Octopus Defeats Parakeet – Spain Wins World Cup

Paul the Octopus faced down death threats and stood with his correct prediction that Spain would win the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Paul and his Pick

Mani the Parakeet, who pick the Dutch, was too stunned by this result to issue a statement.

Mani and his Pick

Meanwhile, a bunch of European players ran around a really big field in South Africa for nearly two hours and only managed to get the ball in one of those huge net once.  There were so many yellow cards I thought they we re-enacting the Duct War of Independence.

Now back to important things, like killing orcs and preserving user privacy.

[Of course, Yahoo wants to know, what is next for Paul?]

9 thoughts on “Octopus Defeats Parakeet – Spain Wins World Cup

  1. Bhagpuss

    Terrible game but nail-bitingly exciting all the same. Paul can pick my lottery numbers any time he likes!


  2. Sören

    In another forum someone posted a picture out of the match and titled it “Street Fighter 5 – stunning realistic graphics” ;-)

    P.S.: Would be interesting if it was really Pauls choice or if his master somehow marked the boxes. In either case: astonishing accurate predictions.


  3. blogtorres.com

    yeah that kick tp the chest shold have been rewarded with a red card! I think Spain played the best football today and glad they won…How many yellow cards was dealt out today? 9?


  4. xavier

    The Psychic Twins predicted Spain to win also– they should team up with Paul the Octopus and head to Vegas! lol


  5. ranggaw0636

    wow, it’s looks like a martial arts arts competition on the world cup final with kicks flying everywhere. But nevertheless, good job Paul for guessing the correct team :p


  6. Ponder

    My hard nosed rationalism of the World Cup is that many of the final games had random outcomes, ie. both sides had good chances to score.

    My conclusion is that there is no clear best team in the top echelon of world football.


  7. Brankica | Cool Small Pets

    I loved the octopus all this month. I am from Serbia and Germany lost only against Serbia before the semi finals. And the octopus guessed it. I prefer him over that parakeet that tried to become famous. I just hope that the octopus will get a nice retirement plan and enjoy the rest of his life ;)


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