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The East End of Stonefield

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I finished up Freemarch and was moving into Stonefield in Rift Prime.  While the leveling via quests dynamic was holding me a bit behind in levels, I was still about set, entering Stonefield and hitting level 18.

Stonefield tiger in the wild, find a quest hub for this child

But it wasn’t too long before pushing into Stonefield that the quest trail started to pull away from me.  Quests are pretty manageable at up to two levels ahead of your own level, but after that the situation gets a bit dicey and it wasn’t too long before I was wading around in quests three or four levels above me.  I was level 19 by then, but the quests were 22 and up.  Not a viable position for me.

After looking at the map I realized that the lead-in quest for the zone teleported me a ways into the zone and that the quests from there had only sent me back to the previous quest hub.

Stonefield map

Something in the back of my head told me that there was something to be found in the gap between that first quest hub and the boarder with Freemarch along the road between the two.

Sure enough, there were a few quests there, which helped me along.  But it wasn’t enough to catch up.  I was still lingering at level 19.  And then Wednesday’s patch hit.

There were a few items in that patch, but the key one was this:

QUEST EXPERIENCE HAS BEEN DRASTICALLY INCREASED! The exact percentage of the increase varies by level range, but is substantial– about 3x overall!

Increased quest experience, enough to keep me on track I was pretty sure.  But first I would have to get back on track.  Boosted quest experience only helps when you can actually do the quests.

I had an idea.  I went back to Freemarch and picked up the daily rift event related quests from three different quest hubs and ran after some rifts for a bit.  That was four quests total and I can confirm that the experience output was noticeably higher.  After closing a second rift to finish off the last of them, I hit level 20.

So many notifications

That was just enough to get me back on the rails in Stonefield.

Still, all was not as well as one might have hoped.  There was a report that invasion experience was wrong now and that something was amiss with warfronts (battlegrounds), the latter coming into play because somebody grabbed the PvP guild quest.  We were knocking out the PvE ones too quickly I guess.

Anyway, there is another emergency maintenance downtime today to address issues as yet unspecified.  Lag and server stability are still issues.  We shall see how things look tonight.  I am sure this is all a learning experience for Trion.  Daybreak has the advantage of having done the retro server a few times and they still stumble a bit at every launch.

Finishing Freemarch and the Vendors of the Ascended

The Rift Prime venture continued to hold my attention over the weekend, though it was admittedly a weekend where I did not have a lot of spare time to play.

Rising up, back on the street, did my time, took my chances

I managed to complete the circuit around Freemarch, completing quests as the chain zig-zagged across the zone, slaying mobs, collecting items, and eating cheese.

Yes, it even includes a cheese eating pun in the achievement

The problem was that by the time I had gotten around to where quests started to dry up I was just hitting level 17, which was a bit shy of the level you want to be to head on to the next zone, Stonefield.  The game was ready to send me there.  I had the quest.  But I felt like I needed to be at least closer to 18 to move off to a zone that is billed as starting at level 20.  Even doing the near constant zone events hadn’t edged me far enough along.

Oh, we’re slaying this guy again

So I did what I often do and checked my achievements.  Rift came along after WoW had already made achievements a necessary feature, so it has a pretty complete set, including the usual exploration and quests in zone variations.  Sure enough, I had yet to explore all of the zone and I was a good eight quests shy of that achievement as well.

Freemarch and Meridian

The problem seemed to lay in my faulty memory of the game.  I would wander off to where I thought the next quest ought to be, causing me to miss a couple of quests along the way.  I seemed to have a pattern of not going to the beach, so I rode off to where, in the dusty bits of my memory, I seemed to recall a few quests lingering.

Riding off to the beach at dusk

I rode because along the way I had also sprung for a horse.  Paring down my bag inventory mercilessly and selling a few items at the auction house made investment in a mount seem worthwhile.  There are only a few choices.

