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November in Review

The Site

The site goes on.  I’ll be at home on a Sunday evening and wonder if I will have anything to write about in the coming week.  I seem to find something almost daily.

I did get some money from the ad experiment, which paid my WordPress extra storage fees for next year.  I have to be happy about that!

I was hoping to have some more EVE Online Blog Pack profiles to post, but that Crazy Kinux has been jet setting around with the “Who’s Who” of the EVE Online world.  I hope we’ll get back to that this month.

And then, of course, there were all the expansions that came out in November.  Too many choices, not enough time.

One Year Ago

I was going on about MMOs on a single server again, focusing on EVE Online and why its unique set of circumstances allows CCP to get away with everybody on one shard.

I was thinking about all that vendor trash that just disappears.

I was moaning about EverQuest and accessibility again.  I need to get over that.

I hit level 60 for the first time in EverQuest II and was also claiming my four year veteran rewards.

I hit 10 million skill points in EVE and bought my first Drake. (I’m now past 27 million points and on my third Drake!)

My daughter and I were playing LEGO Star Wars: The Compelete Saga on the Wii.

And the instance group was finishing up Sunken Temple in a way that gave us a before and after snapshot of the WoW 2.3 patch.

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EVE Online

With Northrend to explore and Norrath to revisit, I have not had a lot of time for EVE.  My goal was to buy a freighter by Thanksgiving. Financially, I was set by that date, with a nearly a billion ISK set aside in reserve for post purchase economic activity.  But with time limited, I have opted to run missions and such rather than haul trash.  The nice thing about EVE is that once you have your sales position set, it will run for a while by itself, so ISK continues to come in.

Meanwhile, I have been doing the usual training fun, sharpening up combat skills for both my main and my alt.

EverQuest II

Gaff, Potshot, White Kitten, and I have been back in EverQuest II for a while now.  In general it has been a lot of fun, though I am surprised that, four years after launch and to machines later, I still run into performance problems in the game.  I had to draw down the graphic settings (which were set to balanced) to be able to move smoothly through Nektulos Forest.  And at peak hours the responsiveness of the game seems less than ideal.  Press a button… wait a few seconds… action happens.

Still, EverQuest II has a lot to offer.  And being part of Revelry & Honor is great.  Having access to their guild hall… well… it almost feels like cheating.  Plus it is the most amazing and opulent indoor location I have seen in the game.  It takes as long to load as some zones.  I just dread the day when it will be my month to pay the rent on the place.


My 15 year anniversary with Toril MUD has spawned some nostalgia and a few posts, with a couple more to come.  I have even played a bit with my friend Scott, who got me into the game way back when.  I even managed to get in on a zone group today (for Cave City), which was very confusing after more than three years away.  A lot of colorful scrolling text and me trying to figure out what to do.  I don’t think I embarrassed myself too much in the effort.  I only died once despite being somewhat lost the whole time.

World of Warcraft

Wrath of the Lich King has really delivered.  Was it worth nearly a two year wait?  I am not sure.  But it is fresh and smooth and funny and interesting and beautiful and many more things.  Blizzard proves again why they are #1.

Coming Up

A bit more TorilMUD nostalgia as well as reports from Norrath and Azeroth.

We’re coming up to the end of the year, so I’ll have to score my predictions for 2008. (Oh, and my EQ2 predictions as well.)  Tobold isn’t running Blizzard yet, but there is still a month to go.

And, if I get my act together and finish it, there will be another Christmas story.