When Press Releases Try Too Hard…

From an actual press release in my email this morning:

LOS ANGELES – ATTENTION all giant robot-loving, D&D-obsessed, podcast-pirating, LARP-afflicted, zombie-slaying, cartoon-watching, bacon-eating people of the world -leetUP today announced that viral luminary Grace Helbig will be joining the “AWESOMESAUCE.LIVE!” 2012 fall tour.  The massive tour de force which Complex Magazine coined “Kevin Pereira’s Coachella for nerds,” is set to descend and ravage pop culture fanatics in 10 cities this fall. The YouTube darling hits the road for nine shows, beginning September 20 in Seattle with stops in Portland, Austin, Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Madison and Chicago. (*Minneapolis excluded)

I suspect that being old and no longer culturally relevant is the cause, but that paragraph has probably the opposite of its intended effect on me.  Or not.  I did, after all, post about it.

Of course, I am naturally suspect of anybody who feels they can use “awesome sauce” in a sentence in a non-ironic fashion.  It isn’t at quite the level of, say, “interpretive dance,” which has been proven by science to be only utterable with the intent of getting a cheap laugh, but it is clearly beyond the serious threshold.

Plus, is podcast-pirating even a thing?

Anyway, if this interests you, you can read more about it here.

I find it mildly amusing that neither LA or Silicon Valley are on the list of destinations.  No tech or nerd culture obsessed individuals in those places I guess.

5 thoughts on “When Press Releases Try Too Hard…

  1. Guest

    I love all those things in the press release, but when they are strung together like that I can’t help but hate myself and despise being associated with other “bacon-eaters.”


  2. Anjin

    Everything about that sounds terrible. Which must mean that I’m an old man now.

    Well, I’d better see how high I can wear the waistband of these pants and buy some long socks to wear with my shorts.


  3. flosch

    It’s like every word makes sense on its own (actually, not even that), but the combination fails to produce any comprehensible meaning.


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