Summer Reruns – TorilMUD

Life has conspired to make this a quiet week for blogging.  I’ll get to why that is later in the week.

In the mean time, rather than just let days go by with nothing, I am going to fall back on the grand television tradition of summer reruns.  I am going to go back to a classic theme, TorilMUD, and call out some of my favorite posts.

Of course, the real problem is that I like all of my TorilMUD posts.  They are filled with nostalgia leavened with just the right amount MMO history.  Still, I think I can narrow it down to ten… links.  One points to five posts.  So sue me.

  • On Greater Challenges – How TorilMUD had a “hard mode.”  Why can’t we have this in modern MMOs?
  • Leuthilspar Tales – A few posts about the starter zones exclusive to grey elves. I should write more in this series.
  • Of Rooms and Rooms and Rooms – 19,584 rooms, each of which I visited and mapped.  And that was only about a third of the total rooms at the time!

4 thoughts on “Summer Reruns – TorilMUD

  1. Facepalm

    So I’ve been re-reading your TorilMUD posts and decided I’d give it a shot, never having attempted a MUD before. I actually first connected to Toril through my iPhone using one of the free telnet clients. I think I created one character (but couldn’t save it?) and made it one room away from the starting room and wound up having the trainer kill me? At which point I didn’t know where I ended and and how to get back…*sigh* I downloaded the trial version of Cmud this morning, but haven’t fared much better. I haven’t been able to find m(any) newbie tutorials either…maybe some day I’ll make it around Waterdeep and kiil a rat…maybe.


  2. Facepalm

    @Wilhelm – I managed to make it around just a few more rooms yesterday, but at an agonizing pace. I attacked an automaton but couldn’t stop attacking so I just used ‘flee’. I found a sword on the ground but didn’t know how to pick it up, though I was able to find a tavern.

    A “How To Guide” for TorilMUD would be a great project! Until then I’ll keep fumbling my way around…


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