Quote of the Day – Forge This!

SynCaine is wrong again!

He is always saying that Turbine is going to sell you a copy of the One Ring in the cash shop.

But here we have proof that it is not so!

It is like Ikea!

It is like Ikea!

They won’t sell you such a ring, just the ingredients!

You have to assemble it yourself.

Totally different from selling it to you outright.

So I think we have settled that!

Oh… the quote… um…

Forge Your Own Ring!  Get Your Ingredient Packs Today!  January 4-10

There… title requirements satisfied.

6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Forge This!

  1. SynCaine

    Damn that Turbine, always one step ahead!

    (It’s hilariously sad when my best attempts at sarcasm end up becoming a thing in a game. What next, a real “Game Over” screen after the final dungeon in GW2?)


  2. Pitrelli

    Turbines cash shop is probably one of the worst I’ve seen and just scream of cash grabs only perhaps beaten out by swtor, some of the mounts do look cool though and if I was playing LoTRO I would prob pony up for one (boom boom).

    @Syncaine, I just don’t see this get to max level and then its over jibe with regards to GW 2 I’m still playing (about 20+ hours a week) and still feel like I have a ton of things still to do *shrug*


  3. bhagpuss


    My issue with GW2 is that it’s far *too* addictive. The WvW has turned out to be far more compulsive than I imagined it would be and the server loyalty I feel for Yak’s Bend is almost embarrassingly powerful. The leveling game is one of the best I’ve seen, with a vast choice of where to go and what to do. After four months and four level 80s I feel I’ve barely seen half the world and most of that in no real detail.

    It’s really made me take a long, hard look at what I want from an MMORPG these days and I have to conclude that I want *less* compulsive, addictive content not more. GW2 is getting in the way of a lot of other MMOs I would like to be playing.

    Not such a bad problem to have, if you have to have a problem.


  4. Pitrelli

    @bhagpuss yeah I hear ya, I was what you could call an MMO tourist prior to gw2s launch but I just can’t seem to log into anything other than gw2 these days.

    I’m still concentrating on getting 100% map completion but find myself visiting wvw a hell of a lot more than I expected I would prior to launch. I’m just happy that its a deep enough game to really sink your teeth into.


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