Horses for sale

I went for the bay.  It doesn’t feel all that fast, but it is faster than walking at least.

I found a few quests at one beach, then a couple more up the way in an unexplored area, then was left with both one unexplored point on the map and a couple of quests.  That unexplored location was another beach area just east of Kelari Refuge.  So it was that I got the exploration achievement as soon as I arrived.

Freemarch explored

And, once there I found a couple of quests ready and the location where I expected to find another, though it had been overrun by an invasion foothold that I had to take out in order to get the quest giver to respawn.  That is a thing with Rift, you sometimes have to clear hostiles off the quest hub.

Once I got those setup… and then helped clear a water rift that had descended on the beach in the middle of the area I needed… again, a very much a thing in Rift… I was able to finish up the quests, getting the achievement on the last turn in.

The Long March complete

That achievement actually had a reward, some void stones, one of the in-game currencies, so seemed worth doing for both that and the experience.  And there was even one more quest over on the shore that I had not done, though I recalled it requiring a stretch of underwater work.  That doesn’t thrill me, so I let it be and headed back towards Meridian to clear my bags and see about getting to Stonefield.

Up to that point I had forgotten that the game had something equivalent to the hearthstone in WoW, though why I should have forgotten that when Rift copied so much of WoW is something of a mystery.  I only chanced upon it when I was looking at my abilities for something else.

Like a hearthstone, but doesn’t take up a bag slot

Of course, five years down the road the WoW version of this has become three different hearthstones (which, of course, take up three different bag slots) that have only a 20 minute cool down.  Now an hour seems so unreasonable.  I’ve got places to be, I can’t wait an hour!

Anyway, I got my void stones, clear my bag, and got a lift to Stonefield.  I was just shy of 18 at that point, but found some quests open to me when I arrived.  However, once I rolled over to level 18 a bunch more suddenly became available, proving my point.

So I am starting off on the second zone, still having a good enough time.  I opted for Rift over WoW all week.

Stonefield, where there are more rifts

I am starting to agree more and more that progress relative to the quest chain is off, even when I have done a bunch of rifts and invasion events.  But I haven’t taken the time to go off and do a dungeon yet.  Maybe I need to do that as well.  The last time I did Realm of the Fae, the first dungeon on the list, was December 2011 and I have almost no memory of it.

The world seems to still be quite well populated.  I’ve always found other people around when doing the various events.  But it feels like the events are set to go off at a pretty rapid pace, so I wonder if Freemarch will simply be overrun when the population dries up some more.  Or maybe the level scaling will keep people coming back in search of planarite.  We shall see.

I did see some of the server issues people had been complaining about.  At a couple of points during peak hours it was taking quest NPCs a while to respond and rift event transitions seemed to lag.  And during one invasion event it looked like the whole zone got disconnected a couple of times.  Lots and lots of people dropped and logging back in.  But the login queues didn’t seem to be a thing, at least when I was getting online.

Meanwhile the Carnival of the Acended, the Rift anniversary event, launched on the live servers.  Trion had said they were going to do something on Rift Prime for it, which I had hoped it might add a bit of spice, or at least something else to add to the xp budget.  But in the end they just put a couple of vendors in the cities and called it a day.

Vendors of the ascended

As if being encouraged to celebrate a holiday by spending money wasn’t too real world enough, the vendors had crap all worth getting.  I had hope that maybe there might be a cosmetic hat on which to spend some of my void stones, but I was destined to be disappointed.  I will save my void stones for something else.

So there it is. I continue along with Rift Prime for the moment.

Over Abundant Gifts in Telara

In the mix of old and new in Rift Prime, the daily gift box apparently made the cut for inclusion.

In its Rift for this is the daily rewards calendar.  You get something every day you log in.

The Daily Rewards you get Daily

I was on day six last night, which entitled me to a box of crafting materials.

Box of Materials

Previous days were fireworks or void stones or other little things.  So I claimed the box and opened it.

