Daily Archives: February 20, 2007

Slaying Dragoon K’Naae

Sunday I had a bit of time during the evening to run around in game.  I was still out by the Commonlands, so decided to pick up where I left off on “Dragoon K’Naae of the Thexians.”

I needed to pick up the water sample from Behemoth pond and bring it to Dragoon K’Naae, an easy enough task.  I hit the pond then trotted along to him and updated the quest.

Now I needed to get through the Dragoon T’Sanne fight.  That was probably a bit much for me solo, a named heroic, even if he was only level 30 or so.

As I headed back down the trail, somebody said on OOC, “Anybody want to help with the heritage quest?”

Well, there are lots of HQs that have bits and pieces in Nektulos Forest, but I responded hopefully, “The T’Sanne fight?”

The responded in the affirmative and sent me a group invite.  I was now grouped with Ronson, a level 30 wizard and Rastan, a level 32 troubadour.  (I seem to be finding a lot of troubs running around these days.  Oh, and if you are going to name a wizard, naming him after a lighter is about as appropriate as you can get I suppose.)

They were a little paranoid about trying to take on T’Sanne with just our group, though I was happy enough to give it a try. (I’m a swashbuckler, but I act like a berserker.)

Still, we held off trying while we found a couple more people to come and help.  We got a few and started clearing the Gul’Thex Citadel to try to spawn T’Sanne.

This ended up being another long wait.  We killed anything that popped.  The experience was good, but T’Sanne would not come out and play.

Some people left, others joined us.  Eventually there were five of us when Ronson said he had to go and get showered for a date. (See, MMO players do get out once in a while.)  He recalled as we stood there in the courtyard.  As he disappeared one of his and Rastan’s guild mates joined us, a level 70 guardian, to help us out.  Just as we grouped him, T’Sanne popped and attacked. 

I learned something new at this point.  You cannot mentor when in combat.  We had to run for it because nobody who needed it would get quest credit.  T’Sanne and his party finally gave up chasing us quite a ways down the road.  The guardian mentored and we headed back to the Citidel. 

Rastan asked me to invite Ronson again because he was still on.  I invited and we waited for him to get all the way back from Freeport to our location in Nektulos.  Fortunately, nobody else seemed interested in T’Sanne.

Ronson showed up, we sent the guardian in and slew T’Sanne and his group quite easily.  It was nice not to be the tank for once… and to have a real tank there in my place.

With T’Sanne down we ran back to do the last step, turn in the quest, and live happily ever after.

When we got there, Ronson spoke to Dragoon K’Naae first, the assassins jumped out and attacked him, and, in an effort to get mobs of the squishy wizard, I did an AOE to get everybody’s attention. 

Everybody included Dragoon K’Naae.  I forgot that he is just a mob and you can kill him.  Ooops.

So we killed everybody.  I think we might have gotten AA experience for K’Naae.  We did get AA experience for another named dark elf wandering the camp.

So we had to wait for K’Naae to respawn, which took a while.  Eventually he showed back up and, good sport that he is, he didn’t mention it when we finished the quest.

That makes my fifth heritage quest with Blintz, so I can go collect a new title.  I also hit level 40 during one of the last fights, so now I really need to get to work on my armor skill to make my next tier of chain.