catchy topic” is nowadays . Looks like close to 2/3 of the list is in that format. Though, looking for creativity from spammers was always going to be a disappointment.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Archey – I’m surprised there was only one dupe honestly. I had to weed out so many. I also have a secondary source in the spam folder, which has another pile of such media op email messages. So I replaced 68 with one of those.


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