Oh, one of the things I didn’t bother to bring up in the last post was inventory management.  Being a new character on a new server and all that, I had only the 20 slot starter bag… World of Warcraft finally matched that… plus whatever other bags I have been able to scrounge.  That total hasn’t been much, leaving me with a grand total of 38 bag slots, which sounds like a lot, but really isn’t all that much for a packrat like myself.

I have tried to be good, vendoring things mercilessly to try and keep things from accumulating.  Still, I keep getting little things that I hate to toss, but haven’t gotten around to using.  How many stat buff scrolls can I use at once if they’re all for wisdom, right?

As I said, I opened the box, only to find it trying to dump in excess of 25 stacks of crafting materials on me.  I probably had a dozen slots free, tops.  So there I was with the clown car-like box waiting for me to clear bag space.

Inventory full and then some

Fortunately I logged off in Meridian the night before, so I only had to walk across town to the bank NPC in order to start depositing thing.  I’d hate for that to have happened if I were out in the field.

Like I said, I shouldn’t look a gift box in the… opening I suppose.  But sometimes the generosity is a bit too much.

Still, if I remember to claim every day and get to Day 21 before it resets a mount is waiting for me.

Trove of mounts at Day 21

We’ll see if I can wait that long for a mount.  Freemarch is a tight zone, but when you’re in an invasion event group and everybody mounts up and rides off while you’re trotting along behind, it can try a player’s will.

The Fishing Defiants in Telara

I was a little bit slow to roll into Rift Prime.  As noted, I set myself up with 30 days of Patron status using the abundance of credits I had in the game and rolled up a character on the new server when it launched last Wednesday.

Mounted tiger burning bright, ignore the common chatroom blight

Still, I had some trouble building enthusiasm for a fresh start in Rift.  I haven’t really touched the game since the Free to Play conversion a little over four years ago.  But it wasn’t the conversion that damped my enthusiasm for the game, but the first expansion, Storm Legion, and the design philosophy that seemed to bring to the game.  Not everything about it was bad.  The expansion did have some good ideas.  But the “more is better” philosophy about the size of zones let me down after the awesome tight “less is more” zone design that went into the first 50 levels of the game.

It didn’t help that Rift felt a dated even as I started to poke my nose into it.  The character models, never a high point of the game, seemed even rougher and uglier than I recalled.  It doesn’t help that I favor the Defiant side of the game, which features purple elves, purple… uh… big people, and gray humans that seem to have some rodent mixed into their genes somewhere.

Character models aren’t the most important thing ever for me, so it takes something for me to be put off on that front.  And while the Guardians side of the house has better models, I dislike their post-tutorial zone, Silverwood, with about the same intensity as a I love Freemarch, the Defiant post-tutorial zone.

So I rolled a big old Bahmi (which always makes me think of banh mi, which are not purple at all) chose the cleric’s path, and headed out into the tutorial.  And then, almost immediately logged off.  Clearly I was not excited to play.

I logged back on later and rolled through the starter zone, took the portal back in time, and landed in the corner of Freemarch where you start in the game world, and logged off again.

I wasn’t put off by queues or the horror of the level 1-29 chat, which I turned off fairly quickly.  Many dumb things were being said there.  Freemarch chat was better, but had its moments as well.

Only one of us is correct

Rather it was my inability to quickly match my fond memories of the game with my current experience.  I can prove I was fond of the game because I leveled up one of each of the class archetypes to level 50 before the Storm Legion expansion.

Four Level 50s… and Nehru

That I played a mage up to level cap says something.  I almost never do that and, when I do, it tend to be via some off-the-main-path mechanic.  For example in WoW I will shortly have a level 110 mage.  But he got level boosted from 60 to 100 and his experience from level 101 to 110 will be almost exclusively from pet battles.

But how to get there?  How to find whatever it was that got me hooked back in the day?

