Marshal Windsor and Lady Prestor

With the holidays and the accompanying travel, the instance group was not up for much in the way of big operations last week.

We did find some time to get together and move the Marshal Windsor quest from Blackrock Depths along another step. We did the procession from the gates, through the city, to Stormwind Keep.

Actually, we had to do it twice, as somebody was quick on the trigger accepting the quest and only two out of the five of us got it the first time around.

If you have been in Stormwind very much, you have certainly heard this quest segment, the Great Masquerade being played out, as it involves a bunch of NPC shouting… er, yelling.

Essentially, you follow Marshal Windsor through town to a confrontation with Lady Katrana Prestor who, it turns out, is the human form of Onyxia the dragon.

So we got a glimpse of Onyxia:

Onyxia Appears

Onyxia Appears

Then she disappeared while a set of elite minions (which you can see in the picture) started to hammer Marshal Windsor and Highlord Bolvar Fordragon. The script demands that Windsor die, but if Fordragon dies as well, you have do the procession over again.

Of course, there are usually a bunch of people standing around in the Keep, so once the fight begins, people tend to jump right in, so Fordragon is as safe as can be. On the second trip we actually took down a couple of these level 60 elite mobs ourselves.

And thus it played out, twice, and we are all now a step closer to access to Onyxia’s Lair, which we are unlikely to ever do, at least not as a five some. The quest experience was huge, and when we were done, everybody in the group was at least level 58.

3 thoughts on “Marshal Windsor and Lady Prestor

  1. LadyPao

    The procession and Windsor’s death were one of the highlights of the game for me, so much so that I accompanied friends on the procession when their time came. I so hated Windsor after all the bugs and hours spent with him, I just needed to see him die more than once!! Ah such sweet memories.


  2. Tenael

    Wow that’s cool that she now transforms into her actual model, she used to transform into just one of the general dragon chicks.

    Secondly, if the 5 of you are still playing when we can get to 80, I wouldn’t see a problem for even a group of casual players taking her out.


  3. *vlad*

    You can take Ony down with 5 players at level 70 (I’ve done it), so don’t give up on that idea.
    I remember doing this quest a long time ago, and every time I went to the castle, Lady Pretor was not in the throne room. I started the quest from the gates over and over again to no avail.
    It turned out someone had killed Ony previously, and still had the head on them. By standing in the throne room they were deliberatley stopping my quest from finishing. Nice, eh?


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