WAR’s Trumpet Fades

I just got the automatic notification that my Warhammer Online account expired yesterday.  I thought it was going to expire last week, which I’m sure says something.  I did not even notice I had an additional week.

Overall, Warhammer Online is not a bad game.

There is a reasonable PvE game in it that takes you through a lot of very nice landscape, and once in a while you get a decent piece of equipment from a quest.  But for that part of the game to be my main focus in any way, three or four other MMOs would have to cease to exist.  I’m not going to complain that it doesn’t push the PvE envelop because, frankly, it isn’t quite at the state of the art in my opinion.  Two hours of running solo quests in WoW or EQ2 can be fun and compelling.  Two hours of the same in WAR becomes a drag for me.

Scenarios were fun, while I could stand them.  There is a reason I don’t play FPS games or do WoW battlegrounds.  I am not big on repetition.  Once I have spotted the decision point for a given scenario I can generally call the winner about two minutes into the match with 80% accuracy.  After that point I am generally not interested.

Open RvR was a lot of fun, when it happened.  At its peak, it was the best time to be had in the game.  A desperate defense against long odds (people who say they want a fair fight don’t know what they’re talking about… or they’re lying) can be a moment to remember.  As has been pointed out though, the stratification of the population through tiers means that if you are behind the leveling curve, you may find yourself searching long and hard for those desperate battles in open RvR, which is a shame.  That, on any sort of regular basis, might have kept us playing the game.

One regret I have is that I did not get to do much with the big guild I had joined.  However, half of our regular group couldn’t get in, so it came down to playing with the guild or playing with my regular group, the regular group won out.  You stick with who brought you to the dance and all that.  On deciding that our group was going to leave the game, my character was removed from the in-game roster.

In the end, I think the most telling piece of evidence for me is that I have not bothered to log back into WAR since our last Saturday night excursion.  There are just too many other games that I would rather play.

Maybe in a year Mythic will have worked out some of the issues it faces tuning the game to make it fun to a broader group of people.  I read about people having fun in the game, a lot of fun, but it seemed to be difficult to find on my part.  I’ll keep reading the news about the game.

And, finally, my friends at Ideazon would like to point out that Mythic told them that the L key should bring up the quest log as well, so it is printed on their Warhammer Online edition keyboard.  Damn you Mythic!  Damn you!

20 thoughts on “WAR’s Trumpet Fades

  1. Snafzg

    I gotta say that the ultimate irony I found when reading this post is that with the 1.05 patch, the mount summoning trumpets have lost a LOT of their luster. Remember that triumphant French Horn mount-summoning sound? It actually sounds like a rusty trumpet being blown by a chain-smoking geriatric now.


    I can’t say I disagree with this post in any way, especially the PvE comment. I am NOT a PvE guy and yet WoW PvE managed to totally captivate me and I bet it still would all these years later. WAR PvE falls completely flat, yet I can’t really point to many reasons why. There’s just no “it” factor.

    There also aren’t not enough PvE quests to sustain you through each tier, which spells disaster for those behind the leveling curve or those wanting to make alts in the future. If there’s not enough lower level population to sustain the T1-T3 oRvR/scenarios a few months from now, people will be forced to grind that boring PvE even more…

    Can’t say I didn’t call that back in beta. :s


  2. Brendan

    These are pretty similar to my own experiences with WAR.

    The PvE side of the game is lackluster. They did try to have a comprehensive PvE side to the game, but I don’t think Mythic has it in them to produce the kind of quality PvE experiences that games like WoW or EQ2 offer. So, like you, I could do it for a while, but bored of it much more quickly than in those other games.

    That then leads to the second problem, which is the overemphasis on instanced PvP in scenarios. I like running scenarios or battlegrounds — but in moderation, and when I feel like it. The problem with scenarios in WAR is that many people are using them to level, which both drains the rest of the game of its population and corrals the players who want to occasionally run scenarios into the “quick leveling” scenarios that the levelers want to chain: Nordenwatch, Mourkain Temple, Tor Anroc and Serpent’s Passage. None of the others are played, taken altogether, as much as these four are. And, like you, I find running the same scenario again and again and again to be quite boring, and for me at least much more boring that running PvE quests.

    Now of course this would have been more tolerable if there were more open PvP. But there isn’t, for many reasons. One is the clear disparity in rewards, and the incentives the reward scheme creates for focusing on taking keeps and objectives, but not on defending them at all. But there are many other reasons why open PvP lacks as well: scenarios are just easier to get into, require no organization, are timed, provide roughly balanced fights in terms of numbers, guarantee an outcome, guarantee at least some minimum reward every 10-15 minutes etc. These are core issues that cannot be easily changed without really altering the design of the game, in my opinion.

