Our Cataclysm Correspondant Is…

Not me.

We have two World of Warcraft accounts at our house, and mine was not the one chosen for the World of Warcraft Cataclysm beta.

My daughter’s was.

I’m not sure how they pick who gets into the beta at this point in the cycle.

It might be just completely random.

It might have something what sort of system you are running.

If the latter plays into it at all, there is no doubt my daughter had a big edge over me in getting picked.  My Windows XP system is pretty generic.  There are probably a lot of WoW players out there whose systems cover pretty much the same ground.

My daughter though, she plays on an Intel-based iMac running Snow Leopard.  That puts her in a much smaller pool of potential beta invites.

If they are looking at systems.  It might just be random at this point.

But however it is being chosen, they chose the right person in our household.

Since the moment I explained that there was such a thing as the Cataclysm beta, my daughter has wanted to be a part of it.  She has been checking Battle.net every couple of days for weeks and weeks, and this week she was finally rewarded.

The first thing I did was explain to her about what a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) was and how she couldn’t talk about being in the beta or tell people about it.

Then I looked around and realized that the NDA restrictions must have been dropped.  I mean, Two Hammers over at Game Bunny got into the beta the same day and has screen shots posted already.

So I changed my tune and told her she could have some extra play time if she agreed to be the TAGN Cataclysm beta correspondent.

She agreed.  And while I have heard lots of details being shouted over her shoulder at me (Hunters get pets at level 1! Each race has a default pet!  Gnomes can be priests now!  Goblins can have blue hair!) there has been precious little in the way of written detail.

She has taken some screen shots.  We have somewhat different sensibilities when it comes to screen shots.  So while I am okay with the Goblin starter area beach scene:

Note the blue hair

I’m not sure the rubber ducky in the water trough is really expressing the grandeur of the Cataclysm expansion:

Is that a wind-up key or an antenna?

Okay, I would have taken that picture as well.  But I would have taken a lot more pictures in addition.

And while she spent more than an hour driving around the Goblin starter area in what looked like the Goblin version of a Bucket-T (less chrome, more… what is that, lime sheet rock?) trying to run down NPCs and shouting in joy, she didn’t take a single screen shot.  But Leper Gnomes?  Those we have screen shots of.

Leper gnomes... why did it have to be leper gnomes?

All in all, the expansion sounds like quite a delight for my daughter so far.  I’m just going to have to get her to take her correspondent commitment a little more seriously.  I at least need a screen shot of a goblin shouting, “You’ll hear from my lawyer!” as she tries to run him over.

Tonight we’re going to copy over her main character so she can see about flying in old Azeroth.

9 thoughts on “Our Cataclysm Correspondant Is…

  1. CunningB

    She got into it at a good time ^^ its still a fair bit buggy but there’s plenty to have fun with, that and you can spend the first few days just flying around and going “ooh-aah” at all the changes :)


  2. PeterD

    Hmm, shouldn’t that be flying in “new” Azeroth?

    Also, the fact that she’s in the beta at all indicates the NDA has dropped. I’m pretty sure NDA’s aren’t legally binding unless you’re at least 18 (the age of consent, adulthood, whatever). I think. I just remember back in the old days when I got into beta tests everyone was always over 18 for legal reasons . . . and it generally made for a very mature gaming community . . . except for all the screaming by people under 18 on the official forums.

    Err . . anyway. I’m sure she’ll have fun, but don’t let her spoil everything for herself before the expansion actually releases!


  3. Pitrelli

    oh and the second screenshot is pure win, its these little comical details that really make wow, next time you are in an inn or house structure have a look for some pictures on a wall etc there is some really cool stuff hidden around as well as some interesting storires and lore in books which can be read from clicking on them.


  4. Aufero


    My older son is in the beta as well, (If they’re going by system type, it might be because he plays on a MacBook Pro) but he’s off at college so I can’t bug him for details as often as I probably would otherwise.


  5. oakstout

    I think thats cool that she got the invite and I love all her pics. It’s nice to see someone other than a jaded, burnt out, adult review an upcoming expansion. lol

    I look forward to seeing more.


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