Casualties of WAR – The Guild

In a rare moment of lucidity and forward thinking on the internet, Boathammer (according to Bildo) came up with the idea of coordinating the little inter-linked segment of the MMO bogosphere to which we all belong to try and get us all not only on the same server, but in the same guild when Warhammer Online goes live.

Thus, eventually, was Casualties of WAR born.

This is not some exclusive, bloggers-only club.   Readers, fans, and even podcasters are welcome to become part of the mix.

Then you can have the inside view, the behind the scenes story, about what really went on when we post.  And you can take us to task when we go astray.

There will be both Order and Destruction chapters, so you can play either side.

Please come and visit the guild site to see who has come out to play and what it is all about.  Seriously, I keep peeking in to see who is on board with us.  We even have Brasse on the team now.  Another dwarf!

8 thoughts on “Casualties of WAR – The Guild

  1. kanthalos

    I’m totally game. This sounds great, I just hope there will be more than two or three people going with the Destruction/Chaos side. I’m tired of being good ;)


  2. Genda

    I hear Stunties and Elves burn real good.

    Join the forces of Destruction and purge the world of these Fascist do-good wannabes!


  3. Rick

    I wouldn’t worry too much about playing Order and being “good”. Buncha witch-burning fascists, we are, and we like it that way!


  4. Sara Pickell

    Ehh, surprisingly enough, assuming I can scrounge up a real job here, I may actually get WAR on release… maybe.

    If I do though, I’m sure I’ll be a night elf.


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