Daily Archives: February 10, 2007

The Spending Spree

Blintz my swashbuckler is getting ever closer to adventure level 40.  He hit level 38 last night.

When he gets to 40, he is going to need to make himself a new set of armor, which means I need to get his armor making level up into the 40s pretty soon.  I started working on trade skills again this morning and got him half way through level 36 armor when I ran out of supplies.

I mean I really ran out.  I had scrounged every bit of feyiron off of every character and sent it to Blintz.  I was completely dry on all my characters.  Not one bit of feyiron was left in any form.  (Blintz had been using feyiron sheets, plates, studs, blades, spikes, and hilts left over from pre-LU 24 trade skills.)

So I got my main out, Nomu, and went on a spending spree.

I bought 5 stacks of feyiron at 7 silver each, 2 stacks of tussah at 3 silver each, and 2 stacks of etched pelts at 30 copper each.

I also invested in some cheap (1 silver) fulginate for next tier.

And then, finally, I picked up 7 ebon clusters at 80 gold each to help equip Blintz for the next tier.

All in all, quite a chunk of change.

Now to get back to grinding through some trade skill levels.