It is different when Daybreak rolls up another EverQuest retro server.  There the draw, the nostalgia, is almost wholly concentrated in the first 20 levels.  Killing things in front of Qeynos, roaming into the Qeynos Hills and Blackburrow, ranging out into the Karanas, and then making that first run across the world to Freeport and Faydwer, that about covers it.  Find a few groups, camp some spawns as I go, and nostalgia objective achieved.

It is clearly different in Rift for me, where my memory of the initial tutorial zone ranges from bland to negative.  It is also before the fun of the soul system starts to kick in.  The soul system can be one of the highs of the game, enabling players to create some very fun setups to play.  Of course, it can also be a curse as you are more likely to make an unfun setup if you’re not on top of the whole thing.

Fortunately, one of the post-launch updates Trion kept for Rift Prime was the suggested soul templates for people like me who want a fun setup, but who will screw it up if forced to make their own.  I am enjoying the cleric template I picked, but it took a while to get to that.

The Nature’s Protector build, complete with pet!

You have to go through the usual stages of running up to mobs to beat on them with your one attack, to getting a ranged attack, to getting a good close up attack with a cool down, to getting a better ranged attack, which took a few levels.

I played furtively off and on until Sunday when I started to hit my stride.  The tipping point seemed to involve fishing.  I was stumbling along from quest to quest, knocking down a rift now and again, but not really feeling it.  Then I arrived at Kelari Refuge, a village on the coast of Freemarch and found a mass of people hanging around fishing.

Kelari Refuge arrival

There is a trainer there for fishing, as well as some of the other trade skills.  But, as if my wont, I went for fishing, hanging out on the coast for a stretch.  Fishing quests give experience after all.

That seemed to get me into the vibe of the game.  Fishing in Rift is a pretty decent implementation, a little more old school than the current WoW mechanic,  more useful and well integrated that what you find in LOTRO, but not as clunky as it was way back in Norrath.

I hung out and finished up the fishing quests, earning all the Freemarch fishing achievements along the way.  It was about then that it started to look like we might have enough people interested in playing that a guild seemed appropriate.  I had already ditched the default guild the server sticks everybody in, tiring of an eternal stream of messages about achievements and who just logged in or out, so was set to make a new one.  Fortunately, guild creation in Rift is an extremely frictionless process.  You essentially open the guild window and press the button.  None of that collecting signatures in blood or petitioning for a GM to create you guild.  You want a guild, you got a guild, so I created a guild with what I felt was the theme of the moment.

A guild is born

I then set about inviting people and promoting them.  The default guild structure in Rift has… a lot of ranks.  I set about making everybody an officer and then, on discovering that the default officer rank was actually pretty far down the hierarchy, went and gave officers the ability to essentially do “all the things” so people could get in the guild.

I also found that the only title I had accrued in the game so far fit the theme as well, so I displayed that.

All about the fishing

That done, I set about not fishing anymore, but headed off into the Freemarch quest line again, stopping along the way for rifts and invasion events, which seemed to be quite frequent.

Always another rift forming somewhere…

And from that point on I started to get into it.

Part of that was starting to get into my class/role, which included realizing I left a couple of key abilities off my hotkeys.  Once correctly, or at least better, setup, I realized that I was pretty strong out in the field.

Part of it was reaching that point of immersion… as defined by my own odd parameters last week… where I was just playing the game and enjoying it and not thinking about anything else.

Then there was the feeling of life in the game, with lots of people around and public groups to join and things just happening everywhere.  Sure, once in a while that leads to a competition over quest objectives, but it is mostly a very good thing… as long as you turned off Level 1-29 chat.

And finally, part of it was a sense of nostalgia.  Having, as noted above, run through the game with four Defiant characters previously, questing through Freemarch was a long string of “Oh yeah, I remember that!” moments as I traced a path across the zone.  It had been a while, so details were fuzzy, but I always felt like I knew where I was headed and if there was some other quest I ought to pick up before headed to a certain point.

