Shiny Pokemon Events Coming to GameStop in January

This looks to be the first event in the build up to the release of Pokemon Black and White. has announced that GameStop will be hosting three Pokemon download events in January and early February.

The events will be:

  • Raikou – January 3rd through January 9th
  • Entei – January 17th through January 23rd
  • Suicune – January 31st through February 6th

These Pokemon will be special.  Not only will they be special “shiny” versions of the three legendary Pokemon, but when you transfer them to Pokemon Black or White it will unlock the ability to catch the new Pokemon Zoroark.  Zoroark will otherwise not be obtainable in the game.

This is an in-store only event.  You must got to a US GameStop store during the dates listed to be able to download these Pokemon.

However, since it is an in-store event, you will be able to download these Pokemon to Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Details about the event and how to participate are available at

12 thoughts on “Shiny Pokemon Events Coming to GameStop in January

  1. Steven

    So, you have posted a couple posts about Pokemon and I really want to try out the games. The problem is, I have no clue as to where to start.

    What game am I looking for that will let me find and train and trade Pokemon? I am kind of a wierdo in that If there is a story line, I want to start at the begining. I also know once I start I will want to collect as many as I can.

    What is your advice on the game to get first?


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Steven – The Pokemon games tend to be self-contained stories. While certain characters, and all the Pokemon, appear through different version, the actual storyline for a given game ends with that game.

    But, for a peek at both current and past character, the current latest versions, Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver are good places to start. It is a remake of Gold and Silver and has not only its own story, but spends some time introducing characters from past versions of the game.

    Like you, I tend to want to get the whole story and to get it in order, but my going back to play the Gameboy Advance versions didn’t really stand out all that well. It was mildly interesting, and helped me complete the National Pokedex, but did not really enhance my enjoyment of the current games all that much, except to see how far the technology of the game has advanced over the years.


  3. Steven

    Wilhelm, thanks for the advice, I have actually purchased Soul silver (on similar advice from a friendly gamestop representative). I am up to 11 so look behind you, i am mere minutes from hitting the 493.

    In all reality, I had no clue this game was so involved. I have so many questions about evolving and breeding and TM and HM, the list goes on and on, luckily there are a few sites out there that will help me out.

    My main concern right now is to get the main storyline completed so I can get the promo shinies during the January wi-fi deals.

    Anyway, thanks again. Off to find helpful websites and more pokemons. :)


  4. Mc2Annie

    Yeah. I began when i was really little with leafgreen. Im now up to Soulsilver and have long past beat the game. Of course i still havent gotten all the pokemon. And i honestly dont know how to “download from gamestop.” DO i just show up and its on my game…? Any help? At all? I really want those shinies for black and white coming out soon.


  5. Rebecca

    I really want the shiny legendaries. So do I have to have a COMPLETE NATIONAL pokedex to get them or can I just show up and download from gamestop with an incomplete one?


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    You can, if the event works like past GameStop events, just show up at GameStop and download the shiny pokemon via wireless so long as you have obtained the National Pokedex. You do not have to have completed it.


  7. Psycho

    this is weird i got a suicune on gs (gamestop) then i went home. 3 days later i was messing around with mystery gift and i got a raikou and an entei by originol owner win2011 wut is that (sry about my spelling i suk)


  8. Anonymous

    are they going to have anymore pokemon events for pokemon platium? i need help get a few can someone answer my Qustion i need to know


  9. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    The in-store download events are usually good for Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, HeartGold/SoulSilver, and Black/White. But as far as I have seen, there are no such events coming up in the near future.


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