Cryptic Calls My Forgotten Realms Bluff

If you didn’t like the IP idea in my last post, why not just go with Forgotten Realms?

Is Forgotten Realms good for everybody?

(Quiet you Dragonlance weenies!)

As noted over at Massively, Cryptic announced their next project, Neverwinter.


This is what Cryptic has to say about the game so far:

About Neverwinter

100 years have passed since the Spellplague consumed the world of Faerûn. Neverwinter, a once majestic city of magic and adventure upon the mighty Sea of Swords, is still being rebuilt from near total ruination. Even as new wonders of stone and iron rivaling ancient works are being raised by the hands of man, dwarf and elf, dark powers beyond reckoning vie for control of the land…

This is a world that promises death for the meek, glory for the bold and danger for all. This is the world of Neverwinter.

Neverwinter Nights Reborn

Continue the critically acclaimed adventure! The #1 best-selling Neverwinter Nights series of PC RPGs returns with an epic Dungeons & Dragons storyline, next-generation graphics, a persistent world, and accessible content creation tools.

Immersive, Imaginative

Enter a world ravaged by the Spellplague. Wrest victory from the claws of darkness and battle the greatest of civilization’s enemies in and around Neverwinter, a storied and ancient city upon Faerûn’s Sea of Swords.

Challenging, Complex, Classic

Epic gameplay and action rooted firmly in the best traditions of the RPG genre await those heroes courageous enough to brave the Spellplague and all that it has ravaged.

Build a Fantasy

Easy-to-grasp adventure creation tools empower users. Bring compelling quests to life and build challenging levels! Share creations with the entire world in-game. Become a part of the existing Dungeons & Dragons universe… Then build a new one.

Play Together or Die Alone

Encounter dangerous foes and perilous environments. Work with others, strategically, to overcome nightmares, demons, monsters, and beasts of legend.

World Without End

Neverwinter features co-operative multiplayer in an ever-evolving, persistent world where Dungeons & Dragons adventurers quest alongside thousands of other warriors, rogues, wizards and faithful avengers.

New D&D, Beloved D&D

Neverwinter is a true Dungeons & Dragons experience based on the acclaimed 4th Edition rules — a first of its kind!

A Legend Arises

Unprecedented character customization as only Cryptic can deliver. Imagine a hero, make a hero, become a hero.

Neverwinter is based on the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons rule set and set around the Forgotten Realms location of  Neverwinter.

This is pretty much what I have been asking for.

I was just commenting on a post the other day regarding DDO and how Eberron doesn’t thrill me, but Forgotten Realms… now there is an IP!

We’ll see how the D&D 4th edition rule set gets translated… that is always a leap of faith… but it couldn’t end up that bad, right?

And now, here we are.

Certainly, there are aspects to this concept that interest me.

  • Forgotten Realms

My favorite D&D campaign setting ever!

He’s the man for Forgotten Realms fiction… but doesn’t he work with Curt Schilling?  How do you explain that one to the head man?

  • Cryptic Studios

If nothing else, I want to see the fantasy RPG version of their character creator.  That should practically be a stand alone game in and of itself.  And if they’ve learned other lessons, so much the better.

  • Content Creation Tools

Yes, there is the 90% crap rule, but if they can figure out how to promote the good stuff so we can find it, this could be worthwhile.

  • Did I say Forgotten Realms already?

Oh yeah, still excited about that!

  • Not an MMORPG


Jack saysI wouldn’t say MMORPG at all — Neverwinter is a cooperative RPG.”

So where will Neverwinter stand then in the grand scheme of things?  And how does “not an MMORPG” fit in with their statement under “World Without End” I quoted above?

Is this just positioning, a “Neverwinter is not WoW” message?

Will it be “not an MMO” the way Guild Wars and Dungeons & Dragons Online are “not” MMOs, lacking as they do the shared, persistent world?

Will it be a step closer to the Dragon Age segment of the fantasy gaming world?

Or will it fall closer to Diablo III and Torchlight II?

And how will we be paying for this game, whatever it ends up being?

I will certainly want to keep an eye on this new game.  We’ll see if my calls for a real Forgotten Realms MMO were a bluff or not.  And, if nothing else, I always like to see how the game that ships lines up with the first press release.

Meanwhile, the last time I was in Neverwinter, it looked like this:

Neverwinter Map – TorilMUD

Not exactly impressive, but that was the way things were back in the day when I played TorilMUD regularly, and I enjoyed it immensely at the time.

9 thoughts on “Cryptic Calls My Forgotten Realms Bluff

  1. Ponder

    There’s a problem.

    I think the whole concept of gaming and social interaction has changed in the last 5 of so years.

    In is massive interconnectivity and sharedness (WoW, Facebook blogging).

    Out is solo and small scale inter-relations.

    Basically, the market for traditional RP games has dried up. NWN, Oblivion and Dragon Age are like the dinosaurs of a different era …


  2. Westen

    @ Ponder
    I would have to disagree. I do play a number of MMO’s, but there is still room in my heart (harddrive) for traditional RP games. Dragon Age was great standalone, but upsetting since there was no multiplayer (wanted LAN or TC/IP connectability).

    Are you saying that Diablo III will not be appealing? Granted it is an Action-RPG, but I would still consider it closer to a “traditional” rpg than an MMO.

    Seems like if the NWN is similar to NWN 1 or Dungeon Siege (one of my favorite games ever), it will fill a nitch that most people think is empty. Buy the box, and play offline OR online with select friends.

    The option to choose whom to play with is always a plus. I “socialize” in MMO’s because you can’t do anything end game alone or even with a group of 4 friends.

    Just my opinion on the matter, but maybe I am just fed up with most of the people that I meet playing MMO’s (maybe 1 in 200 seems like a decent person).


  3. PeterD

    @Ponder, as of February 2010 Dragon Age had sold 3.2 million copies. That hardly sounds like a dinosaur to me. That far outstrips the sales of most MMO games, so how is that “out” and MMOs “in”?


  4. Aufero

    I hadn’t thought about a fantasy RPG version of Cryptic’s character creation process. That could be fun.

    As for the rest… I’m a bit apprehensive. If it were another company I’d be excited at the prospect of a 4th edition Forgotten Realms based multiplayer game, but this is Cryptic – it took me less than two months to get bored and/or frustrated enough to quit their last two games.

    Let’s hope they’ve learned something.


  5. Yetian

    I too was excited to hear about a possible forgotten realms mmo. I am also a big fan of salvatore. However the not an mmorpg part has dissapointed me. I don’t play none mmos as I miss the player interaction. If it’s not an mmo then I am afraid I wont be playing. :(


  6. Bryan

    I’m a few months late and I got here because I was thinking how awesome a FR MMO would be and I googled it and found this blog.

    I’ve played every Cryptic MMO, and sadly while I’ve loved their character creator… none of them held my attention.

    I didn’t like the way they did both their superhero games and I lasted only a week or so in STO. Basically, I’m very disappointed that the company got the rights to this IP.

    Still, maybe because this “isn’t an MMORPG” that someone will come up with one. I would like it a lot better if Bioware or Obsidian were developing it.


  7. John Danielson

    Found your blog searching for TorilMUD stuff, and was reading through pretty much all the posts. Couldn’t resist when I got to this one… how’d that turn out for you? He wasn’t kidding when he said it wasn’t an MMO, but not quite as far off as a Bioware game…


  8. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @John Danielson – Well, lots of goofy TorilMUD memories around here.

    Neverwinter was okay. Our regular group ended up playing it for a bit in 2013. The dungeon creator, the Foundry or whatever, let people make some interesting content. But it still felt very much like a tourist attraction at times.


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