Add in the random element of rifts and invasion events and I was having a good time.  I logged into Rift and let WoW be for the day.

Of course, I saw a lot of complaints about Rift Prime.  But complaints always bubble up because people happy with things tend to just play.

I think part of the problem is that Rift Prime wants to be several things.  There is a hint of it being retro server in its own way, limiting content for a bit and dialing up the experience slope some.  But it also wants to be a live server while, so it doesn’t limit things that came later in the game.  And there was also a thread in the message from Trion about simply wanting to give people a non-cash shop, non-loot box, old fashioned subscription style experience.

So, as happens when you have multiple threads in your message, people hear the one that appeals to them and ignore the rest, the complain when they figure out that the focus wasn’t solely on what they expected.

Of the complaints, I think experience might be the thorniest of the bunch.  Part of me sees the problem, and I am far enough along to see it happening, where if you just run the quest lines, the quests chains level up faster that you do.  On the flip side, something in the back of my brain recognizes that very same issue from starting out playing years back, that if you didn’t spend time doing rifts and invasion events you would find yourself in that situation.

So maybe a too literal recreation of the original?

It is annoying to find the quests out leveling you.  On the flip side, I don’t want to rush through the game to level 50 in a week or two, I am fine doing the side tasks, and I am obsessive about doing all of the quests, even the ones you can safely skip or might not find if you’re not careful.

But even then I have found myself about a level or two behind the levels of the quests being offered and I haven’t gotten all that far into things.  So maybe some adjustment is needed.  I will say that I was pleased to find my character was powerful enough to handle mobs 2-3 levels above him.  At about 4-5 levels things get dicey.

For the moment though I am enjoying myself.  Rift has its charm and the reasons I enjoyed it back in the day still seem to exist.  And, with a guild, there is a chance of getting together to do things.  Instances would be cool, but just running around and closing rifts can be fun.

I am not ready to renounce all other games and swear to play Rift forever more, but I am good for the next month or so.  As with EverQuest retro servers, there is something of a built-in expiry for me.  After a certain point I lose interest in the expansions.  The problem with Rift is that I lose interest with Storm Legion, the first expansion.  There isn’t even a Ruins of Kunark to keep me going.  Oh well, I will enjoy what I enjoy and move on when that enjoyment stops.  For now I’m good chasing the next rift on the horizon.

Water rifts are so pretty…

Others writing about Rift Prime this week:

Rift Prime Time

When it came out in the middle of January that Trion was considering what seemed to be a Rift retro-server called Rift Prime, I was on board with that.  But it wasn’t promised until Spring, and we know that could me as late as mid-June.  I’m not going to start the season/calendar discussion again.

Prime for something

Well, I won’t go full on about season, but a month later we learned that up somewhere in San Mateo County Spring shows up before Daylight Savings Time as the Rift Prime server was slated to open up on March 7th, which was yesterday.

That was much sooner than I expected… or, technically, sooner than they led me to expect.

Still, I was ready… or almost ready… or ready-ish.  I was kind of hoping to have worn out WoW for a bit so I could walk away from Azeroth until the Battle for Azeroth launch events started to kick in.

I had, however, already recovered my account and set it up with a new password I might remember for a bit, grabbed the Glyph launcher, and downloaded Rift so it would be ready to go when the time came.

And yesterday the time came.

Peeking at Twitter on my phone, it seemed like perhaps things might not have gone as smoothly as hoped for the launch of Rift Prime.  I heard the server was down for a while, there are still leftover threads in the forums complaining about problems, and there was even mention of a login queue.

The latter must have been encouraging, even given the former.

All in all it was starting to sound like an EverQuest progression server launch.  Again, encouraging that it was popular enough that the load was bringing down the server I suppose.  I wondered if I might be better off waiting for the weekend before poking my nose into the game.

