Daily Archives: July 14, 2010

The ESRB – Against Real ID, Befuddled by Reply All

As part of last week’s Real ID crisis, nearly a thousand people apparently wrote to the ESRB asking for help in the fight against the latest step in Blizzard’s Real ID campaign.

We know this because, as WoW.com has reported, the ESRB replied to all of those who wrote in with a supportive message… and just did a mass “reply all” to the whole list, not bothering to use the blind carbon copy (BCC) feature to hide the addresses and, in some cases, the full real names of the recipients.

Well, the ESRB certainly gets full points for irony in this situation.

I am sure that somebody in their office will be hearing about this for some time to come.  They have since apologized.

Of course, if you work with any sort of corporate email system, people mis-using the said system is probably a common sight.  The reply all button is a dangerous, career limiting weapon in the hands of the uninformed.

And coming from a company with over 70,000 people world wide… somebody once sent out an innocuous message and accidentally CC’d it to the “all managers, world wide” address list.  This was responded to via reply all by literally dozens of terse, unprofessional, and sometimes very angry, messages, all of which went to everybody on the email list, right up to the CEO of the company.

So the ESRB is in good (or bad) company at least.

Finally, as a complete tangent, how many people entering the work force today know that CC stands for carbon copy and is a reference to using carbon paper to make a duplicate or a typed document?  How many have even heard of carbon paper and know what it is?