    At this point, WAR needs a makeover, and that makeover will mean, in some shape or form, lessening the role of scenarios in the game. I don’t expect Mythic wants to do this, because there are significant numbers of players who apparently are willing to pay to play the “Quake: Swords and Sorcery Edition” that Warhammer makes available currently. I don’t think they are willing to risk losing these players. But unless the game’s design is changed significantly, I don’t see the game as being very entertaining for me at least, and I suspect that there are many others like me who came to WAR predisposed to like it, but in the end disappointed and moving on to other games.


  3. JoBildo

    Dude… we didn’t cut access to the forums, or rather, that’s not the way it was supposed to be. All of our members, whether they leave WAR or not are still members of the guild, as it should be.

    We ARE branching off into other games, as well. Very shortly even, to help keep those members not interested in WAR gaming together.

    I’ll PM Genda for you. Perhaps you should contact someone before making an inflammatory blog post about it? :)


  4. Genda

    Hey Wilhelm,

    Looks like I may have screwed up the permissions for the forums when I created the new “COW Alumnus” tag for inactive members. I’m sorry about that. I’ll fix them up now, I must have copied the permissions from the wrong user group. My bad.

    I’m kinda disappointed that you didn’t say anything to me or JoBildo about this, we could have gotten it fixed and avoided the misunderstanding. Hope we’re cool.


  5. bluelinebasher

    I was able to post about my departure from WAR just now to the guild, no probs there. Maybe you missed the first roster check — or the website revamp which required a new password?


  6. Genda

    I went back and checked and that is exactly what I did. Please let me know if it is NOT fixed.

    Sorry about that. No one said a thing until now.

    PS – Roster removal is S.O.P., so we can keep track of who is active and who isn’t. That shouldn’t have an effect on your forum access.


  7. Dracon

    Sorry to see you go. And you left before trying out Patch 1.05 and the new Factory scenario and the Heavy Metal event to get a week’s preview of the new Knight of the Blazing Sun, the uber tanking class for Order, and so on. Oh well.

    I agree with your comments about PvE dedication and all. I would have liked to do more PvE in Warhammer, but it was disappointing. I am not much on PvP, but in Warhammer, it makes infinite sense. Warhammer aroused my inner PvP muse. Guild Wars and WoW didn’t do that for me, so Warhammer deserves some credit.


  8. Rick

    Wilhelm, we try to keep up with an accurate roster because there are only 500 spots available in the guild. With the number of apps we had initially, and the number of alts people wanted to try (inluding Destruction guild members who made Order alts), we have to keep track of who’s active and who isn’t. The Roster on the forum is the best way to know who’s current.

    Thanks to Genda and JoBildo for checking it so quickly, and I’m sorry you felt it was personal. The CoWs are just trying to keep things organized. I hope we don’t seem like the kind of people who’d do something like that in a mean-spirited way. That kind of behavior is exactly the opposite of the way we try to treat each other.


  9. nerrollus

    Just wait until you get their “Why did you quit?” survey. It was really satisfying for me to fill that out after only playing WAR about 1-2 weeks after release.


  10. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Openedge1 – The point was that in WAR you cannot open the quest log directly at all, L key or not, one of the constant annoyances in the game for me. But the key map Mythic provided in the box, and to Ideazon I would guess, said that you could.

    @Genda – Thank you, I appear to have access to member areas of the site again. I have a bad habit of assuming that everything is done on purpose and for a reason.

    @Nerrollus – you got a “Why did you quit?” survey? When I canceled my account, all I got was a “Buh-bye!”


  11. JoBildo

    You can open the quest log directly though.

    I swear you can… by clicking a quest on the tracker I think?

    Sure L or J is easier to remember from years of training. But it works. In fact, I think K might open it in WAR, but I could be remembering wrong.


  12. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    The quest tracker only opens up the quest, I want to open it up to the whole list of quests.

    And K opens up the Tome of Knowledge, doesn’t it? Yeah, I can get to the quest log from there, and it even opens to the quest log if that was the last thing I used in the ToK, but I want a key that opens up the quest log directly, all the time, without any mucking about.

    But that was already summed up in another post I did dedicated to the quest log a while back.

    I was amused and annoyed to see the ZBoard in Fry’s the other day with the L key marked as opening up the quest log. It should. It does not.


  13. brainclutter

    K opens your ToK to the last page you were on, so as long as you set your Quest tab to your last active page, K will always open your quest log.

    I think you can make a macro though and then keybind it. Not sure what the code would be.


  14. coppertopper

    I also was removed from the guild forum access within a day of dutifully posting that I was leaving the game for an indeterminate time. That was after leaving all my personal assets to various guild members. So don’t jump his shit for being a little peeved about that occurrence.

    And yes I just checked and can get in to the super secret guild plans for world domination now :p


  15. nerrollus

    Yeah, I got a survey but it came nearly four weeks after I quit, so there’s a delayed send to it. Guess they wanted to give you time to cool off incase you rage quit. hehe ;)


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