But by the time I got home and had some time to sit down and give things a try the issues appeared to have been settled.  Of course, it took be a bit to get that far.

I was still trying to gauge my actual enthusiasm for the venture.  I have fond memories of playing Rift with the instance group for over a year back in the day… but back in the day was 2013.  I really haven’t played at all since I gave up on the Storm Legion expansion.  That made me leery of over committing.  I was not, for example, up for their $30 Primogenitor Pack.

And then somebody mentioned being able to buy Patron access with the RMT currency.  When the game went F2P way back when Trion gave me 20K of that.

The unified store front back at the F2P launch

Logging into the Rift live servers, I found that I still had well over 19K of that left.  Using that rather than real world money seemed like a plan.  So I started looking in the store.  They were keen to sell me patron status there for real world money.

The usual subscription options

Elsewhere, under the Services option, I found what I was looking for.

Patron status for credits

2,400 credits for 30 days was what I was looking for.  30 days is about the level of commitment I am willing to sign up for.  If it get wrapped up in it and things are going well, I’ll buy more time.  But for now that is all I need.

After that it took me a few mins to figure out how to access Rift Prime.  It is actually setup in the launcher as its own game.

There on the list, Rift Prime

Once I found that, I was able to log in and roll up a new character without issue.  The server was up and whatever “rush to get in” queues had apparently dissipated by late evening.  We’ll see if they light up again come the weekend.

I even got the name Wilhelm on the server.  That never happens.  He is a big Bahmi cleric.

Now to see what Rift Prime and its Vigil server has to offer.  That will probably have to wait for the weekend.

Somewhere along the way I managed to infiltrate Liore’s circle of gaming pals and there is some interest in giving Rift Prime a try, so there might even be a guild and some people to do dungeons with if things go well.  We shall see how it plays out.

Spring is Coming Early for Rift Prime

In which we may again tread into how the seasons are measured.

A little over a month back Trion World’s put out their producer’s letter for Rift in which they were explicitly eyeing the seemingly evergreen fields of video game nostalgia with a mind towards making a few bucks on the idea.  Leave it to Trion to jump on the nostalgia bandwagon only after Blizzard began lumbering in that direction with WoW Classic.  We may not be in Azeroth anymore, but the influence of that world can always be felt across the genre.

Anyway, the plan was for something called Rift Prime, a nostalgia server set to follow the well trod path that EverQuest has been going down with increasing frequency over the last decade.  As with the well honed EverQuest model, the basic plan put forward back then would be a server with vanilla content (with some adjustment to the easier to access dials and switches to make the current state of play seem a bit more retro) that would unlock expansion content over time, and which would be available only to subscribers… excuse me, patrons… which would allow Trion to remove much of the cash shop gimmickry that otherwise pays the bills on the standard live servers.  All of this, and some other vague statements, were slated to become reality in “Spring of 2018” according to the producer’s letter.

While you may have noticed the rising tide of sarcasm up to this point, let me assure you I was, and remain, in full approval of this idea.  While I’d be interest to know whether the idea of Blizzard soon taking up every last seat on the nostalgia bus or the building backlash against lockboxes might have set Trion on this path, that is mostly idle curiosity.  That it is happening is the the real thing, the coin of the realm, and I am on board with it.

And spring seemed like a good time frame for me last month.  I was still enamored with Azeroth and pet battles and what not, and expected to remain so for another few months or so before tiring of it.  The launch could have been quite a while coming, as late as the front half of June, as we will recall from the Landmark Spring launch that came about on June 10, 2016.  Massively OP tried to make that something to complain about, but in the northern hemisphere summer is generally accepted to start on the solstice, not on June 1st.  A cabal of astrophysicists and calendar makers have made this a thing.  Trion just had to get there between March 20 and June 21st.

So when yesterday I saw the announcement that Rift Prime would launch on March 7, 2018, my second thought was, “That’s not spring!”

