Daily Archives: November 4, 2008

Mail Bag: Anarchy Online?

A reader named Ramon wrote in:

I was wondering if you have any opinion on Anarchy Online? I don’t see you mentioning it, but your articles are always very well balanced so it would be great to hear your opinion if you’ve played AO for any extent of time.

I recently made a free (froob) account after having had a character at launch for a month, and it looks like a totally different game today. Is it worth re-reviewing?

They’re also making a new graphics engine (DX9-capable) and that’s supposed to lure new players into AO. Wonder if it works.

I have no actual experience with Anarchy Online.  To me AO is just the default example of “how not to launch an MMO,” and “the game Funcom screwed up before Age of Conan.”  And while those are actually opinions, they are not very helpful ones.

The game itself is still live 7 years after launch, which must mean somebody is playing it and that it is making money.

Does anybody have some insight into Anarchy Online and what sort of game it is today?

I know that Van Hemlock poked his nose back into the game about 18 months back, but other than that, I do not know of any blogs or other dedicated coverage of the game.

Who is the Anarchy Online expert around here?