The American Tank Tree

World of Tanks has released the American tank tree for their game.

The American Tank Tree

The American tank tree illustrates quite clearly the US position on tank development, which were largely influenced by General McNair, that the US Army didn’t need anything better than the Sherman, which should be used for infantry support and which should leave the enemy tanks to the tank destroyer units.

Because of this position, I thought perhaps they would combine the US and UK tank trees, but I guess not.

4 thoughts on “The American Tank Tree

  1. Stabs

    I loved the wikipedia entry for General McNair.

    The USA actually killed him, possibly by mistake. In recognition of the heroic sacrifice they had caused him to commit they then promoted him. Well done everybody!


  2. HarbingerZero

    Actually it may not. The Firefly only came into being by the persistence of the grunts on the ground, and even then if I remember right, British armoured platoons only got one Firefly each.

    Since they are playing with experimental tanks though, the tree should be fine. Some of the heavy tanks under development at the end of the war were pretty awesome in their own right. And not just the Pershing (ever seen the video of that Pershing laying a beat down on a Panther?) – that T-30 listed is an upgunned version of the T-28, which just oozes awesome:


  3. *vlad*

    The idea of building heavier and heavier tanks was something that all the major players got involved in during WW2. The fact is most heavy tanks were failures, simply because of the logistics required for building them, maintaining them and transporting them onto the battlefield.


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