A springing tiger mount does not change that

I know that seems more than a bit pedantic, especially in California where is can get “spring-ish” in February, but I have been trained by years of working in software that an estimate like “spring” generally means as far into spring as you can get away with… like June 10th… the same way that “the middle of the month” means any day save the first or the last of a given month and “in a future release” means a point in time somewhere before the heat death of the universe.  Nothing is ever early.

This mattered to me because, as noted, I am still invested in WoW right now and I hate to dump a game I am enjoying for some new variable.  A bird in the hand is worth a pig in a poke and all that.  And few things can rain on playing another MMO than currently having fun playing WoW.

My first though was, “Oh, hey, that’s my birthday.”  I’m not sure if that is a sign or not.

Anyway, I am as ready as I can be I suppose.  After the producer’s letter I went and got the Glyph launcher, now considerably more trim since it let go of its Steam aspirations, figured out my login credentials, downloaded and patched Rift, then actually logged in.  So I am ready on that front.  I still need to buy my way into patron status… subscribe… to get access to Rift Prime, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

But do I want to play?

As mentioned, still being invested in WoW is an issue.  I’m on the downside of the usual WoW high and, while not ready to walk away just this minute, it wouldn’t be a tragedy if I did.  It might be better if I walked off still hungry for a bit more Azeroth.

Meanwhile, to get in on day one of a new server can be a special thing in and of itself.  And Rift’s world, or at least the initial content from launch, was made up of a set of very well designed zones that I really enjoyed the first time through… and the second and the third and the fourth time.  So I am good there.

Not everything will be as it was.  As the Rift Prime FAQ points out:

RIFT Prime will not be an exact copy of launch RIFT, and certain features that were added to RIFT to expand gameplay or improve quality of life will be available from day one. These include: Dimensions, Looking for Group, Looking for Raid, current Warfronts, and Wardrobes.

Instant adventures is off the table however.  That’s okay, IA was something of a “keep people busy while we get some new content out” sort of thing.

The server will also have level scaling for zones, so if you wander into a lower level zone you haven’t finished up, you’ll be scaled down to the level of the content.  No running about one-shotting everything.  Good as well.

There will be a cash shop, but it won’t offer gear or bags or lockboxes for the RMT currency.  There will just be cosmetics, mounts, and services available.  However, if you already have Rift Credits on your account… I have a bunch left from the F2P transition…  you won’t be able to use them.  There will be special Prime Credits for this server, though when the server closes any Prime Credits you have will become normal Rift Credits.

The FAQ says that they expect the server to run for at least a year, which after so much exposure to the mighty mountain of expansion unlocks that come with an EverQuest retro server, seems like a very short time horizon.  but Rift just doesn’t have that much to unlock.

And maybe a year is good.  Honestly, I am not interested in going into Storm Legion or beyond, the zone design there being the antithesis of the what I enjoyed about the launch zones.  So that would leave me playing for a few months before wandering off.  I don’t need a server to last more than a year to get what I am looking for.  And if it is a success, the shorter duration will likely lead to more such servers.

And, of course, Trion is selling a special Rift Primogenitor Pack in their web store for $30, which gets you the following:

  • 30 days of Patron access for the purchaser
  • 2 voucher codes for 15 days of Patron access each (30 days total). Invite your friends to play, apply it to your alts or use the time yourself!
  • A mount out of the ordinary: Armored White War Tiger
  • A title exclusive to Prime players: Primogenitor
  • Cloak of the Void
  • A new Prime portrait frame

Essentially, if you buy it all just for yourself, you’re getting two months of Patron access for about the same price as two months of Patron access, with a few goodies thrown in to sweeten the deal.

So I am leaning in favor of this.  I am not totally sold, but I have two weeks to decide.  And since I am crashing from my typing binge, I’ll close with a poll about this:

There is a poll above this line which, if you don’t see it, might have been eaten by ad block or Firefox or Russian troll bots.