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Sayonara Norrath April 20, 2008

Posted by Wilhelm Arcturus in entertainment, EverQuest, Sony Online Entertainment, YouTube.

Just because Tipa has the EverQuest Nostalgia ball rolling again with the declaration that “EverQuest is Not Dead!”

Watch this, get all misty eyed, make a new character on Luclin.

Or something like that.


1. Tipa - April 20, 2008

c’mon :)


2. Cheston - April 20, 2008

Wow that video got me all sorts of emo about EQ, I’m really tempted to reinstall now.


3. Wilhelm2451 - April 20, 2008

Yes, it is a very powerful combination of images from the game with just the right music.

I just have to watch this once on a rainy day in fall and I am suddenly installed, subscribed, and in the game.


4. smakendahed - May 6, 2009

Yup, that one got me way back when. I spent a lot of time in that game. A lot of fun and good memories.

I’ve actually had considered giving this a look again for memory’s sake, but not going to happen. I’ll get in, see all sorts of things have changed so I’ll feel like a noob for about 2 hours, figure things out again and it’ll all come back to me. Sort of like reading a book for the second time. heh


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